WHO labels coronavirus ‘COVID-19’, declares it “public enemy number 1”

the novel coronavirus which has killed
over 1,000 people worldwide to date has been given an official scientific name
the World Health Organization has labeled the coronavirus kovat 19 the
agency is also calling the virus quote public enemy number one
Eason J with the details the whu-oh has given the coronavirus an official name
we now have a name for the disease and it is call vid 19 according to the head
of the WHL the organization had to find a name that did not refer to a
geographical location an animal an individual or group of people not to
mention a name that’s pronounceable and related to the disease
he added that having a name matters as it prevents the use of other names that
can be inaccurate or stigmatizing the WH o chief stressed the dangers posed by
kovat 19 calling it a public enemy number 1 a virus can have more powerful
consequences than any terrorist action and that’s true and if the world doesn’t
want to wake up and consider this enemy virus as public enemy number one I don’t
think we will learn from our lessons meanwhile according to the
director-general the first vaccine against the corona virus could be ready
in 18 months there are many basic public health
interventions that are available to us now and which can prevent infections now
for instance the first vaccine could be ready in 18 months so we have to do
everything today using the available weapon to fight this virus while
preparing for the long term using the preparation for the vaccines with the
cure still a ways ahead the director-general called for countries to
be as a recive as possible in fighting the
outbreak easing J Arirang news

Stephen Childs


  1. So it's a politically correct virus that's way more important than stopping travel or having any type of urgency for old public enemy #1. You could have stopped it two weeks ago but it was to early it's to early it's to early it's to early it's to early it's to early it's to early . Now buddy it's to late this things coming and FEMA better make sure this guy ends up in a conex container at the bottom of the ocean .

  2. No need for a vaccine. Just search for Virutron and learn the most practical approach against all types of viruses, known and unknown.

  3. Calling it names? Really? Next they'll be calling it a "very naughty boy". Anything except a pandemic…

  4. coronavirus is not public enemy number 1 .enemy number 1 is WHO(WORLD HELL ORGANIZATION) .so How many kick back did they get from china.

  5. ,from December 30 until feb 12 look they're speech how they react of corno virus. Most of Chinese reader knowing China can't even control the virus spread out start of begining . NOW the virus steal inside China,it has not been eliminate ,China government told most of private company have to start working most of worker must go back to they job immedinary. The government of kungzhu sign out order all of private or business property government has right to requisition when government thing it will be necessary need ,by the time virus has been eliminate ,government will return it back and getting compensation, but are you really believen communist party ,i don't even believe china authority,because in Chinese culture there're lots of article be operat

  6. So the poor people on the cruise ships- mainly older! – aren’t allowed on land! – because- there’s an experiment going on about spread- ffs- it’s just THEIR LIVES!! – collateral damage- once again.

  7. This virus can be spread out by droplet and touching so lets why Asia country crazy of mask and keep said wash you hand also if you are getting fever and cough ,seriously go to hospital because most of case what i hear, home inflection has been a lot

  8. what was wrong with 2019-ncov? My vote is Wu-Flu but obviously that's a non-starter.

  9. if WHO do not take action promptly, soon it will take over COVID19 public enemy ranking..

  10. They are not public enemy No 1. The virus has been in bats and others for a long time. You don’t disturb their nature , how would they become your public enemy ?

  11. The public enemy No 1 are all those trolls, treacherous person who spread malice and rumour, who exploit others in times of distress.

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