Working holiday in Australia

Living abroad has long been a thing I’ve
wanted to do. Being able to travel abroad, experience different cultures, broaden horizons,
and make good money sounds like a dream. But,I never thought I would have to go through
so many hardships along with all the good things. Hello everyone, my name is Leo. I have been
living in Australia for two years on a working holiday, and today is the last episode of
my working holiday. I’m back to Taiwan. The story of my working holiday started with a homestay in Melbourne. When I first came to Australia, I lived in a homestay. My host family was really good. I really enjoyed living with them. My homestay was more different
than usual. My host was young. Not like most of the homestays. They are mostly elders. There was a four year old kid, Parker. He was cute but sometime was naughty. And, a Japanese boy, Taka. He was there to learn English. He was kinda like me. I mean learning
English in Australia and living with local people He is really Japanese . Really really
really polite. My host showed us around and let us experience Australian culture and a
different lifestyle. We had some parties like a Christmas party, New year’s eve and also had a vacation in her beach house. However, I could not find a job in Melbourne, and almost
ran out of money. I needed to face reality. I needed a job so…I decided to move to a
farm. I was really sad I had to leave. It was the best two months in Australia. The new chapter began. This is when I started
to experience the so-called working holiday. Before coming to Australia, I didn’t know
how many times I told people. I am not going to a farm, living with Taiwanese, working
with Taiwanese and hanging out with Taiwanese. But I ended up going there. It was really
tough as a guy who is from an urban city. I have never done any labor job like farmwork. Getting up around 4 or 5 o’clock in the morning, carrying a heavy apple bag, climbing a tall ladder, working under the sun around 40 degrees during summer, and hands getting hurt from picking apples when it was 4 degrees during winter sounds difficult, right? What is hard is that sometimes I couldn’t even earn 100 bucks. That sucks! Apart from work, I had to do everything by myself like cooking and doing laundry. I had to learn to be independent.
Time flies. The season finished. Everyone moved to different cities. Oh, btw, I liked
my housemates a lot. I kinda ruled out living I kinda ruled out living with Taiwanese people, but I ended up liking
them. I miss them a lot. One thing I don’t understand is that I hated being there, but
when I look back on these two years. This is the period that I miss the most. After leaving the farm, I came back to Melbourne
to live for a while and planned to move somewhere else. I stayed in a hostel, and met some nice
roommates and people. Quite honestly, I didn’t have many friends in Australia, but I think I can consider them as my friends. We had our first road trip. It was so much fun. It
was my first travel in Australia. We were really good friends because we were all in
our late twenties. We had something in common as we were all engineers. We talked about
our future, our perspectives and our past as well. After the trip, everyone moved on to the next
journey and so did I . I moved to Canberra, my second home. I lived here until I left Australia. Canberra
is the capital of Australia, but it’s actually small and a bit boring. There is pretty much nothing to do here. I can’t believe this is the capital city. But the reason I stayed here was quite easy. I got two jobs here. Yeah, I was so lucky. I worked in a five star
hotel as a food and beverage attendant during the day and had the other job in a pub at night. It was also a bit hard to manage when I had two jobs in one day. Sometimes, I worked
more than 10 hours a day. Walking up early around 5 am and coming back after 10 pm. I knew my lifestyle sucked, but I had to survive. I was always busy and tired, but I kinda liked
my life. I liked my colleagues and housemates. Everyone was so nice to me and helped me a
lot because I was the only one coming here for working holiday. I was the only one who
had a very different background. Being able to live and work with local people was the
best thing here and it made my life amazing. Sounds like my life here was full of struggling
and work. I used to work pretty much every day, but since I came to Australia for working
holiday. I worked and of course, I needed holidays. I have been up to the mountains and down into the ocean. I have been to the snowy mountains. It was the first time to see snow. I was so excited. Also, I jumped from a plane from
15000ft in the sky and finished one of my bucket lists. I did some water activities on the beach. Got into a cave and went to some national parks to appreciate views different from Taiwan. Natural scenery is amazing here. One of the must-do things is watching fireworks on new year’s eve in Sydney. I don’t like to be in the crowd, but I was told to do it. Yeah, so I did it. It was great. The fireworks were stunning. I’m glad I watched the fireworks, they are so well-known I knew I would regret it if I didn’t.’ Last, the best memories here are definitely
not about travel and beautiful scenery. It’s all about the people I met. Because of you guys, my life became wonderful. Because of you guys , I felt I wasn’t alone even if I had no family here. There were so many times I wanted to go home when I had some hard times, like missing home, and almost giving up living here. But, when I thought of saying goodbye
to everyone, I was of course really sad and knew I would miss everyone a lot my host family, housemates on the farm, friends from the hostel, housemates and friends in Canberra, colleagues in QT hotel and everyone in tourist hotel in particular. I really like you guys. Everyone
treated me very nice, and it was fun working here. Working in an Australian pub, listening
to country music and experiencing local culture is something many people don’t have the
chance to experience. Two years. I have learned a lot here. I have learned to be independent, learned to be more responsible, learned to deal with frustration, learned to cherish every moment that I spent with everyone, and learned to appreciate all
the help from people. I’m so grateful, and really appreciate everyone being so nice to me and being a part of my journey. I won’t say goodbye, I’ll just say, until we meet
again. See you guys.

Stephen Childs


  1. Great video Leo !
    But , seriously ? You didn't mention anything when you're working with us in Synnex , in Melbourne ?
    Ha ha , just kidding ! It's too pity that you didn't take any photos nor videos when you were there , you should had been there for like three weeks or a month ?
    Well , anyway , hope you're doing well !

    Cheers Peter

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