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Stephen Childs


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  3. I like howie does his ears like that hahahaha and the baby puppet said DADDY! 4:42

  4. I love this video it's amazing I love it sooooo much

  5. After Howie said she w ant to see your puppet I bet it got so awkward after that

  6. Any more of this and Ill have to get myself a new dummy.
    Howie? Youre wanteeeeeeed!
    Next act
    *Howie becomes a dummy*
    Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

  7. I ended up watching and ad that was 5mins long and i mistook it as the actual video

  8. Whait did he say Heidi? Heidi klum? Lol im german and i dont like she. I hope this was good englisch

  9. Paul: speak for yourself
    Sam: I wish I could XD
    All these jokes had me cracking

  10. Voice: please somebody help me please
    Sam: youre talking out your-
    Paul:*slaps hand over mouth*

  11. Not only do they have to clean up the baby's pee they have to clean up all those streamer thingies

  12. When he turned Howie to a dummy and said embarrassing things he gave Paul the eye of death

  13. The people that disliked this video are all the other puppets that were not in this audition

  14. 15:00 I never laughed so much in my life … until my stomach started to hurt 不

  15. this comedian my pressure of a lot and he's ventriloquist are hot and hilarious and a little further in the video I saw that he invited one of the judges of X Factor I would not say the name he pretended to be a idiot put I would like to tell this man who is judge that he did his job well you played the game I have no other comments to make thank you

  16. My top 3 ventriloquists

    Number 3: Terry Fator
    Number 2:Paul Zerdin
    Number 1: Darci Lynne Farmer

  17. Great call!! He deserved it and yes I also felt like a kid myself. He transformed the room & made it magical.

  18. A few too many Jeff Dunham jokes in there, but otherwise he is an incredibly funny ventriloquist

  19. im like in my head how do you hear the puppet when he doest have a mic and than i see the man and im like owh yeah he is talking

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