Xbox Project Scarlett – E3 2019 – Reveal Trailer

[XBOX SOUND] When we think about the future of gaming, it’s not just PC, it’s not just console, it’s not just mobile, it’s really all of the above. Xbox is all about choice. We’re investing in technology all throughout the game stack. We put the fan at the center of every decision we make. The games you want with the people you want on the devices that you want. And for us, that starts with our next generation console. We don’t want to build just another console, we truly want it to be transformative. More immersion, more exploration, more detail. How do we make it easier for people to get into the game, to stay in the game. One of the things that gamers and developers are incredibly excited about is reducing load times. I’m an RPG gamer and so like loading screens are a thing. You’re sitting there in the fake elevator because you know the game is loading in the background that’s just an elevator ride forever. That’s our goal with gaming is that you don’t have those pauses. This generation is special because we’ve really unlocked this new capability to connect with the characters and worlds in a way that no previous generation has allowed. This generation is going to be a bigger leap than any generation we’ve done before. At the heart of our next console is our custom designed processor leveraging the latest zen 2 and navi-technology from our partners at AMD. From a pure processing perspective, this is four times more powerful than the Xbox One X. We’re leveraging high bandwidth GDDR6 to insure that we’re getting the best performance possible. It’s gonna usher in resolution and frame rates that we’ve never seen before, like never seen before. We’re looking at frame rates up to 120 frames per second. 8k capability. Variable refresh rate. Next gen ray tracing. It’s real time because it’s hardware accelerated for the first time ever. What I’m personally most excited about is the SSD. We’ve created a new generation of SSDs. We’re actually using the SSD as virtual RAM. We’re seeing more than 40 times performance increases over the current generation. The combination of the SOC and the solid state drive are really what gives you a totally new experience. Now we can take all of that power and apply it back into the scene so we can actually generate more life in that world and bring it to the gamer in a seamless way. So that you’re fully experiencing what the game developer wants you to experience. When you can move through worlds without waiting for screens to load. That speed, that performance is what the next generation is about. This is the most immersive console experience ever. What we really want to do is give the developers the power to build the game they’ve always envisioned. We have hundreds of people across both our first party studios as well as our third party studios working on those next generation experiences today. There’s an amazing commitment to content at Xbox Game Studios. There are 13 studios, 7 in the last year – that’s a big family. At 343, for us it’s always about more seamless worlds with the next generation. We can bring the world to life in a way we’ve never experienced Halo before. We’re delivering four generations of content. Better than you’ve ever seen them before. This console is especially awesome for Game Pass members with the faster load times, you’re going to be able to experience all the games all within a snap of your fingers. We are giving gamers the option to connect across devices and across platforms in a way that we were never able to before. I don’t lose my last generation as I move into the next generation, the people I play with and the games I want to play. That experience should be continuous and always growing. This isn’t just a console launch, this is about the future of gaming. Your games, your achievements, your progression, your accessories, your console gaming experience with Xbox, it all comes forward with Scarlett. [XBOX SOUND]

Stephen Childs


  1. I wish it could be traced because I just had my Xbox One stolen and I don't know how to scratch it

  2. Better controllers that last , mouse and keyboard support, wireless headset and party's that stay connected

  3. In Project Scarlet key out of battery so I can take it places with me playing video games on it

  4. Ok well i didnt use 4k so i dont care if its 20k it better have smooth fps and games

  5. Working hard to get surface pro 7, project scarlett and halo infinite collectors edition.
    Wish me luck.

  6. I had three xbox Scorpio copies and all of them were broken lol so I down graded to Xbox one x Bc I can’t take my money back lol

  7. Really don’t get why they felt the need to announce this now when it’s another year away from launching

  8. Literally nobody knows what the hell ccs are like nobody cares about that😂 we just want to know when it’s coming out the frames and price

  9. 2:06 to 2:12 “The combination of the ssd and the solid state drive”. What??? 🤣🤣

  10. Me compraria una Xbox Scarlett, si viniera con Windows 10 creo que sería un éxito.

  11. Xbox one: I'm the strongest game console ever

    Xbox project scarlet:I have pretty green lights

  12. PS5 will swallow this “monster eater” whole while it eats the “monster”

  13. I’m getting curious, if they keep increasing the frame-rate, when will it be too much? How many frames does the eye perceive? Can the human eye even perceive 120fps?

  14. It's the same marketing shtick every time and console babies never fail to gobble it up
    "WOOW the * insert console of choice * will support 4k res and 60fps?!!"
    * game actually upscales resolution and/or checkerboards; games are almost never 60fps *
    "Yeah w-well…m-muh exclusives though…."
    * repeat for the next console reveal *

  15. Talking it up for 4mins..give it 1 to 2 years and all the hardware will be obsolete (delete delete delete). Then they will release Scarlett Mini or Scarlett S (Super).

  16. If you have the game pass on an Xbox 1S, and then you buy this new Xbox. Will you still keep the game pass or will you have to buy it again

  17. thats it im switching back to PS.

    buy bitcoin and xrp for financial freedom.

  18. who much % will own such displays in the mainstream consumer market @ release? ^^

  19. Project scarlet vs ps5 both have been officially confirmed time to take our sides!!

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