World Cancer Day 2020: Progress is Possible

Courage, real courage, is seeing the things others ignore. It’s believing in the incredible and achieving what some call impossible. Worldwide, millions are affected by cancer every year. Your education, income, gender, and where you live can determine if you live. It hurts families, slows economies, it holds us back. It’s easy to lose hope. But progress
is possible. A better future is within our reach. More cancers can be prevented, treated, even cured. More people are alive within five years of a cancer diagnosis than ever before. We can eliminate cervical
cancer in our children’s lifetimes. Our leaders have the political will to make
changes across cities, countries, continents. You are shining a light in the darkness. Together, we’re making breakthroughs and breaking new ground, fighting the fears and stigma that threaten to stop us in our tracks. There are many reasons to
have hope, but to truly succeed, we need to build on our momentum. We can’t stop now. It will take all of us: planners and
doers, builders and helpers, dreamers and fighters. Every action counts, from the astonishing to the everyday. Because a healthier world, an end to millions of preventable cancer deaths, a more equal and just society with access to life-saving treatment for everyone, that’s a world worth fighting for. Progress is possible, but it’s not inevitable. We’re achieving so much but there’s more to be done. The only questions now are who are you and what will you do?

Stephen Childs

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