World’s First Underwater 4k Drone!

– We brought this suitcase, and this does not have
Lincoln’s underwear in it, or his Nike shoes. This is full of one submarine drone. – A submarine drone. Have you ever heard of
something like that, like? – Probably not, because
– A drone? – nobody’s really seen it before. This submarine will go
a hundred feet deep. – It looks so cool, like a shark almost. – I don’t know how I could ruin this thing other than like have it
go down to the bottom and I couldn’t get it. (“My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion) We can watch in VR at the same time that it’s under there, and see the image. (woman in shock) – When I think of a drone,
I think of flying things. So, it shouldn’t be called a drone. – [Dan] It should be called
a submarine, don’t you think? – Yeah! But it couldn’t
be called a submarine because I would think of people in it. – [Dan] This is the
cable that powers it and sends the actual signal up. Here’s your remote. There’s the top part of it. Here’s the bottom. You’ve got these different fans, right down there you can see the blades, and right there. And, it’s a metal blade,
It’s pretty tough. You don’t wanna get your finger
in there when it’s spinning. This is the fan that’s on the bottom and if you look on the
top, there’s a hole. So, if you push down, it takes the water and shoots it out of the
top, and it makes it go down. Or, if you’re going up, it
sucks the water back down with that fan, it spins the other way. You gotta connect this to here. (device buzzes) – [Lincoln] Whoa, lights! – [Dan] Uh-oh. It’s got blue lights on it. It’s alive. And, on the front, you can see there’s the lights, they’re shiny, right there. Two LED lights and then the camera is right there in the middle. Get in there. – [Man] Oh yeah, dive her down. – [Dan] We’re going down. You don’t see anything, other than green. Oh! There’s a rock. Oh, a rock. Look out, rock. – [Lincoln] Are you stuck? – [Dan] Just crashed into that. (laughing) Here goes!
– [Lincoln] Hey. – [Dan] Goodbye little friend. Here, come up. Get some breath. Okay, go back down. That’s enough. There’s the boat. Oh yeah, there’s the ski boat. Look under there. Go at it, go at it. Go get it. Get that fish. (electronic music) This water is a little murky, but we did see a lot of fish. We got some good ones in one of ’em. We even kind of ran into him. And then, we got Tye and Chlora
down there doing the dab. Overall, pretty cool idea. You need to have the right
settings, I feel like. Like, you need to have water
that’s really, really clear. Yeah, we did see fish, I think there’s more capabilities that we don’t know about this thing. So, let’s get this guy in and put him away. The water at Lake Powell was very green and had some type of algae inside of it. So, it wasn’t your ideal situation. Even with those circumstances
of really, really deep water, that’s a little bit greenish looking, we got some good shots of these fish. Like, that one fish pulled up and we waited for a minute, and then, finally, as the
fish came up to the camera I zoomed it forward and
kinda crashed into the fish. I’m sorry, fish fans out
here that I did that. I don’t think it hurt it. These are the PowerVision VR goggles. They’re supposed to have some sort of gesture-base technology
and you can wear these, and actually see like this,
rather than on your phone. And, I did not give this a try. And so, I think we’re gonna
have to do another test. Let us know in the comments if you want us to test this deeper. This, you put in the water and it senses the depth of the water, and it’s like a fish finder. And, it’ll show you on the computer exactly how many fish are under there. There’s a couple of things
that I wanted to mention. This 100ft cable was sent to me from the Powerade team in a really nicely wrapped circle. I did the best I could for
now to get it back, but, this is definitely gonna be something that you gotta be a pro
at wrapping stuff up because it can get tangled easily ’cause it’s a 100ft of cable. The other thing that was tricky for me was when this was connected to it, you’re driving straight and say you don’t give it enough cord, as soon as this pulls on
it, because it’s on the top, it kinda pulls it back. And then, if you don’t really see clearly where you’re going and you
start going forward again, you might be going forward like that, rather than the direction
that you were going before. So, because the water was a little murky and because of the way that
the cable would pull on it, ’cause I wouldn’t give
it enough slack at times, sometimes I lost track of it a little bit. Sometimes, I lost track
of where I was going and which direction I was going in. I really did like the battery life, I really like the images from it, I love that you can see the fish. If you were somewhere that
had very, very clear water, like the Grand Cayman,
the Virgin Islands, Cabo, somewhere like that. You could see some pretty beautiful things with just having this on your boat and putting it down in
the water, looking at it. That is something that I would love to try for the next test. Do I recommend getting it? I think it’s a good thing. If you are a fisherman, if you’re a diver, if you’re somebody that
likes to go out to sea a lot, this could become a
very, very useful tool. For me, I like to make videos, I like to make YouTube videos, so my main thing that I want, it’s not about the fish as much, it’s about getting the shots. I’m all about that. If you drop your GoPro
in the bottom of a lake and you needed to see it, rather than diving down there, you could take this thing
down and spy out where it, and then maybe have a
better shot at getting it. I don’t know, there’s a few uses for it. Thank you to PowerVision for sending us one of the first six
that they’ve ever made. They’re now available
online and you can buy them. And, you can check in the
link in the description to find out what their
actual current pricing is. But, pretty cool. Thanks for sending this. I hope you guys enjoyed
a little bit of a review and a try out of this thing. I’m kind of curious to know
what’s inside of it, though. Maybe we need to take it apart. (electronic music)

Stephen Childs


  1. flying drones are so 3 weeks ago…all about submarine drones now

  2. the best way to wind the wire is hold the plug with your thumb and an open hand then wind the wire around your elbow over your hand under and over easy.

  3. Ummm yea this is not a true drone, if its got a cord its not a drone SORRRRYYYYYY

  4. I also challenged this drone by pulling it up while the remote is plugging it down… I won cuz the wire unplugged from it so it turned off

  5. They need to do it without the rope. And a return home feature for when u go out of range.

  6. Nobody wants a RC submarine drone with a cord attached! lol. Just give it a strong longlasting battery, receiver, and transmitter.

  7. Now you don't have to swim in the water to get your drone back
    Not like last time…

    Hotel employee: Sir we will call the police if you stay there for any longer

  8. This would be great for large ships trying to figure out prop problems

  9. Just call it a "Drown". 😉
    (and if that catches on, I take all the credit)

  10. Hit it with a hatchet and show what's inside….you're still the butt of all youtube jokes.

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  12. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 that is my

  13. Just get a reel that you roll up a large extension cord on with a hand crank, that should solve your tangel problem….I use corded electric tools around my yard with about 200 feet of cord and it works great…..

  14. ? Only 100ft really short, you didn’t give us any idea of battery time? 4K isn’t what you need underwater, you need good quality software to seperate clutter from objects as well as color correction.
    Try a real underwater ROV with OpenROV Trident. 328Ft of chord 3hrs dive & a feather chord that's easily stored. So much better

  15. A drone is a device that is controlled you an external source. This is the difference between a drone and a helicopter a helicopter is controlled by the inside a drone one the other hand is controlled by a pilot or ai computer externally.

  16. at 0:39 that was the yellow sumbarine 😀

    edit: i did a D: instead of a 😀

  17. Get a extension cord reel ( 10 bucks from Home Depot) to wind the cable on. I even use one for my 70 ft hooka shoe which is much bigger in diameter.

  18. "I cant imagine it as a sub because it doesnt have people in it"
    I mean, you could just say unmanned sub or rc sub.

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    This is a major breakthrough and will allow for many operations in the domestic market. Some application will suit military use but at this stage it has not been our main focus. We expect the biggest uptake of interest to be in the "hobby sector" and this as you can imagine, will be limitless in terms of the hobbiests creative abbilities. We look forward to releasing this new technology next April Fools Day!

  20. Instead of miles of coaxial cable,float an antenna directly above it on a spool. Perhaps maybe with an orientation monitor. Maybe in a master,blaster configuration

  21. I would love to buy one for content for my channel to make my viewers happy all I have is a hubsan h501s but I love it

  22. Super cool..
    I want one , i would think of plenty of uses for it.😎👍

  23. Why does this guy looks like he has 4 wives? Props to him, one is hard enough…

  24. use those cylinders for a garden hose with a crank for the cable, or there's ones for cable.

  25. I agree about the tether tangle so I made a reel for under $20 see www.flhelp.org/reel You can rewind 70 meters in user 2 minutes

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