Worlds largest amusement park ride manufacturer chooses LINUX on POWER

Welcome to a new remarkable success story
developed in collaboration with an Italian ISV for the benefit of its customers. We are in the northern Italy together with
one of IBM’s largest Business Partners, Sanmarco Informatica and it’s most important client:
Zamperla, a design and manufacturing company, best known for creating thrill rides and roller
coasters for worldwide clients, such as Walt Disney’s parks, Universal Studios etc.
This major ISV in Italy who is embracing Power Linux for its applications, selected IBM POWER8
solution to further deliver to its clients strong value proposition containing aspects of both mobility and the latest infrastructure on the market. The Antonio Zamperla Spa is one of the leading manufacturers producing attractions for amusement parks. Our team consists of more than 450 people between the home factory in Altavilla Vicentina and production or commercial branches around the world. We deliver 97 % of our products
around the world. Our strengths are flexibility, vertical service,
direct control at every stage of production and of course the product itself. Whether it is an extreme roller coaster or
a carousel for children, every Zamperla creation is a unique mix of high technology and craftsmanship
and it is often characterized by a unique design and customization, typical for the
Italian manufacturing tradition. To remain leader we focus on innovation,
which is why we have decided to renew our management systems and chose J Galileo and
Power8. We are certain that this will contribute significantly to our company and maintain
a competitive advantage. There are many reasons to continue to invest in Sanmarco Informatica’s products. Especially due to the willingness to review and implement new business processes. The main objectives of the new project are: – Primarily the precise control of orders inside the company from the early stages of budgeting. This is regarding the time and costs, but also the production process and post-sales systems. Second, the increased process definition of the order within the production process, which will enable us to improve and comply with
the time-to-market. Finally, the possibility to control costs
in real time during all production stages, which can be translated into expected estimates. The new cloud on-site contract that have been proposed for the J Galileo and IBM POWER8 solution, gives us the costs of the project
from the beginning. This allows us to deploy the latest technology to all of our group’s companies located abroad. The technological development Zamperla has gained from the IBM solution shows security and a guarantee of strength. The strategic
development of the platform to the open source world, constitutes a further opportunity to simplify the management system and saves costs for my IT team. The estimates relating to “Hot” offers are
scheduled within the workload in order to give a delivery date as accurately as possible. For Zamperla this estimate has been extremely important. They have companies working around the world who needs to present a project at a fixed time. The ability to share the status
of the project with their customers, allows the companies to gain a competitive advantage
in their own markets. From the slide, you can see the critical planning departments – typically the design and assembly departments. The possibility to advance in to production groups even before the technical department has released the codes, is a great advantage since this typically happens in companies that work on projects. Sanmarco has recently established a special
business unit with the aim to follow and focus on companies working on projects, in order
to define best practices. In the specific case we have created and managed a Gantt project. This has allowed us to share ours and their resources in order to proceed with the project, checking objevtives, effectiveness and results.

Stephen Childs


  1. lol when it said known for creating thrill rides i laughed…….. ik sorry but zamperla are known for their rockin tug's and kiddie rides xD

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