Wuhan professors call for freedom of speech after death of Li Wenliang

the Chinese doctor who warned of the
novel coronavirus before the outbreak hit the international headlines died
last Thursday after contracting the virus himself his death has prompted a
academics in Wuhan to call for the Chinese government to allow freedom of
speech in China they’re also demanding apologies and compensation for the other
whistle blows Eason J has this report Lee Wong yang a local doctor who warned
his medical school alumni group about the discovery of a source like illness
via a messaging app was reprimanded by Wuhan police and later forced to sign a
letter stating he had made false comments on the Internet
however the doctors warning proved to be true as the novel coronavirus has now
killed hundreds and infected tens of thousands of others around the globe
while treating patients in the city the 34 year old doctor contracted the corona
virus himself and died last Thursday his death has sparked a debate on freedom of
speech in China 10 Wuhan Bay’s professor’s have signed a letter
demanding the Chinese government enforced freedom of speech articles in
the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China the professor’s also
call for a sincere apology and for the government to compensate the eight known
coronavirus whistleblowers the letter cites article 35 and 51 in the Chinese
Constitution which states that Chinese citizens should enjoy freedom of speech
of the press of assembly of Association of profession and of demonstration the
latter says Chinese citizens rights may not infringe upon the interests of the
state of society and of the collective or upon the lawful freedoms and rights
of other citizens the open letter also calls for the Chinese government to
recognize the doctor as a national martyr another letter signed by nine
academics from around China calls for a February 6th the day he died to be made
national freedom of speech day in his honor
meanwhile a Chinese lawyer and citizen journalist known for his video reports
from Wuhan has gone missing according to his family
34 year old Chang Cree she was detained in the name of quarantine by the police
but they don’t know his whereabouts Chen was gaining traction on Chinese social
media platforms for his reports on the pro-democracy protest in Hong Kong and
Chinese citizens are discouraged from discussing him online
Eason J Arirang news

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