Working Holiday on the North Devon Coast

So we’ve been collecting stones from the National Trust quarry just down there, and placing them in in rows, and filling in
with earth thinly in the middle. So – all get a chance to complete lots of different jobs as we go along. Well I’m quite pleased I’m doing something that only human hands can do I suppose, so it’s quite rewarding doing something. We’ve only got a certain amount of full time paid staff on the property, so working with these guys coming along for a week, it’s amazing. We can get a lot of wall built and we can progress quite quickly. It’s a change from sitting at the desk and doing emails, doing something physical with your hands and building something, and having something to show for it. Without these guys we’d be really stuck. And we’re lucky enough we’re doing an activity. We’re going Coasteering in the middle of our week away. So you get the chance to go away, have a bit of a break and do something different. Getting people to volunteer to do it means that, I suppose, we get to know the work better and meet the Rangers, and find out what they do when they’re not looking after volunteers which has been quite interesting. You get to meet a really great bunch of people that you wouldn’t necessarily interact with usually in day to day life. But it’s also great to be out here and sort of practising something that’s been happening for hundreds of years. It’s great to be doing it the traditional way, and keeping the look of the countryside as it’s always been.

Stephen Childs


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