WRB Moisture Comparison Test: SOLITEX vs Majvest vs Tyvek. Which is best?

Nice and sunny day out here.
It snowed a while ago but it’s very dry. And let’s see how this, MENTO wall,
SOLITEX MENTO wall, is comparing to Tyvek and Majvest here in this setup. So it’s
really dry outside, as you saw it was just below 40 F but almost no humidity. And let’s
see on the inside of this heated garage how these membranes perform. We see here, MENTO,
Tyvek, Majvest. And what do we have here [SOLITEX MENTO 1000] completely dry, actively vapor-open,
not so dry on the Tyvek, and soaking wet on the Majvest. So that’s the power of TEEE
monolithic vapor-openness. You know, the pores don’t get clogged, the vapor-openness still
works even at these pressure differences between inside and outside when you want the vapor-openness
to work toward outward drying in the winter.

Stephen Childs


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