WHO officials praise China over Beijing’s response to COVID-19 outbreak

despite the ongoing covent 19 outbreak
at the World Health Organization has heaped praise on China over the way
Beijing has dealt with the issue to the surprise of many the whu-oh even said at
the world needs to learn from China’s response her easing jack with this
report dick Ovid 19 outbreak has affected
scores of countries including South Korea which has seen the most confirmed
cases outside of mainland China despite there being no end in sight the World
Health Organization has praised what it called China’s strong and decisive
approach to tackling the outbreak what they’ve done has only been possible
because of a tremendous collective commitment and will of the Chinese
people from the both bottom level community leaders we met and talked to
to the governors at the very top it was an extraordinary what we call all of
government all of society approach that many of you are feeling because you live
here and you operated this but it is rare to see that according to the WH
House Director General the decline in the number of confirmed cases in China
gives hope to the rest of the world the team also estimate that the measures
taken in China have averted a significant number of cases but the key
message that should give all countries hope courage and confidence e that this
virus can be contained the wh house decision to praise China has sparked
global criticism given the Chinese government’s lack of transparency
including initial attempts to censor reports of the outbreak others say that
while China might be reporting a downturn other parts of the world are
now being hit hard by the virus that originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan
while the world braces for a widespread outbreak the WHL maintains it’s too
early to call it a pandemic as watchers continue to question the international
health agencies credibility Eason Jay Arirang news

Stephen Childs


  1. The as… should step down, sign up to help Wuhan people


  2. WHO is responsible for many deaths and should be dismantled and Who Director jailed

  3. Bullshit. If the Communists hadn't muzzled numerous early whistleblowers, we wouldn't have the spread we have today.
    China should be sued by the rest of the world.

  4. A prominent Canadian doctor who just returned from an experts’ mission in China to study the novel coronavirus outbreak praised the country’s “aggressive” response and advised the rest of the world to take heed.

  5. Wait…this is all far from over and already giving credit… of course China is doing stuff… but the first doctor who told about the virus is dead, and was threated by authorities in China (0 free speech)… the virus is crossing to other countries and this whole problem is VERY far from over… i have no idea why they say what they do on WHO… hope this all gets solved, after this is controlled you can first improve the communications from professionals without threats, then you should help all families that now have a hole in their hearts from someone dead from the virus… and after all that… you can say "China did things to make this virus spread slower than it would've otherwise"

  6. WHO is absolutely corrupt,bought over by China. It’s job is to spread Chinese propaganda. WHO is a danger to global heath by being dishonest and misleading. It’s credibility is zero.

  7. WHO is owned by China. The Chinese let this get fully out of control due to trying to keep it a quiet. When asked by the CDC if they wanted some help they said no. When they finally did allow WHO into their country they did not allow they into the center of the outbreak.

  8. Yea sure, praise that the ccp officials did not cram into a room together and spread the virus to each other but told the citizens that they should be safe going back to work

  9. It seems that W.H.O. is more concerned with groveling to Winnie the WuFlu than stating simple facts. China's containment would be admirable if it happened in December, but they were instead arresting whistle blowers and discounting the facts as traitorous rumors. China's containment would be an admirable success if the virus wasn't rippling through other countries, showing how serious it is. It's sickening to hear them wax poetic over China.

  10. lets give the virus to WHO and see if they can still praise china..
    theyre bunch of political idiots running WHO… 🤬

  11. ???????? Why we need an apology from China.China needs to pick up the tab for all the inconveniences this country has given to all the world.

  12. Too bad that the WHO can't speak the truth–as in sealing metal doors shut from the outside. How is it that they have pulled back from their earlier position in this earlier film on China's culpability? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycrqXJYf1SU

  13. WHO says China has done greatly for containing the virus…
    Meanwhile in Wuhan & Hubei patients has been burned alive.

  14. What the W.H.O. means is that all countries need to take the same draconian measures as China otherwise….

  15. To show your disgust with the WHO, you can sign the petition that calls for the resignation of Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus:

  16. Praise for a country that boarded up their citizens? That would be abuse in other countries. And now this minister has gone home on an international flight without self quarantine.


  17. No amount of praise can promptly comfort us of our grievances… How can you speak of "hope" to the people who already lost their loved ones on this damned virus? Damn it… at least extend us your condolences!

  18. The world health is as big as a liar as the worthless heartless evil lying China regime and anybody that believes the bullish$t needs to be in a mental health hospital ASAP which most citizens in the world is so ignorant stupid uneducated i can’t believe how ignorant citizens exactly are!!!

  19. WHO is a Joke. China failed to contain the outbreak and lied about it. And now this fool Awlward is there sucking up. Wearing a Mask will NOT protect someone that is not infected….Lemmings head to the ledge….

  20. Well done!
    If this outbreak were to happen in some other countries like India or Indonesia, billions of people would have been infected and millions more already dead!
    Well done! Confirmed by experts from W. H. O. !!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  21. WHO : We earn 10millions dollars per praise to china.
    China : Dr. Tedros seems to be our top earner.

  22. WHO told other governments to “learn from China as they are the experts to treat those who fall ill, they are really really good at it” … Saw all the videos about the crematories running 24/24h in Wuhan 🤢🤢 This is the end guys, it’s their plan from the beginning!!!

  23. China gives clear answers for beating virus, however, I don’t think other governments can copy that because they are too weak

  24. I am a citizen in China, we have over a hundred of millions of people got infected, do not trust the data released by WHO, we are all super panic in China. People from other countries especially from Italy, Japan, and Korea, please don't come recently. If you do want to find a place in the world to avoid infection, do go to Taiwan. Cause we all know that TAIWAN has the world's best medical system and only 32 got infected and they are all quarantined, it is pretty safe there.

  25. WHO sucking CCP d*ck like it's going out of style. If Communist Party in China wasn't locking up Drs and Journalists who try to raise awareness of it in the beginning, maybe, this would have some merit.

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