Why Triss Merigold From The Witcher Looks So Familiar

Now most famous as Netflix’s surprise hit
of the 2019 holiday season, The Witcher started life as a series of fantasy books and short
stories written by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. The franchise’s fortunes really took off in
2007, when game developers CD Projekt Red produced the first of three smash hit video
games based on The Witcher. It was in the games that Triss Merigold went
from a magic-wielding secondary character lusting after the titular monster-slayer Geralt
to a magic-wielding major character and Geralt’s actual, though occasional, love interest. In November 2018, British actress Anna Shaffer
was announced for the role in the Netflix adaptation. Given the character’s contradicting history
between the page and the games, fans wondered whether the Witcher writers would lean into
Triss’ romance with Geralt on the series, or return to the original text and sideline
her in favor of other characters. On the first season of The Witcher at least,
it looked as though they were leaning more towards the books, with Shaffer’s Triss maintaining
a platonic-slash-professional relationship with Geralt and ultimately working more closely
with the sorceress Yennefer. “I enlisted a Witcher. Geralt of Rivia. I often wonder where fate took him.” “Somewhere unpleasant, I’m sure.” No matter what the Witcher team chose to do
with Triss Merigold for the show, one thing is undeniable: the actress who plays her looks
incredibly familiar. Here’s where you may have seen Anna Shaffer
before. Anna Shaffer’s first-ever screen role was
in 2009’s Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, in which she played a witch who couldn’t
land her romantic interest. Sound familiar? In the David Yates-directed film, Shaffer
portrayed Gryffindor student Romilda Vane, the leader of a clique of girls who become
obsessed with Harry, or, rather, with his celebrity status, and trail him around Hogwarts
trying to get his attention. In case you’ve forgotten the small details
from Harry Potter, Romilda Vane was a small but memorable character in the fifth film. Remember when Harry’s best pal Ron Weasley
accidentally ate a Chocolate Cauldron laced with love potion and became instantly infatuated
with a girl? That girl was Romilda, who actually made the
love potion specifically for Harry. Shaffer also appeared in the last two movies
of the franchise, 2010’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2011’s Part
2 continuation, but her character had a more serious purpose throughout those installments. Romilda joins Dumbledore’s Army to fight against
the evil forces taking over the wizarding world, but unlike many other minor characters,
she survives the Battle of Hogwarts that left dozens dead. Shaffer has a connection to another beloved
British-born franchise, one arguably even more popular than Harry Potter and one that’s
certainly been around for a lot longer. The actress appeared briefly on Class, a Doctor
Who spin-off series written and created by Patrick Ness. The show centered around a group of teenagers
studying at Coal Hill Academy, a fictional school that has popped up on numerous occasions
throughout Doctor Who, and the staff who worked there. On the series, which lasted only one season,
Shaffer played Rachel Chapman, the girlfriend of main character Ram, who comes to a nasty
end, only for him to move on to another love interest a couple of episodes later. So much for the power of love. Outside of worlds populated by witches, aliens,
and would-be girlfriends, Shaffer has mostly been left with minor roles. She had a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it part in
the widely praised BBC drama Fearless in 2017, and before The Witcher, she popped up in the
background of the forgettable British action movie I Am Vengeance. However, Shaffer managed to make a mark in
a super-melodramatic TV series. She played yet another troublemaker with a
deeply hidden heart of gold when she took on the role of rebellious bully Ruby Button
on the British daily soap opera Hollyoaks from 2011 to 2014, returning for four guest
appearances in 2017 and 2018. In typical soap fashion, Shaffer’s Ruby went
through a lot during her brief stint on Hollyoaks: a hit-and-run in which she was the passenger,
a foiled elopement that ended in her fiancé’s death, social exile on account of all the
bullying she’d masterminded, a cocaine-induced heart attack, and a new life in Spain. It almost makes dealing with the respective
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Stephen Childs


  1. She just doesnt fit the look that I would thought of as Triss. I don't get the sense of a "fiery" personality whenever I saw her on screen

    And they shafted her in the first season. Triss is far more capable of a Witch.

  2. I’ll sum up the video for you all… Because you’ve seen her in something else.

  3. Pretty sure she's a good actress, but talk about just horrible casting.
    They did the same with the other sorceress, but she wasn't one of the main characters like Triss is.

  4. She looks very familiary indeed. If you've ever seen a gypsy, she wouldn't have looked apart. Other than the feckless, she looks nothing like our lovely Triss. Realy bad casting choice. Alt least, she isn't a main character…

  5. Only people in the UK would recognise these Witcher actors and actresses.

    Most have been in other UK tv shows and adverts

  6. You know when I see someone in a movie or TV show that looks "familiar" I always like to go to IMDb that helps out soo much more than waiting for someone on YouTube to make a video about that person!!

  7. It's a shame they changed her all for the sake of diversity in America. But it got me wondering what if they had a black dandelion and it was kevin heart, that would be hilarious!

  8. Her casting is my biggest let down of the whole Netflix series… She B A R E L Y looks like her videogame counterpart (Yennefer was different but still on point).. almost no red in her hair! Maybe she's closer to the books but that would surprise me..

  9. She looks like a mixed chick. Half black perhaps? I thought fans only wanted white actors in show.

  10. Ahhh here we go again…

    Also Triss is pretty horny in the books about Geralt

  11. I didn’t even realize she was triss until one of the final episodes. She looks nothing like her video game counterpart

  12. Triss has a fiery personality that fits her red hair…..this actress is more like a damp firework.

  13. Triss is horribly miscast not because of her looks—I know Netflix is too "diverse" to cast a redhead in the role—but because she just doesn't bring life to the character.

  14. I'll tell you what she definitely DOESN'T remind me of…

    Triss Merigold.

  15. I watched the whole season waiting to see Triss. Was a little disappointed when it ended and she wasn’t a part of the first season. So I took to the net to check for any news I could find about her future appearance. That’s when I decided to not watch any of the following seasons. Washing the role and casting this hag is enough to turn me off from anything more. #notmytriss

  16. I really like her. Yeah, yeah, she doesn't look like you'd imagine her because you are so used to seeing her in the games (and Triss in the game is a knockout). She also doesn't have fiery red hair in the books (chestnut – to me a reddish brown?) and Netflix introduced her character out of the story arc improperly. However I think come season 2 onward she will stand out more.

  17. I think every single character in The Witcher was casted perfectly… And then you have Triss.. she just doesn't remind me of Triss in anyway. Don't get me wrong she's a good actress, just not for that character. Should have at least got someone with red hair and more of a brash-ish attitude. If that makes sense.

  18. In the books her hair is chestnut, redddish, blue eyes and is not a major character.

  19. every time I see her and remember she is supposed to be Triss I gag a little.

  20. while i didn't mind her character and i did find her interesting. i was competently disappointed that they black washed another red head. so much so in fact that i didn't even realize it was Triss until she showed up in the end. great actress, extremely poor choice of casting since she doesn't embody the fantasy at all. why does hollywood hate casting red heads?

  21. Man if you do one more of this video i am reporting for all the shit that is there in the list. Fucking idiots taking contents of wikipedia, we can read too you dumb twits

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