WHY South Korea is BETTER than the USA at Coronavirus

okay so first of all where is my coffee. So,
this is us living in Korea. We lived here through coronavirus. It is
still here. We are still living through coronavirus. This is why Korea is better than America
at controlling Coronavirus. First of all, I’m a videographer. I covered some of the stories here. Koheun is… I’ve been doing a little bit of research because I work for a consultant company that was asking, “what is korea doing differently?” “Why is Korea the example for how we should control coronavirus?” So this is what we learned. We made it easy simple. First one was transparency. The government was like, “people need to know.” And so they made a bunch of maps so people could know where Coronavirus infected areas are. You don’t want to get coronavirus. So this just shows instances where coronavirus could have been, or someone with coronavirus might have come. It’s not like they are monitoring everyone with cctv footage. I think for some cases they did. A lot of it is volunteers helping to confirm whether someone with coronavirus was there. It is nice to see, wether it is 100% accurate or not. If people are scared of coronavirus, i think it is very affective because they won’t want to go there because someone with coronavirus might have been there. So there is this map and this one says, “Where are you going to go today?” Should just do it based off our location? Sure. So here, 34 people have coronavirus. Right? That is what it means? That is like 1 block from where we are. Thirty four people in our area. Like, with in 1 kilometer. I probably met someone. Probably the gs25 guy. Justin is probably one of them. Well, they didn’t test me or anything. I didn’t have any symptoms. So they had these maps. It was pretty transparent. And they give out notifications on our phones all the time. In February, peoples phones were blowing up. The last notification we got said, “you can go outside. Just make sure you keep 2 meters distance.” I think i have it on my phone. So the last alert we got was. “Emergency alert: ‘To prevent the spread of coronavirus, maintain 2 meters until April 5.'” It still says, “don’t go to work if you have symptoms.” I think it is saying, “if you have symptoms don’t
go to work but otherwise you can go outside. Just maintain 2 meters. This is a screen shot I took. This is what the alerts look like. That is Koheun! That is my home screen! It’s me. Military Culture. Military history. History, slash, kind of culture.
Yea. I guess Korea is always ready for some kind of emergency. Or war, or something. So they have a lot of personnel. Because of North Korea. Because of North Korea. They have a lot of personnel on standby that they can call on,
In emergency situations like this. They maybe even have [standby] nurses and doctors. Koreans are just always ready for an emergency. And then, the drive through testing. And they have phone booth testing now. Which are good ideas. It does cost 120,000 won ($100 USD) to get tested if you don’t have symptoms. That is about 100 USD probably? (with the current exchange rate) Between $100 and $120 USD. If you have really bad systems, they will maybe test you. I don’t know. I think health insurance covers it. We are not 100% sure. One of my friends went to get tested.
He was younger. (around 30 years old). And at the time. It was about 1 or 2 week ago. I think the hospitals were busier. So they just sent him home. Because they said they had to check older people first. He should’ve gone through a drive-through testing. Big mistake. And then we had class together. And then, “How did it affect our lives?” The crazy part was probably around February 20th for us.
That’s when people started locking down and doing quarantine and stuff. That is when the “panic wave” hit Korea. Except, we didn’t know. We didn’t experience the “panic wave” so
much because we’re not on Korean news, and we don’t follow Korean celebrities. But it was like full-on, people were locking themselves in their apartments and stuff. That’s when the government said all schools have to close down. No churches or big events. The only way I noticed was I had a three day shoot from the 25th to 27th and it got cancelled in the middle of it. Because some of the foreigners we were
working with just bought tickets and left the country. I was like “whoa.” Should I be buying a ticket to leave the country? And then I got another shoot cancelled two-three days ago. And then yesterday, I had another one cancelled. But that one was weird. We booked it. Then the guy called my friend who was helping translate, and he said I heard news about Coronavirus and foreigners, so we don’t want a foreigner around our restaurant right now. So that was kind of lame. But you also got three shoots. But I also got three shoots because everyone’s like “Coronavirus news!” We want to see people in suits. We want to see thermal cameras. We want to see the drive thru testings. Lines for the pharmacies. Did it affect you any differently? I don’t know if it really affected my life that much. I’ve been working from home. I’ve been staying home. I don’t really go out that much besides to go on walks. Wow! Whoa. Good job buddy. I’m proud of that one. My life feels largely unaffected. But it definitely affected a lot of other people and a lot of people lost their jobs here. It’s hard to find work. That was the same everywhere. That’s probably the biggest effect Coronavirus had. People lost so many jobs. People can’t work in offices anymore. So we’re gonna wrap this up. What’s it like now? People are out. People are out on the streets. Rush hour is back to normal now. I’m taking the subway and even with a two meter distance, I’m packed on the subway. I was at the park yesterday and there was barely space to walk. I had a stroller and I was like “nope!” I can’t do it. It seems like a lot of people were like “I did it. I quarantined for three weeks. I didn’t leave my apartment and I couldn’t take it any longer. That’s what it seems like. One of our friends that works at a hospital. We haven’t seen her in 2 months. And she said “I can’t come over because of Coronavirus.” And then she said she was giving herself a break from social distancing. Yeah, she was told “if you bring it back to this hospital, you know it’s going to be your fault.” “Do you want to be the person responsible for spreading Corona in our hospital? So a lot of pressure on them. Two months of not seeing anyone is crazy. I can’t imagine. That’s about it. I hope that was helpful. Good luck to everyone. Definitely wash your hands. Wear a mask. We still do that. We still have sanitizer. We’re staying clean. I’m probably going to do that the rest of my life now. But, don’t freak out because everybody else is freaking out. Don’t cancel a job just because someone’s a foreigner. Don’t be mean to other people just because you’re scared. Don’t let your emotions get the better of you. That also goes for the future as well. Were you worried about Will? I was worried about Will initially when we didn’t know much about Coronavirus. “Oh my goodness, if Justin comes back with Coronavirus, Will’s such a baby.” What do you want to say about it bud? I mean, things seem to be generally fine. We went and visited my grandmother a couple days ago. This also isn’t the first infectious disease pandemic the country has been through. So I feel like Korea was also more prepared. They had a trial run with MERS. Where are you going? I want to change his diaper. His poop is probably spreading everywhere. Let’s change. Good luck to everyone. Wash your hands and be nice to others.

Stephen Childs


  1. hahahahaha cute papaya has grown bigger….god job guys….take care dont go out to often and take all precautions

  2. thanks for the update – great info
    also good to see a place that successfully beat the virus while the rest of the world is just getting started

  3. Hi. I am leaving this comment to correct one thing. The reason why the govt reveals where the infected has been was not for you not to be there for potential infection, but for you to check out if you have been there at a certain moment of time, if anyone has contact the infected person at the place at the time, so that if you see symptoms after being at the place then make sure to get tested or even before showing symptoms to detect any infected person earlier not missing one possible infection. There are detectives only for this job who tracks infected people's routes that check out their phone gps, cctvs, and etc.
    Korea has been putting effort to find any possible infection to isolate them from spreading further and they have been finding those earlier. And it is one key reason why we could make the curve flatten.
    After the regional official knows infected person's routes, the places they have been should get disinfected right away, hours or a day after when the business is re-open, it means the place is done with disinfection and you are safe to be there actually.

  4. Korean wearing mask. American so fool listen to government no need mask. Korean and china will get off coronavirus soon. Will be long fight for American. Because have stupid president leading American spend gold time did nothing.

  5. 뭐라는겨~

    아기가 우유먹고 트림하는 소린 시원하네요.^^

  6. 한국에선 코로나 검사를 자신이 요청해서 하면 음성일때 16 만원, 양성이면 비용이 정부부담 입니다

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