“Zombie Drug” – The Truth About Flakka

Stephen Childs


  1. Let me tell you in el paso if we saw a fucking “zombie” we killing those fucjing things

  2. Heroin:”nothing can stop me I’m the best”

    Flakka:”allow us to introduce ourselves”

  3. This is the zombie apocalypse they aren’t dead there flakka adicts

  4. Me: where tf does this kinda shit happen

    “That’s that flakka, man south Florida”

  5. Hurricane proof glass* throw a rock at it and breaks it 😂😂👌

  6. I feel bad for the dealers girlfriend, he's got that bitch trapped.

  7. Wow, with the damager the chemist would just make Molly and have people all happy and lovey.

  8. John Cuhna must make the drug. He was acting super sketchy when interviewed

  9. I once got laced with this sh*t. Real talk be careful with the people you surround yourself with. Thank you Vice for making this educational video.

  10. Can I just say I’m getting a bachelors in criminology and we were taught that the man in Florida who ate the other mans face off never actually took flaka. It was a rumor that the news ran with. The only drug found in his system was actually marijuana. I got nothing against marijuana (because it probably wasn’t the cause of that mans actions) but spreading that story as flaka being the cause is just creating a false narrative.

  11. Ohhhh research chemicals…how I miss thee. Back in the early 2000's I was able to get lots of research chemicals online for cheap, shit sometimes for free! One summer my buddy sent me a fat bag of 2C-I. I was working as a lifeguard at a pool that was rarely busy, so I sat in the sun all summer and tripped my ass off. It was fantastic. Now I'm old and looking back and missing those days, especially watching these videos with all these 20 something "journalists."

  12. She’s in denial as to her dependence to the drug and I don’t think she knows the accurate definition of “recreational use”.

  13. I say just mow them DOWN. Wipe them ALL out no jail time nothing. That would end it.

  14. I would really like to know who tests this research chemiclas. There gotta be a lot of people disappearing in china… Its not like you could make legal trial studies….

  15. People who take this shit dont deserve help, just line them up and put a bullet in them, way cheaper. Fukin degenerates

  16. It's ok, Robb Stark can just bring his northern army and hammer those druggies

  17. Decriminalization of the more common drugs, including therapy and treatment instead of jail or prison time, would be incredibly helpful in the drug "epidemic".

  18. I dont sleep 3 days after using a-pvp and now i feel very bad. Thats really bad drug. Advise not use it at all.

  19. I can't stop Laughing 😂😂😂 the ones who took this shit act like my little brother when he's angry all jumping around until Dad beat the shit out of him I wonder what was their reaction when they woke up

  20. As long as the "if I dont, someone else will" mentality doesn't die, drug dealers will continue to pop up with new drugs. Every documentary, the dealers all use that same bullshit justification. Thats like saying "if I dont hang myself tomorrow, someone else will" it is no justification what so ever lol

  21. Damn please stay away from this fucking drug, this shit is the devil. I rather people smoke crack or heroin even meth but not this shit!!!!

  22. 8:10
    ….IM NOT ON DRUGS!!!!

  23. Drugs of every kind across the board will be abused and used until we as a society come to terms with one word. “ REGULATION “. All the police and courts and jail sentences are just a temporary stop gap. Just like alcohol drugs such as opiates , benzodiazepines, sleeping aides etc should be available to the general public with laws governing their sales.. You can overdose on Tylenol or aspirin or over the counter antihistamines.. Access to the above medications with strict regulation as with sales of alcohol

  24. Why would anybody cut a drug with fentanyl? Fentanyl needs s cut….dumbass drug dealers dont know shit about the game. Just killing everybody when there is so much money to be made. Cuttn herion with fetnanyl is just a stupid move too. That like making a nike and puma 1 shoe when u can sell a pair nikes and a pair of pumas

  25. Not a China fall that s design in America not a single case in China so get it right

  26. Im not sure about the relativity of the two drugs, but the guy that bit the face of a homeless man in Miami was on bath salts.

  27. I live in flroida, and I have to say i have no clue what flakka is. And I do a good bit of drugs. Mainly harmless things, weed, lsd, shrooms, but I've never even heard of it.

  28. WAITTTT!!! WAIT WAIT WAIT!,, So Is Flokka "Zombie" Drug? Or A "BirdBox" Drug? 😂💯 5:54

  29. This is your brain on drugs
    Cocaine, Marijuana, Opium legal……Industrial Age
    Drugs illegal………. WW2
    Any questions?
    Some drugs are maybe better to have than others with prohibition.

  30. Do people do that? Do drugs in traps? I'd rather do them in the safety of home if I was doing anything. That sounds like asking for trouble.

  31. Why bother to save them knowing that they will go back to it?!😱🤔 Just let them die!😒 That's what they want, RIGHT?!🤷🤢

  32. They must have made good money doing this interview!🤔 Good job!😒 You just paid for their supply!🤢👿🤢

  33. Is flakka in other parts of the country too or is this just a Florida thing? This is why I hate Florida. It's some party drug state and all this crap happens there.

  34. Not surprised it started in trash broward county. From Hollywood on, that place started becoming garbage after those homestead hurricane Andrew refugees came onto the scene.

  35. i'm from the UK – had an addiction for 6 months to Methadrone – "Mkat" by IV use. I remember 2010 it was legal by default as it was another "research chemical" and a lot of people called it plant fertilizer.
    I would be twitching through a park at 3 in the morning picking up dead leaves, thinking they were notes of money. I have never deteriorated so fast and so hard from any other drug and im a recovering addict.
    It really frightens me these synthetic drugs. Despite drugs in general doing harm, the synthetics you don't know what you're messing with and dont really know what's in them. Luckily I got out. But I saw a lot of people do the same off Mkat as the Flakka reports – hallucinations, twitching, violent tweaking, I did it myself in public after 4 days awake. Its so scary

  36. So fucking wrong! Flakka is a-pvp/a-php. MDPV's little brothers. And that everybodey gets paranoid is just the news. IDIOTS

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