Wild Halloween Party Dance Song! Funny Costumes US TV Holiday Music Video!

>>Do you like these next dancers? (Do you
like them?)>>Yeah!>>Are they a lot like you?>>Yeah!>>Here are some of the most dynamic dancers
ever sung about on record, and they’re from the Planet, Mars. Here’s the “Martian Hop” on “A Reelin’
and Rockin’ Reunion”!

Stephen Childs


  1. Wow – this is the Goofiest one yet! Don't remember the Martian Hop, but it sure looks like Fun! Thanx!

  2. This skit just competes with some of the previous scenes for what sketch is really the Goofiest! This one sure is Wacky!

    We vaguely remember hearing the Martian Hop. They sometimes still play it around Halloween.

    Keep on Watching!

    Melanie MusicGal

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