Why Porsche’s Taycan Received a 5-Star Crash-Test Rating

This is Porsche’s $103,800 all-electric Taycan. And this is Euro
NCAP’s side-pole test. Taycan, meet side-pole test. The side pole is one
of safety expert Euro NCAP’s most
challenging tests. But check out how rigid the
structure of the Taycan is. The roof barely deforms.
And the A pillar, the metal support
on the side of the windshield? It
doesn’t even flex. A rigid structure, though,
isn’t the only thing that Porsche did to try to
make the Taycan safe. With help from safety
expert Euro NCAP, we broke down some
of the features that put Porsche’s
all-electric sports car in the company of the
safest cars of 2019 and also identified some
improvement areas for the Taycan. We talked about how rigid
the structure of the Taycan is. Well, that shows itself
again in crash tests like the frontal offset
deformable barrier and the frontal full width test. In this test, where Euro
NCAP sends the Taycan at 40 mph into a barrier
representing another car, you can see how stable
the Taycan’s cabin is. In this diagram, the
dummies representing the driver and passenger
were green across the body, sustaining only slight injuries
to the knees and femur. Euro NCAP reported
this as “adequate” protection, a good result. Now, while the rigidity of
the Taycan may mean a more stable cabin, we’ve
seen how passengers benefit in crashes where
certain parts of the car around them actually
give way or crumple, like a piece of paper. In crashes, these “crumple
zones” dissipate the energy of a crash
instead of passing it on to the passengers inside. For the Taycan, in the
full-width barrier test, the protection of all critical
body areas was “good” or “adequate” for both
occupants, with the exception of the rear
passenger’s chest. The forces on the chest
indicated a “marginal” level of protection, one step
down from “adequate.” The Porsche crumples, but
perhaps how it crumples could be tweaked to
improve the safety of the rear passenger in
this type of collision. In these seat and
head-restraint tests, Euro NCAP propelled a
dummy with a realistic spine on a sled at
both 10 and 15 mph, mimicking a rear collision. This is the type of crash
most likely to inflict a neck sprain or whiplash injury. In general, manufacturers
design seats so the headrests are as
close to the back of an occupant’s
head as possible. As you can see by the
orange in these diagrams, Euro NCAP assessed only
“marginal” protection for the seat and head restraints in both the front
and rear seats. We talked about how
Euro NCAP assesses how safe the occupants
of the Taycan are. But Euro NCAP also
assesses how safe “vulnerable road users,”
your pedestrians and cyclists, are if a
Taycan hits them. One of the ways Euro
NCAP tests this is by dropping a weighted
ball with sensors on it, which is meant to
simulate a pedestrian or cyclist’s head, on different
parts of the hood. Euro NCAP rated
protection as “good” or “adequate” at
almost all test locations on the hood. Part of the assessment
of the Taycan’s ability to keep people
safe is the car’s ability to recognize a
dummy on the road and stop automatically. How did the Taycan do? Well, in these tests, the
Taycan’s autonomous emergency braking
detected cyclists well and avoided or mitigated
crashes in most cases. However, with pedestrians,
the Taycan didn’t do so well. In some tests at
both night and day, the Taycan detected
pedestrians and slowed but still injured
the pedestrians. Overall, Porsche’s Taycan
received a five-star rating by Euro NCAP, the
same rating as Tesla’s Model X, Ford’s Explorer,
and BMW’s Z4, other cars in Euro
NCAP’s Executive class. While the Porsche
Taycan scored five stars, it only scored in the
eighth percentile of all five-star cars in its
class tested in 2019, a group of 43 cars in total. While Euro NCAP assigned
the Taycan “good” protection scores for many of the
crashes simulated, a “marginal” whiplash rating
in rear collisions for adult occupants and average
detection of pedestrians are issues that Porsche can
and should take a look at to improve the safety
rating of the Taycan.

Stephen Childs


  1. The problem is, that this car is the most unefficient electronic car there is.

  2. If you see this type of videos there will always be Tesla fans complaining down in the comment section

  3. Side pole is like the honey badger of the auto industry. It’s doesn’t give a shit.

  4. They slammed the car frame into the poll, not the door.. if the door hit the poll the person would be dead.. they instead chose to have the car hit on the door hinge where the poll is going to then press into the frame. What a bullshit test. "Let's have it hit the frame and not where the person is actually sitting"

  5. So why did BI do a video about Porsche's car and not any of the dozens of other 5-star awarded cars? Could this be an ad?

  6. Since it likes to injure pedestrians it will definitely be a success in China.

  7. 1:36 actually the femur is located in the thighs not the below-knee section but ok

  8. This is like when you are in the car and consider the possible crash scenes and how to survive them

  9. I thought I was lagging because of how he talked, but then I realized I was not lagging.

  10. Is the bonnet of the Taycan prepping itself for impact in the pedestrian head impact test? See 3:25 for what appears to be the bonnet bracing for impact. That is pretty cool if it is true?

  11. why the hell do you talk like that? your job is literally to narate and you can't do it

  12. That model of the crash dummy's legs showed damage to the tibia/fibula not the femur. The femur is higher up on the leg. Right where the thighs are.
    Also to invalidate my comment as intellectual because I think it's funny, thick thighs save lives.

  13. Can we trust any of these European Agencies? Didn’t they get 300 miles range on the Taycan only for American agencies to debunk it? Also dieselgate. Hit us up when the Americans test it.

  14. At .18 seconds you see the entire optional panoramic glass roof shatter into a trillion tiny pieces. Did they rate the glass roof option as highly as the metal roof??????

  15. It has a 5 star crash test rating because when you’re selling something an object that loses value, your competitor can’t sell a comparably similar object for a better value which is MORE safe that yours.

  16. "Slight injuries to the tibia/fibula (not femur)"… unless the crash test dummies are putting feet on the dashboard🤔🤔🤣🤣

  17. Bruh has never taken a physics class… it's supposed to flex and crumple to dampen deceleration over a larger amount of area/time.

  18. He said both things wrong. Porsche is pronounced “Por-sha” NOT “PORSH” and Taycan is said at Tāy-con”.

  19. Imagine the pole test but in a frontal accident I don't think so the Taycan would survive.

  20. EuroNCAP sucks! Here's why:

    1°Most car brands rushed developing and testing their new models before 2020, when a new EuroNCAP test (with strictier requirements) is used. And they don't want to update their car's safety features and start selling it later. And EuroNCAP allows that even when the car hasn't been released to the public.

    2° What started with the intention of being an independent test (where they pretended to be an ordinary customer and buy a car already released to the public), now is a program where 9 out of 10 cars tested are submitted by brands to the test facilities, most of them even before the car is being sold. Only 1 out of 10 is a car legitimately reliable to not have been modified in purpose before being handed to EuroNCAP by car brands.

    3° Money, said to cover the costs of the test, is paid by the car brands to EuroNCAP.

    I'm not saying EuroNCAP is bought or fake or even useless. I'm just saying that if a test, which its two objectives is to be accurate and to be reliable, can't prove correctly to the potential clients that those claims made are trustworthy is not a good test.

    I see it as Michelin star tasting, where the expert announces in advance that he is coming to review the food and then the restaurant pays the bill. Not saying that he's not an expert and doesn't have taste but I can't trust a 100% his review

  21. Until these ratings reach all green and can automatically stop 100% of the time, I don't think electric cars will be worth it.

  22. Is this the typical Porsche bashing by a Tesla fanboy? The Taycan got a 5 star rating so it is quite a safe car. Get over it. That doesn't mean that other cars can't be a bit safer.

  23. Seriously how jealous of Tesla must Porsche be? And they still don't have a super charger network like Tesla's…

  24. Any type of electric car is way safer , lower center of gravity , bunch of Benefits

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