Why China is Better Than the USA

Stephen Childs


  1. China is a Communist Third World Hell Hole! Just observe most of the mainland Chinese travelers; taking a dump and spitting in public, carving their names in monuments, basically loud uncivilized peasants. DId you have some Chinese food with gutter oil straight from the sewers? Bon Appetite!

  2. In China you literally have the freedom to walk wherever you want. Sure you do just dont film it and dont breath in too much of that great air. Or eat too much of that non usda food.

  3. I can already think of 3 Reasons
    1. Muslims are oppressed and forced to denounce their religion and sent to concentration, I don't have to live with dirty Muslims
    2. China is willing to stomp on the bodies of worthless thirdworlders for the benefit of its citizens, a country with a leadership that actually sticks up for its citizens that's quite rare with all this PC bs going around
    3. Fatherland – Work and Order

    The only problem is the flag, they still have yet to change it after they scrapped communism

  4. Im Chinese and one reason i don't like about China is Corruption ; my opinion
    The other thing is that it isn't a free democracy country like UK or USA

  5. Cn had bugs sale that why. Better haha live experience
    Peru had nation dish rodent / gimmy pig nicer name
    How about dog shit tempura fry in France butter / they removed smell before fry f. Butter??
    Bucket list I won't tell u where haha
    South France?? Truffles ,black diamond .should u buy ??? Me never huh

  6. Something about these videos man it almost gives me some feeling as if I've been there or I have you guys as friends and have travelled with you lol lame but that's how It feels a little bit when I watch a bunch of your guy's videos. I wish I could describe the feeling better but it's difficult.

  7. Chinese language is also beautiful than English because it's a toonal and has nice tones that works for both parts of the human brain. No matter how many bad things that China has , the bad energy(feelings ) that comes from them will be reflected by the good energy of the beautiful language.😝😋

  8. 爱你普通话😄 I don't know I am crazy or not but that's how I feel it , Chinese is the language that has most positive sweet sounds in the world❤️❤️

  9. That intro is kinda suggesting an attempted ATVChina epicsode. The food test was the highlight. The rest … eh, not so much. 😉 The title? Is this 1st part of a series or something?
    2:45 That menu just reminded me of that time in a Japanese restaurant in Honolulu. Had a tower of toast bread with vanilla ice cream and honey.
    7:30 The UK has fish & chips, China has pen ink & fingernails (with c-milk). xD – BTW, that skewer is a bug fix.
    10:45 I think this on-foot mobility is major city typical, not a Chinese thing. Especially if you include public transportation. Many people in the West can live easily without a car or bike. Big cities wouldn't allow otherwise anyway, since they all have trouble with the amount of wheeled traffic.

  10. China is better than the america?when and how? Only im sure china is better than usa is on cheating copying other country technology.stealing the land of small country,bullying small country like philippines.faking a food and other supply product, big source of drugs and illigal activities. In army technology chinas technology so cheap rathern than america.theres a big gap between the tech of america and china.

  11. How can u sure the food in china are safe fake food has been in mass produce throught the world.i dont think so

  12. Trump is kicking Winnie the Pooh's ass with this trade war. America is stable financially; China, not so much.

  13. I love the walk about culture. American city's are clearly made for cars.
    Here in the uk, we have districts dedicated to shopping, entertainment and such. Narrow streets meaning you dont have to drive or take cabs everywhere.

  14. China is catching up with the USA very fast….if not China is better than USA in terms of material life , at least in the cities

  15. Why Chinese people is living in the United States? If CHina is better than US, then the equation is simple,don't be dumb & dumber and the dumbest. Go there if you want to live under heavy yoke of the dictatorship,Lol.

  16. That food looks disgusting. It may also be contaminated with harmful chemicals.

    The reason China is better than America is that if you are unhappy in China you can leave and go live in any of a large number of better places like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore or if you are really lucky America. If you are unhappy living in America you will probably be unhappy everywhere.

  17. When you were eating the bug.The video played on the tv said its good! I was dieing when you said that!

  18. "It tastes like fingernails." I would have headed back to the hotel room and packed my bags.

  19. Why do you guys always hang out in Luohu area, you guys should record some videos in Nanshan

  20. So cheap gross food and the ability to pay without cash? That's what makes China "better" than the U.S.A. ?

  21. The price is based income of the people, so if majority of Chinese people makes much less money than Western people, of course everything has to be lower price than the West in order for Chinese people to survive. It’s the basic of survival fitness, supply and demand so you really can’t compare the 2 countries.

  22. only poor Chinese people eat bugs and every single store I went when I was in china there were no bugs so only a kind of state eats them

  23. I don't think that was a high end restaurant at the beginning. So the price is probably right for it. Also, the money you make there isn't the same you could make in the US

  24. Availability of places to walk is definitely a great thing! I've lived in countries like Philippines(Manila) and Vietnam (Hanoi), where walking on the sidewalks could be challenging, due to motorbikes and vendors using the sidewalks or no sidewalks at all

  25. I could get some of those food from the menu in the US at least back in the Bay Area in California in Chinese Cafe. Also LA also has a lot of cheap places to eat too. Sometimes the food are really cheap too depending on happy hour back in the Bay Area at the Chinese cafe.

  26. Why China is Better Than the USA ? well , i have the answer . They are smarter.

  27. The world do belong to no one race all ways respect other people country and cultures !

  28. Science says that in future maybe people have to start eat insect, because the food won't be enough.

  29. Personally, china is unique, and has the potential to be the best. Why? suppose every country is developed in the same level, china will be the rare one which its root is itself, I mean culture. Almost everywhere in Asia import the art, architecture, language, food and traditions from china( Chinese culture is the root of many countries), so the position of Chinese culture is dominant. However, china still lacks so much development, if it's gdp is twice as right now( as it should for its population), and people's morality improved, it can be the ideal country for me.

  30. The United States is great, but China is the only non-white country among the five permanent members. Go China, Go!

  31. I almost vomited in the intro . Those water beetles can fuck you up! Seriously, they have an extremely painful bite

  32. The outlet has a banner that says "Thai-style Insect Banquet". Hmm…I'm sure it's a Cantonese thing though.

  33. Surprisingly out of date in just over 2.3 years. It's going to get worse over there. The Chinaman's forgotten who helped get them out of the poor house.

  34. There is nothing better in China than in the USA ! Oh wait they do have something better social deceases are probably easier to catch and harder to get rid of…. Nothing tops the USA lol, can you tell I'm a real Yank ! A real yank is an American that is born in one of the original thirteen colonies ! No other American is a Yank ! If you're from the South you're considered a Red Neck or a Hillbilly ! In the 1800 they were considered Confederates ! And Yanks and Confederates do not get along ! The South wanted slavery and the Yanks did not ….

  35. PSA: Everything is better outside the USA, so please quit moving here. China looks like Utopia.

  36. Despite the bad things I heard about China it also has good things and I really want to see it improve greatly in the future and really stand out as a country with a clean environment,progressive ideals like less internet censorship and many other great things shown by other countries,but in their own awesome unique way.the reason I feel like this is because I’m part Chinese and that’s my only connection that I know of that comes from Asia so I have that residual pride that comes from that.I always hear people in public or in school always talk about how bad it is in China,and they trash it all the time,all I would like to see is good things happening for China and for people to speak positively about the country and people.

  37. does China have a form of welfare system like how we have food stamps in the states for people that are struggling or how the welfare system will take care of single women with kids and give them cash as well as food stamps every month?

  38. The U.S. has a lot more liberty, even in its presently stunted condition, and so China can't be better. Ever. China is evil. We're not evil, just sometimes on the wrong road. The left fork turned out to be a deadend and China proves just how dead it is.

  39. Stop killing and abusing beautiful animals you fucking pagan murderers…!!!

  40. So you got a Chinese D motorcycle driver's license? 😏

  41. I'm jealous of the walkability. In central Hanoi, it is not at all walkable. And no one wants to it seems, they would rather take a motorbike 20 metres. There's a pedestrian walkway under a main road and train line, but i've never seen another person in it – while the street above is filled with motorbikes. If there was a pedestrian tunnel like that in any other capital city in Asia it would be packed full of commuters on foot!

  42. Now, you two stop smearing China. Why y’all changed your attitudes toward China so quick?

  43. No,i disagree your view.America have.many good sided but China also have many bad sides.

  44. I don't understand that thing about "now putting out any money from your wallet". I mean, paypass has been around for more than a decade… and before that, yes we had to enter a PIN but no money at all for at least 30 years now.

  45. Yes, how true, but when I go back home and tell people they don’t believe it.

  46. Yesssss… I like that I don’t need to buy a car because the transportation system is so awesome and cheap.

  47. I’m chinese and I’ve never seen a men who could speak chinese that good! Respect!

  48. Eating fried bugs and insects is absolutely disgusting. After watching this I would not be surprised if the Chinese fry shit and eat it.

  49. Yr and half later they're pretty much pushed out of China because of trade war. My my how people turn ugly when the money doesn't flow anymore. Their true colors come out. Bad economy brings out the truth.


  51. Lol… I know IT'S click bait when I know you guys trash China in absolute every video! Hahahaha!

  52. I can't figure out if China is stupid, ambivilent, or genious for letting you guys continue to let you do videos there with a passport. My guess is China is like the US who pretends to not foreign workers but secretly wants them.

    …"mmmmmmm yum yum yum… Cheap labor… Yum yum yum!"

  53. Not sure about that payment method you described. The Chinese are notoriously unimaginative so I'd like to see if you put that payment system against a million pot smoking american hippies sitting in their couches if they couldn't instantly find a way to steal all your money as a joke to buy a bunch of hash or build a giant waterslide or something.


  55. I wonder if she has to catch these everyday and haven’t them all every day

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