Women Talk About Their Worst Holiday Stories

I was sobbing today we’re going to be sharing our embarrassing holiday stories I almost blocked this out but it was just so gross and awful my story begins in high school when I had one of my only house pies that’s kind of one where your mum’s upstairs making sure everything’s PG I’ve basically been dumped three times over the holidays and two of those times were on Christmas Day my family was in town for the holidays it was a frigid night me and all my cousins were jumping on this giant trampoline we had the first thing that went wrong was that my friends drove into my mum’s garage door and like completely intended it which we didn’t really talk about until the end of the night because we wanted to enjoy the party but then also there was a boy I really liked I don’t know why but we ended up in the garage you know as you do I was a lot younger and probably didn’t know what else to do with boys the first time was like one of my first ever boyfriends and I thought we were gonna like you know have a lovely relationship and we just started dating and with me like really close to Christmas and I was really sad and so I was listened to like pop music from this Irish band I don’t know if I wanted to be cool or graceful or wet but I just had this idea to jump off of the trampoline and stick the landing and I thought my cousin’s would think that was cool because it’s like a superhero or something I slipped and hit my toe and it turned out I slipped on dog poop I was sobbing humbled sad little angry at myself for being dumb and thinking that that would work second time was on Christmas Day and I’d bought him a gift and I was like cannot wait to talk to him on Christmas Day and he finally calls me and you know we chat for like five minutes and he seems really odd and I was like okay what’s going on and then he finally is like I didn’t want to do this on Christmas day but you insisted on talking to me and I was like cuz you’re my boyfriend and then he was like I’m sorry but I can’t do this with you we’re not gonna be together anymore you know when you’re trying to impress a crush and you think the most random thing you do will be attractive for some reason and like let’s go sit on top of the car and make out so we sat on the roof of the car and it was great had a little make-out session and then the next morning my mom asked why the roof of her car was dented you know I’d also deflowered her car my mother also found out about the garage door being dented and it’s I think it’s still dented to this day and the third one was a long-distance boyfriend when I was in England and he was living in America and he emailed me on Christmas Eve but I didn’t read it into a Christmas day and he’s like I can’t do this anymore we’re breaking up yeah that is my super embarrassing holiday story enjoy your family and don’t get crazy one line of advice for me would be make out somewhere normal not on top of your parents car I learned not to talk to anyone on Christmas Day and wait till the next day otherwise it’s just gonna be dumped on Christmas Day so if someone’s gonna dump me they’re gonna dump me on the next day now because I won’t speak to a longer surface day [Music] [Music]

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  2. Wow to me Christmas is like normal days. It’s a gift with money. But not a gift with speech and love.

  3. Sick like sick as a dog last year pretty much missed Christmas spend the whole holiday in bed hacking a think a boot came outta me

  4. Hey y’all! I just made an advice video based on Ariana Grande’s Thank U, Next! If you going through something right now or just have a free moment please don’t hesitate to check it out ♥️ It’s my first video and I really tried to do well! Thanks for reading and I hope you have a marvelous day☀️‼️

  5. Growing up holidays were just my mom dad and me as a teen , they stopped talking to the fams. So that was embarresing , when everyone saw people but not me. Lol

  6. most of what i remember for christmas as a child is waiting for my birth mom to visit me and she not showing up half the time a family member told me she only showed up when she did cause her mom made her

  7. Just clicked the video to see who the hot blonde in the thumbnail was

    She has a British accent, bonus!

  8. The English women using American terminology so the audience here gets what they're saying lol

  9. What's up with the editing? I couldn't even finish a three minutes video because it was so hard to follow…

  10. Tis the season to break up with your significant other because you don't want to buy them anything.

  11. When I was with my ex, he came over to my cousin’s on Christmas to meet my mom’s side of the family for the first time. All was going well until my mom and my aunt got into a fight, forcing us to leave in awkward silence during our car trip. It was over something stupid too.

    A year or so after (after me and that bf had broken up and I started dating someone else), he came over to my parents house with gifts, maybe trying to make amends with me or something?? My dad answered the door and he refused to take them back.

  12. The store I worked at went bankrupt and we all got our pink slips on Christmas Eve.😟

  13. This wasn't embarrassing…those were just sad. Also, I agree with other people in the comments: next time do one story at a time

  14. I don’t remember having any bad holiday experiences besides my jaw cramping up on Thanksgiving and having to go to the hospital because it hurt so bad but naw can’t relate 😂

    btw I am a small youtuber and I’d REALLY appreciate any support! 💕 I make beauty videos!

  15. Do one story at a time FFS…it's hard to follow these stories when you keep switching.

  16. You ladies have been with some real losers! Christmas is the best time to enjoy being a couple, not break up with someone! Karma is a woman and she’ll make sure they get their punishment!

  17. Becky was talking about denting her mom's car while making out. My first kiss was on the roof of a golf cart at the Boy Scout camp I worked at. The next day we a had full on make out session on top of the same golf cart and we ended up cracking the roof. The day after that, someone was standing on the side of the golf cart, holding onto the roof, and they took a sharp turn. The guy leaned backwards and the roof just broke right where we cracked it and he ended up falling off the cart and into a giant mud puddle. I honestly don't know how we didn't get caught while on top of the golf cart. We were literally right outside the staff lounge with people going in and out constantly…

  18. I dont understand all of the complaints concerning the style of editing, it was surely different from other videos but i was still able to follow all the stories

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