Witchspace News – Elite Dangerous: for the 9th of August 2019

This is Witchspace news for Friday the 9th
of August 2019…. I’m CMDR Buur In this weeks news… HEADLINES
The Enclave Interstellar Initiative Concludes In-Game Galnet is changing focus
There’s a new PVP Event Community An Eagle Racing event is coming to Deciat
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community news you’d like us to feature you can email us via [email protected] The Enclave interstellar initiative concluded
this week with the establishment of more planetary bases in the Witch Head Nebula region, a new
engineer setting up shop in the disputed zone and a Thargoid bobblehead recipe becoming
available to unlock from the Techbrokers. Of the starports that were initially established
in the nebula one has already been restored to full function and another one is now well
on the way …it doesn’t look like the starports down there will be offline for long given
the current rate of progress. The human settlement in the Witch Head sector
appears to be here to stay and it feels like this area is about to become increasingly
important going forward. The new engineer in the area, Chloe Sedesi,
is offering upgrades to Frameshift Drives and Thrusters and in a similar vein to the
engineers in Colonia her abilities will increase the more her services are utilised.
There is also now a techbroker and a material trader in the region suddenly making the Witchhead
sector a lot more self sufficient. It remains to be seen what role the Witch
Head nebula has to play in the ongoing Elite narrative. Something tells me it’s about
to become strategically quite important. Frontier announced on the forums this week
that the face of the in-game Galnet news feed will be drastically changing. Up until this point Galnet has always reported
on a huge amount of material that happens (what Frontier refer to as) “Off Camera”.
These stories fleshed out the world and universe of Elite but very rarely ever had any real,
quantifiable and importantly viewable experiences in game that related to them. With the refocus of the Galnet news feed it
will (in Frontiers words) “concentrate on in-game activity, such as Interstellar Initiatives,
the release of new ships and modules, and significant narrative developments.” That’s new ships and modules confirmed by
the way …gotcha! I’m not sorry to see the background narrative
disappear personally …don’t get me wrong I love that stuff but I was often frustrated
that it seemed to tell of huge galaxy affecting events but then failed to reflect them in-game
and also it often felt like it could’ve hinted at things for players to go and investigate
in the game but actually rarely if ever did it deliver on those hints and I was personally
struggling to see it’s relevance. I really enjoy the lore and storytelling of
the Elite universe but I’d rather that was reflected in-game or I get it from one of
the plethora of incredible Elite novels. With it’s refocus it does mean that the
galnet feed will now have direct relevance …directing players to things actually in
the game but it would also be nice it if reported on community stuff that players do in the
game. Things like Distant Worlds or Buckyball racing etc. What are your thoughts ….do you read or
listen to Galnet? …are you happy with the refocus or will you miss the added flavour? Sound off in the comments. Sagittarius Eye is reporting today that the
Elite Community Combat Events Discord has setup shop offering a friendly landing site
for Commanders to stretch their PVP legs. The Discord encourages fair play and has a
schedule of curated regular events to suit all tastes including events that are suitable
for new pilots looking to earn their PVP wings in a friendly environment. Do go and check them out …there’s a link
in the description below to the ECCE’s Discord Server to get you started. Commander Unrealization of the Paradox Discord
server is hosting an Eagle racing event on the 24th of August in the Deciate System and
everyone is invited. The events starts at 19:00 UTC with CMDRs
gathering around the site of Farseers base on Deciat 6a with racing due to start around
20:00 UTC. Bring yourself and your favourite Eagle for
some serious canyon racing and lots of explosions. And finally the Galphoto Astrophotography
community is hosting a Frontier sponsored competition to gather your pictures of Elite
Dangerous combat. The entries have a chance of being featured
on the official Elite Dangerous social media channels and there’s prize codes up for
grabs for participation. To submit your combat photos get clicking
and then head over to the Galphoto discord server which is linked below. That’s it for now.
Thanks for watching! We’ll be back later this week with more
videos Until then ….o7 CMDRs
Follow the Greens on the way out and do keep clear of the toast rack
We very much look forward to seeing you next time.

Stephen Childs


  1. Very well put together video! Informative and "thumbs up" for promoting other groups events. Elite Dangerous has needed this for a long time. Great job CMDR Buur

  2. I believe galnet could be both, remember the whole let's nuke a starport story, that could of been a story. Also the starship theft story could of been cool background story too.
    Great video as always, looking forward to seeing much from you. o7

  3. I think Galnet can cover both. I do wish we could interact with the stories sometimes.

  4. I've been referring to the Witch Head colony as the Witch Head Beach Head since the beginning. Given that it's right next to the COL 70 sector (probably home of Thargoids) I'm betting (OK, hoping) that's exactly what it's going to be.

  5. Maybe there should just be a lore story telling the background between the super powers and the aliens you may encounter in the black. The way it is now there’s too much to go through and listen to.

  6. Unable to use the Discord link for PvP community. It says invalid Invite. Please update the link. Thanks in advance.
    EDIT: Oh wait sorry, there was a sign in issue from my end

  7. Thargoid…. Bubblehead…. Recipe?!?

    And do you really think that Galnet might actually be useful or at least have impact on day to day life? If they actually include stuff they have in the newsletter or forums, like player run events, that would be awesome.

  8. I'n really going to miss the background soap opera. Further, I work that it's a sign that Frontier might be reducing its investment in ED. However, the criticism that what happens on GalNet doesn't affect pilots' day to day lives is a valid one. My hope is that they aren't stripping GalNet down, but rather reorganizing it so that there's more coverage of in-game events (including community driven events like the upcoming Eagle race), and that there will actually be more Frontier-organized events to cover. The Enclave was CG done right. It had phases to appeal to most play styles (exploration, combat, shipping), the events were relevant to the players, it resulted in permanent changes to the galaxy, and we got a new ship decal and bobblehead as a bonus.
    Live your summary, BTW. Great vid!

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