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  1. Sometimes the kind of humour I like is riff comedy.
    Seriously, just watch Linkara's riffs. They're really funny.

  2. You know, it’s weird, I usually find The Nostalgia Critic to be one of the funniest people (if not the funniest person) that I watch on YouTube. But I didn’t find ANYTHING in this video to be funny AT ALL. Don’t get me wrong though, I still really enjoy The Nostalgia Critic and still find him to be very funny, and informative. Just not this video.

  3. Why Do We Love Stupid?
    Cause In Our Heart We Are All Children

  4. i still defend that random doesnt work, what does work is when you force the absurd into the mundane. one of my favorite examples is this old really unknown manga called "my name is Zushio!", there's a point in the story where the main character needs to enter a city incognito, his disguise is basically him shirtless, with his pants on, a pair of panties on top of that, a bra, and those funny glasses, while holding a knife like a maniac.
    that by itself is random, but what makes that scene work, is the reaction of the people around him.

  5. Comedy is quite unique.

    It can be smart. It can be dumb. It can be unexpected. Or, it can be a smart sounding comment leading up to a butts joke.

    You really thought I was going to do it, didn't you.

  6. This perfectly explains why I think getting 200 signatures to get my friend to do a push up is funny.

  7. One of my favourite stoopid movie is this Aussie film called "Hercules Returns" Check it out, it's so funny you don't even have to be stoned lol

  8. Whenever I get sick I get funnier. Not sure how it happens but I'm just full of cutting, insightful and often dark observations. I wouldn't really call them jokes, it's more just a very unvarnished truth I throw in people's faces. It's not revelatory information it's just the fact that I drop a previously skirted around truth like a ton of bricks and it comes between ragged breaths and pained moans. And it friggin works every time somehow! I dont know if I'm really being funnier, or if its sympathy or just pure disbelief. It might be some of all three, and maybe that's why it's so hard to understand or explain. Idk, this seemed like the place to explore that.

  9. I still don’t get dumb and dumber to me it’s not funny but definitely can say that it’s miles better than biodome or as i like to call it stoners day off

  10. Well, to be fair, critic – there's a not a single origin of humour. Your statement that some form of humour comes from misery is correct, but there's lots of types of comedy, for example – there's the witty humour, where a crowd makes a connection and figures out how the reference works, sort of the "Aha!" momen a person gets when he figures out a diffuclt problem. It rewards the brain and thus induces laughter. I can give you a joke as an example
    :Well, when i get away from home i sometimes get lovesick

    Some people call it chlarmydia".

    So while your theory is valid – it isn't the main form of humour by far. It certanly is the humour you excell in.
    But by FAR the most important aspect of humour is in the delivery.

  11. There's a difference between mindless, hardly thought out stupid, random, cheap stupid and funny stupid.

  12. Misdirection is also a part of humor. I’ve heard rape jokes by Jimmy Carr and they were so out of left field that it was hilarious.

  13. One of my favorite things is super freakin parody rangers, it has stupid humor but i like it because it takes a kid show and makes it more hilarious and more fun for the people who know the original, heck dragon ball z abridged is similar, both stupid but the right kind of stupid

  14. I would've respected it even more if he'd admitted that even his sense of humour has a formula/pattern.

  15. Yes, there is such a thing. It's a playlist called 'important videos' that consists of incredibly stupid vines, memes and random videos. But I can't help returning to it over and over again, I even made a tribute to it.

  16. Kinda hard to laugh at a screamer when you are busy coming down from adrenalin and anxiety.

  17. I don't know. I don't love stupid. Not even a little. Also, your video doesn't really explore why. After all, if you're going to do something like that, you really need to dig into neuroscience and how it's affected by genetics and environment. Something as weak as the pseudosciences of psychology and philosophy aren't going to cut it.

  18. hey critic i've got another review idea for you, you should review blue's big musical the movie it would be cool
    P.S when are you going to do the hotel transylvania 2 review

  19. Often times when there's stupid comedy and it's funny, I said "What the fuck?"

  20. Actually this was the first time I saw a screamer and I didn't react at all. Probably from the constant attempts to scare me from my brother. I'm immune.

  21. You should have sent a link cause when I first saw it I though the world needs this nostalgia critic

  22. You wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?
    (plays Hillary Clinton's speech for president 2016)

  23. Why do we like stupid? Because most people in this country are stupid!

  24. Comedy can also another man's anger issues. This is why many stand up comics, including George Carlin are angry on the inside.

  25. I take offense at calling Monty Python stupid. Their humor is pretty neatly calculated weirdness. It is not just random dumb things, like Ren and Stimpy.

  26. Never heard of the Starving Games, but on first glance, it looks funny. Good parodies sadly died out with Zucker – the last good one was the last Scary Movie with Leslie Nielsen.

  27. Mandela effect, I clearly remember that Houdini died while attempting an escape and I'm not the only one

  28. Why do we love stupid? Because we know its stupid, and even the people who made it thought it was stupid!

  29. Perfect example. Tim and Eric awesome show. Stupidest thing on tv, but damn its funny

  30. Dude I've seen so many screamers that it doesn't even phase me anymore

  31. I got super pissed with the screamer because it legitimately scared me and its 12AM

  32. I think this goes with the video as a point, but here:

    My dad joked about throwing a spatula at me and my sister, so we should run he said, we complied and then I quietly walked back to the kitchen to see if my sister ran to our room. When I did that I saw Dad creep to the back door with the spatula in hand, it caught me so off guard that he was carrying out his joke that burst into hysterics and ran up stairs to hide in my grandma's room and I couldn't stop laughing.

  33. I hate you for scaring me I still think you’re awesome but I’m just mad 😡

  34. Even though you warned me about the
    Jumpscares i still got deathly scared.

  35. Yo this actually makes sense about how everyone says a that men are funnier than women. Because men take dumb stupid risks and don't think while women are more cautious. Women say that its sexist, I say that it's actually science. I mean it doesn't mean that no woman is can be funnier that one man but if just think about what I said about men taking risks and being so reckless And women are usually not, it makes sense why most of the things they do I not that entertaining to where you burst into laughter. Same goes when making jokes. Men take more risks, women don't and are cautious. But that's just a theory

  36. I actually like watching people hurt each other in stupid ways

  37. My first screamer….I was…..oh so young and innocent, it was of course, the infamous "Ghost Car" video.

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