Who Controls All of Our Money?

You are watching Coldfusion TV Welcome to another Coldfusion video I’m going to start this video off with a quote. Henry Ford once said: “It is well enough that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system for if they did I believe there
would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” I quote this because it encapsulates the fact that the contents of this video may be unsettling compared to the videos that i normally make. I still feel compelled to make this video because I’ve been exploring the financial world
for the last four years and it has definitely given me a more complete view
of the world. I want to share some of what i’ve come across with you guys I’m also going to do a video about crypto-currencies like Bitcoin in the future and to understand why Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies may continue to rise, it’s critical that you understand the contents of this video. I hope that you find this topic interesting and that it inspires you to do your own research afterwards. Now, with that said, let’s begin. So who controls all of our money? It’s a simple question! We all know that you and I don’t control it. Our employees don’t controll it. The companies that they work for don’t control it. So who does? Where does it even come from in the first place? I’ll give you a hint… Money does NOT come from the government It’s a seemingly obvious question that’s
never asked or taught in schools for some reason. Unfortunately, most people’s
lives are basically dedicated to money. It’s all people ever worry about or
talk about. We go to school to learn basically how to go to university, to learn the skills to get a good job so that we can trade hours of our lives all
for this thing called “money”. So why wouldn’t you want to know where money
comes from and who issues it? Today, in this very special video, you’re about to
find out the answers to the question of “Who controls all of our money?” People today can tell something isn’t quite right with our financial system, but they
just can’t put their finger on it. Some people think it’s the failure of government, others think that it’s the failure of the capitalism itself This video should
clarify a few things. The year is 1694 andEngland had just suffered through 50 years of war. Exhausted, the English government needed loans to fund their political means. Brainchild of Scottish banker William Paterson, it was decided that a privately owned bank that could issue the money to the government out of
thin air was to be the solution. This was the very first modern central banking
system in the world. Central banking is more influential than laws, governments and politicians, but strangely not the focus of the general public. Fast forward to the early 20th century, and after two failed attempts a group of bankers wanted to put a central bank in the United States of America. It was December of 1910 and senator Nelson Aldrich boarded a private train car in New York
with six others. The six were not to be spotted by any news reporters to avoid questions. Their destination: Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia. The meeting went for nine days and from that they created the Federal Reserve System. This is all documented and a matter of public record. Some of them went on to write about the meetings in their personal biographies. Here is a quote from Frank Vanderlip, president of the National City Bank of New York February 9th 1935 in the Saturday Evening Post: “I was as secretive – indeed, as furtive – as any conspirator. Discovery, we knew, simply must not happen, or else all our time and effort would be wasted If it were to be exposed that our particular group had got together and written a banking bill, that bill would have no chance whatever of passage by Congress. The six men that Nelson Aldrich brought together included the head of banks, branches of government such as the Treasury and some of the richest people on Earth at the time. To give you an idea of how rich they
were in 1910 these six men represented a quarter of the world’s worth. The bankers told the American public that the purpose of the system was to stabilize the economy and to stop the grip of the Wall Street banks over America. The problem was the guys that wrote the bill were the very same people they said they’d stop. If they succeeded, it would give a small group of men the ability to create money from nothing and loan it to the American government with interest. So why was it done in secret? Because the American people didn’t want a central bank. Back then, unlike today, people knew what central banks were and understood them very well. Everywhere a central bank went, there would be wealth inequality, wild swings between economic booms and busts and after each bust, those in the top of society mysteriously came out richer, while everyone else got poorer. Europe was a running example of this at the time. The Federal Reserve was originally drafted as the ‘Aldrich bill’, but when it came into Congress, they recognized Senator Aldrich’s name and smelled a rat. The bankers needed better cover. They decided to send two millionaire friends to carry the bill to quell the suspicions of Congress and renamed it
“The Federal Reserve Act”. Next in this textbook lesson of deceit the bankers set out to fool the American people through disinformation. In the newspapers of the day the bankers screamed and protested against the new Federal Reserve bill. “It would ruin the banks!” they exclaimed. The average person read the protesting articles of the bankers and thought to themselves: “If the bankers hate it, it must be good” and then they ended up unknowingly supporting a Trojan horse. The bankers also fooled Congress by putting clauses in the bill that limited their power only to remove them once the bill was passed. A double head fake of the public and Congress – was all it took. The bill was passed on December 23rd 1913 while most of Congress was out on holiday. And with that, a small group had complete monopoly over the issuing and creation of American money. Today the Federal Reserve is the most
powerful entity in the United States and they’re not ashamed to admit it either. Here is former Fed Chairman, Alan Greenspan. What should be the proper relationship between the chairman of the Fed and a President of the United States? Well, first of all, the Federal Reserve is an independent agency and that means basically that there is no other agency of government which can overrule actions that we take. What the relationships are don’t frankly matter. In addition to this, it seems that the Fed can’t even be touched by investigating parties. So I’m asking you if your agency has in fact, according to Bloomberg, extended nine trillion dollars in credit, which, by the way, works out to 30,000 dollars to every single man woman and child in this country. I’d like to know: if you’re not responsible for investigating that, who is? We actually have responsibility for the Federal Reserve’s programs and operations to conduct audits and investigations in that area. In terms of who’s responsible for investigating … Would you mind repeating the question one more time? Mr. Chairman my time is up, but I have to tell you honestly I am shocked to find out that nobody at the Federal Reserve, including Inspector General is keeping track of this. “So what does all of this have to do with me?” you might be asking. “I don’t even live in the US” Well, two reasons. Number one: the central banking model from the Bank of England and the United States has now been put in all countries and even consolidated power in parts of Europe as the European Central Bank or ECB This unites separate countries under one economic policy. The only places in the world that don’t have central banks are North Korea, Iran and Cuba. In 2000 this list suspiciously
included Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. And number two: since the end of World War II, the US dollar has been the reserve currency of the world. This means that all central banks hold US dollars in their reserves. In other words all other currencies are backed by the US dollar. This directly links to your country to the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy in America. More on this later. When the post- World War II monetary system, called the “Bretton Woods” system, was created, all US dollars were backed by and exchangeable for gold. A byproduct of this was that currencies used to be very stable in relation to each other. For that, all the countries, the exchange rates were fixed and year after year you could predict what prices were going to be. You could start a business elsewhere, you could calculate profits, business was much easier before floating exchange rates. Unfortunately, in 1971, due to a falling US dollar, international capital flows into gold and the funding of the Vietnam War, President Nixon took the US dollar off the gold standard. I have directed secretary Connally to suspend temporarily the convertibility of the dollar into gold or other reserve assets. Now the dollar was floating and backed by nothing and has been ever since. So let’s think a little: if the US dollar is backed by nothing but the world reserves are backed by the US dollar intrinsically since 1971, doesn’t this mean that all currencies are now backed by nothing tangible, only trust in the American government? Well, this is correct! Money backed by nothing is known
as “fiat currency”. “Fiat” in Latin means “let it be done”. In other words, the government
says it is money, so it is. A consequence to having money backed by nothing is that whenever the Federal Reserve creates money it dilutes the currency supply of all other nations because their reserves are backed by the US dollar. All countries’ reserves are worth less each time money is created. In the past few years the Federal Reserve has printed trillions of dollars and countries like Russia and China have noticed this. As a reaction to the money printing, these countries have been selling US dollar reserves and buying gold over the same period. “But wait a second!” Some of you clever thinkers out there may have asked yourselves: “If every currency on Earth is backed by nothing, how am i able to pay for things?” Well, as it turns out, the whole economic system today is running because it is backed by faith. Faith that you can exchange your unit of currency for goods or services. In a way, part of that faith comes from the fact that not many people actually know where money comes from. We’re about to find that out in this video. A central bank is essentially the entity that manages a nation’s money supply and it can loan money to the government with interest. In the United States and most other countries it works like this: When the government needs more money than they received from taxes they ask the Treasury Department for money. The Treasury then receives an IOU or bond from the government. The Treasury, through the banks, gives this IOU to the Federal Reserve. The Fed then writes a check for this IOU and hands it to the banks. At this exchange at the banks, money is created and it can be used to pay government bills. So hang on! Where does the Fed get the money to be able to write this check? They get this money from nowhere! They literally just invent it. Here’s a quote from the Boston Federal Reserve: “When you or I write a check there must be sufficient funds in our account to cover the check. But when the Federal Reserve writes a check, there is no bank deposit on which that check is drawn. When the Federal Reserve writes a check, it is creating money”. So, in essence, they’re writing a check and creating money from an account that has no money in it. The money the Federal Reserve creates can be used as legal tender to buy things and eventually makes its way into the real economy. If you and I did that, we would go to jail for fraud, but they can do it because they
invented the system. This is the same system used throughout the world today Another part of this money creation
happens at the commercial bank side. Every time you take out a loan to buy a house, car or TV, banks create money out of nowhere to give you this loan and you still have to pay interest on it. And don’t just believe me when I say that. Hear it for yourself from the horse’s mouth, the people running the system, Graham Towers, former governor of the Central Bank of Canada states: “Each and every time a bank makes a loan, new credit is created. New deposits. Brand new money.” Paul Tucker, deputy governor of the Bank of England: “Banks extend credit by simply increasing the borrowing customers’ current account.” So what they’re basically saying is that each time the bank makes a loan, the bank doesn’t use other people’s deposited money and give it to you. It creates new money. In modern times this means typing digits into a computer. 97% of all money is digitally created like this. Only 3% is the physical cash and coins that we carry. Another crazy thing that commercial banks can do is lend out 10 times more money than they actually have in reserves. This is called fractional reserve lending. So who wrote this ridiculous system into law? For the United States, it was part of the Federal Reserve System drafted in 1913. And again, this is the same system used throughout the world. So what’s the issue? Why should I even care? Well there’s consequences. When more loans are given out more money is created and the rest of the money in circulation is
worth less and less as the years go on. This is known as inflation. In a way, inflation is basically a tax that we all pay for the fraud of money printing. Easy money now in exchange for tax on our future generations. It’s also why in 1950 a house used to cost $7,000 and a car $2000. Obviously, this is no longer
the same today. Things will always keep getting more expensive as long as this system is in place. This was actually kind of OK because wages grew in relation to inflation until about 2008. Why this stopped happening is a story
for another day. So things are already pretty crazy, but they get even crazier. The more you look into it, the stranger things become. So remember we were talking about how central banks and commercial banks can create money out of nothing This procedure actually does create
something. It creates debt. Let me explain: When you take out a loan, it’s written down as an asset in the bank as a negative form, kind of like a negative value of money, or otherwise known as “debt”. Under this system, debt is actually money. And again, don’t just listen to me. Marriner Eccles, former Governor of the Federal Reserve states: “If there are no debts in our money system, there wouldn’t be any money.” So, in essence, instead of gold being the backbone of our economy, it is now debt. The system we’re under now is sometimes referred to as “the debt based monetary system”. It requires that debt always grows. Countries and people must become deeper in debt so that there’s more money in the system, because, remember, debt is money. If people and governments stopped borrowing money and paper clones, the debt doesn’t grow, the money supply shrinks and the system falters. It truly is bizarre, but we all live in this system each and every day. The Federal Reserve and other central banks control money by adjusting its supply and how much it costs to borrow money, otherwise known as the interest rate. With these tools and as a consequence of human group psychology, central banks create booms and busts
in the economy at will and also to stall and derail an economy by messing with it. Let’s take a quick case study. In the year 2000, Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan cut interest rates to 1%. He did this to try and fight off the recession from the dot-com bubble and encourage people to borrow money. When interest rates are low, if you’re borrowing money you save a whole lot on repaying mortgages. Since the 1% interest rate hadn’t been seen at the time since the 1950s it was a pretty good deal. Greenspan’s idea was that he could create a wealth effect. People would start to buy houses, the prices would go up and the people would feel wealthier and spend more money in the economy
and stimulated. Greenspan’s sure succeeded in getting people to borrow money to buy houses. But they borrowed too much and the results was the 2008 housing bubble. This is a prime example of what can go wrong when central banks mess with an economy. Yes, corrupt bankers have a lot to answer for on their role in the 2008 crisis. But the Fed has a far bigger long-term impact. Even crazier things are happening in Japan. Their central bank is buying so many stocks that they were the number one buyer of Japanese stocks in 2016 so they have part ownership of companies with money that they created from nothing. So, in essence, it is the central banks that
control our economy and the central and commercial banking system together that control all of our money. The difference is central banks can create money at will while commercial banks need loans to create money. To give you an idea of people’s views of central banking when people actually knew what central banks were, here’s a couple of examples. In 1881 then, President of the United States, James Garfield states: “Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce and when you realize that the entire system is very easily controlled, one way or another, by a few powerful men at the top, you will not have to be told how periods of inflation and depression originate.” Benjamin Franklin, in his autobiography, stated that the prime reason for the American War of Independence was a battle over who actually controlled and issued the money of the new colonies. Moving on to more modern times, Nobel prize-winning economist Milton Friedman states: “The Federal Reserve definitely caused The Great Depression by contracting the amount of currency in circulation by one third from 1929 to 1933.” So, with all this being said, some would argue that central banks are not inherently a bad thing. They just need to be part of the government and not privately-owned. The government should be able to issue its own money for the benefit of the people and shouldn’t have to pay a massive interest on its own debt. This was tried at least once in the United States by President Lincoln. He stated this: “The government should create, issue and circulate all the currency and credit needed to satisfy the spending power of the government and the buying power of consumers. By the adoption of these principles, the taxpayers will be saved immense sums of interest. Money will cease to be master and become the servant of humanity.” Abraham Lincoln then issued his own government money. It was called “the greenback”. No further comments on that story. So I think we’ll end the video there. There’s so much more that I could cover about what central banking decisions led to what revolutions around the world. Pretty much when you look at it, all revolutions and all wars, when you dig through everything, it all boils down to money. I could also have talked about the new global movement of those who are rejecting the debt based economic system. People are starting to move their currency into gold, silver and crypto-currencies like Bitcoin. So there is a light at the end of the tunnel. That’s a whole nother story for another day. Anyways, if you’ve watched the whole way
through this video, congratulations! You’re one of the few who have found out
the hidden truths about who controls all of our money. I think I’ve only met about four people in real life that have been aware of the debt-based economic system. It’s strangely unknown, but it’s as true as
anything. I haven’t showed you all the quotes of the bankers and the former heads of the Federal Reserve telling you from their own mouths how the system
actually works. If this is your first time hearing all of this, I encourage you, as I said before, to do your own research and then you’ll start to see the bigger picture and the world today will make a whole lot more sense. If you want some good starting resources, I recommend Mike Maloney’s “Hidden Secrets of Money” series. It’s here on YouTube and I’ll leave a link below. Mike is a very knowledgeable guy and I’ve had some great long conversations with him about the economy. If you’re into reading and you want to know more about the history of the Federal Reserve, I recommend the book by G. Edward Griffin, “The Creature From Jekyll Island”. So anyway, I think I’ll stop talking now. Thanks for watching this video! It’s a been too go go(?) You’ve been watching ColdFusion. Feel free to subscribe to this channel if you’re new. This isn’t the stuff I normally make, but I think you’ll like the other stuff
anyway. I really hope you learned something from this video and I’ll see you again soon for the next video. Cheers guys, have a good one!

Stephen Childs


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    Please be advised that the NEXT GLOBAL CURRENCY will be DRINKING WATER, YES POTABLE WATER.
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    Do any of you remember the story in the BIBLE about the man in HELL pleading for just three drops of water on his TONGUE?
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    Besides the money that we have is not real. It's a system of credits and debts.
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    Central Banks are a system of slavery on a GLOBAL SCALE. THE IMF and the WORLD BANK have catches when they "loan" money to an underdeveloped country or developing countries where the borrowing country is burdened with overwhelming restrictions and obligations to the world bank and International Monetary Fund.
    Right now money is a part of the Grand Scheme of PERCEPTION MANAGEMENT VIA the MANIPULATION of LANGUAGE where people who are not in the financial loop have the illusion of the semblance of wealth.
    Remember this, water is everything. You can't sustain a country without water and you can't sustain an Army without water. So how do you defend your country that doesn't have any water to keep a STANDING ARMY?

    On a SIDE note when I was a child I used to work after school and got paid in cash. The money had printed on it:
    I'm talking about money in the United States. It also had printed on it "UNITED STATES CURRENCY" or "UNITED STATES TREASURY NOTE"
    Then I started seeing FEDERAL RESERVE BANK on the money especially in the left hand seal.
    Now every bill that is being printed other than the ONE DOLLAR BILL has "FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM"
    The word BANK has been eliminated from the money.
    During a court case that I was working on with a friend of mine who was suing The Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Their lawyers especially Jonathan Polk said that"THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK (circa 1980s) WAS AN INSTRUMENTALITY OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT AND NOT AN AGENCY OR DEPARTMENT OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT.
    This is why when people sue them they are not defended by THE UNITED STATES ATTORNEYS OFFICE OR THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE.

    They have their own IN HOUSE COUNSEL.
    See James L. Harding Versus The Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
    We had a Summary judgement against them but they bought the judge.

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    The Golden Calfskin. Made from the very fabric that enslaves the world.

    So, for myself I have personally revolted against the Capitalist AKA Centralized Banking.
    I have decided to live free of Usury in any form. This is what I see as the biggest block in the pyramid of the Illuminati. And the capstone in the synagogue of Satan.

    Humans are bred like cattle, branded and bought and sold as a commodity between Banks, and Nation States which exist on Taxes and they are required to pay the interest on borrowed money. This is the Royal Scam. The Zionist Plan for Domination of the Planet through Fiat Currency and Debt based Economic Systems that eventually will enslave every human being.

    Why does this concern you? Well it is the difference between being a slave or being a free human being.

    We don’t need money created by Banks, we can print and value our own money.
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    End the Federal Reserve and the IRS. End the Military Industrial Complex. End the Medical Industrial Complex. End the need for Lawyers, end the need for all state licensing of any professional. End the Public School Systems, allow people to live without the intervention of Government. Why? Because all of these have failed, all of them are unnecessary for the growth of the human race to it’s potential in the future. We have a Republic form of Government now, and these representatives have failed to do the will of the people and have failed for over a hundred years to protect the people who are claimed as citizens, so as to be taxed and forced to be part and party to a system of Enslavement for the entire world.

    Why has it fallen to me to expose the Royal Scam? Because Jesus the one and only God, has told me through my study of the Bible that Usury is the beginning of Sin for our modern society. Living beyond our greatest dreams, but being in debt, inescapable debt, that is attached to everything we buy or sell. Central Banking is the mark of the Beast that is warned of in the Bible. The system of a man, 666 is the number of the man, who is the antithesis of Jesus.

    Jesus is God, and he when with us to show us what must be done to fight the evil, and the answer is to turn away from the world, forget about greed, forget about hate, forget about war,
    Forget about Adultery with the whore of Babylon.

    It is your soul that hangs in the balance, learn to pray. Learn to fear Jesus.
    Love Jesus, love your neighbors. Act in truth, be at peace with the world.
    Don’t point to sin unless you point to salvation through Jesus.

    Escape is as easy as doing it? There are many ways to go, I don’t have the answer that can free you, I only can relate what I did. Not everyone can do as I have done, I have built a cabin, I have built a small farm, I have been trying to make a go of it. I tried to become self sufficient, still working at it. I have no debt, except property Taxes, which I can’t escape yet.

    I live mostly off of the kindness of my family, because they will not let me go?
    I went crazy, about 10 years ago, I escaped the rat race. I was saved by the Bible.
    Jesus Loves those who love him. He is the creator of all things. Even those who despise him and cause men to deny he is the Lord of the universe. He gave men free will, as part of our test. This Planet is our test, the life we lead is how we will be judged by Jesus and the saints.
    We are obligated first to our Father in Heaven JESUS our CHRIST our Messiah, our first love.
    We are commanded as children of God to love each other, as we want to be loved.

    Read the Bible, learn to read with the esoteric mind, look for the meaning in the Spiritual side of wisdom.

    Our world is a material one, an exoteric world. Our minds are either esoteric or exoteric, when we are connected to the Lord's word in the esoteric mind. Then understanding of the Bible follows, finding the Truth of the one and only God, the messiah who came to show us right from wrong. Much of the exoteric wisdom is made up of prejudice and disingenuous fables.

    The world is controlled by a Royal Scam, that is the Illuminati, the origins of all of the economic Enslavement of mankind, are the plans that were made over the past two thousand years.
    The Lucifarian Doctrine, fed to the masses, they now control every Nation on earth.
    With a Central Banking Cartel owned completely by the Rothschild Banking Family.

    Every person on the planet is owned by contract with a central bank, we are like chips at the casino. As citizens of any nation we are obligated to pay taxes, which have only been established to pay the usury, on the notes, the debt notes used to build the infrastructure of our exoteric world, filled with Fear, Greed, Hate, Murder, Adultery and Devil worship.

    The real end game for Satan is to destroy the Planet and all the people on the planet, through any means possible. He wants to end the earth because it is his prison too, just as it is for humanity. We also have fallen short, are born of sin. That is why Satan the Devil, Lucifer they have one goal. They spawned the Anti Christ Religions, the Banking Industry and all the tentacles that extend from it and work for the same ends. Destroying the souls of mankind.

  16. Simple answer: A coalition of Jews and Freemasons. The Bergs, Mans, and Steins do not look rich from their physically ugly appearances, but they control much of the money in US.

  17. please, more on the subject! Years ago I saw "The money masters" movie. It's similar to your video! Thanks for your work! Love it!

  18. Bullshit the FED does not make money out of THIN air that is the money they stole and inlaw you cannot possess something you stole so they created the interest/debt system Welcome to slavery

  19. Now they plan to put a beast mark or chip in your right hand or for head . That's one of the reasons they call them devils

  20. President Nixon is a Visionary of Modern Invisible Digital Economic Money (Electronic Currency (Q-Bit Coin)

  21. I'm an australian aboriginal and ive known this for years like 20 years we are all debt slaves and our children even more so money is not real its a tool to control us with this is why they nearly wiped out american indians and aborignals cant have people living of the land living 100% free no that cant happen make them pay for food shelter ect fuck that im an expert fisherman and Hunter so are my kids i havnt had any money in 15 years none and ive survived fine people ask me how do we crush governments easy move to the bush become master hunters gatherers and live free the way god intented if we dont pay interest or borrow money these scum lose out big time ive never got a loan never will im not going to spit on my aboriginal culture by taking greedy white mans money noone owns me but my family and i fucking mean no one my ancestors were the best hunters gatheres on earth hands down we lived free of this slavery for over 420 000 years and did just fine since we started accepting money as a real thing we have lost all our culture and wat took hundreds of thousands of years to master all lost in less than 200 years these cunts are responsible for modern day slavery and the american government does fuck all im no slave and too all yous that are shame on yous for helping these swarthy cock suckers tighten the grip of money slavery ask ur selfs wat future are your children grandchildren fuck the next 10 generations are going to have to deal with come on mother earth time to extinct mankind start again and leave free indigenous people alone we taught yous hunting survival how to look after mother earth remember this we did not teach greed or control. government pimps and yous are all there working girls lmfao sad really yous think the more you have the higher you sit wen u die cant spend all ur money then hey lol silver spoon sucking money idolising weak decadant human beings who are slaves just like we all were but yous dont even know it lol even more sad you think yous arnt so not just blind dumb also very fucking dumb your money wont mean shit in 50-100 years wen a can of coke will cost 1000 bucks lmfao people say they would rather thrive than survive thrive all you like i say untill ur debt is out of control and your only option is to put the barrel of a gun to ur head or a rope around your neck as you know ur excessive loaning and debt has ruined not only ur life but the future generations to come for many years wake the fuck up people greed only begets more greed simple our people we not greedy only take wat we need to survive no more aboriginal lore number one dont take more than u need modern man takes everything leaves nothing soon your greed will leave exactly that nothing hunt wild pigs feral goats its fresh its free build ur own house out of mother nature keep hunting dogs live free live simple not a slave im happy now and will die happy knowing that most white people are bigger slaves then we ever were ever will be he who laughs last laughs the loudest and im in fucking stitches right now thankyou for this video

  22. Oh i dont have a birth cert no medicare no health care no bank account i hunt to eat bowhunt run pig dogs if i need money ill trade for it im not gonna work my guts out and bring home breadcrumbs with the boss or company get to buy 10 houses and a fucking farrari while i have to work every day and take 10-15 years to pay of a house fuck that not my idea of a good life a good life is a free one mankinds best modern slavery tools #1 a clock #2 money i dont have either but im happy and most of all free

  23. Who controls our money? Jews. It was Jews right? Just double checking, it was Jews. Cause it's Jews.

  24. People will eventually wake up and stop this insane system.
    It's unbelievable how entire families are destroyed over money that don't even exist.
    Capitalism is slavery for the 99% and until we understand that we live with chains around our necks.

  25. a corrupt Q to begin … what does Control suppose to mean ?
    who's Money … that how its dumb statement?

  26. Henry Ford wrote The International Jew and was a fierce critic of banking

    Maybe there's your answer

  27. When othamens khlalfit starting the falling just before short period at that time
    It's all begin

  28. The barcode in the back of the birth certificate when you born from day you owned by corporation.

  29. The Money Masters is far more thorough on how the EU bankers took over the US. And even has a solution for how the US can get out of this system by printing its own money rather than issuing bonds.

    Abraham Lincoln and JFK may have been assassinated by bankers imo because they tried to get out of the bankers bullshit with the greenback.

  30. 🙏 💜 🇺🇸 WWG1WGA 🌏 GREAT Video 💛 THANK YOU for YOUR service… 🙏
    .ALSO: Is Mr. Trump one of the BEST Presidents in American history?? Still too many people find hard to imagine(??)…..
    …..All the TRUMP led WINNING, actual Progress and Success for our Country + Justice vibration ACTUALLY for-the-people appears to be really really catching around the world….
    ….. Heroically BRAVE & masterful AMERICAN President Donald J. Trump has only Barely ✔JUST BEGUN ✔helping US WIN back Humanities SANITY…
    ….. Barely ✔JUST BEGUN✔…compared to what massively wonderful PEACE and ABUNDANT PR💚💲PERI🌴Y is YET TO COME….. Thank you Mr. President for all you have done, are doing, and will do IN FULLNESS for our country and her PEOPLE, our planet and her PEOPLE, thank you so much Donald J. Trump, The First Family, and all Patriots for your service helping return "SANITY FOR" Humanity To THE PEOPLE…
    …..Thank you for helping WAKE PEOPLE UP and empowering the "ST🚫P SIGN" against all the Greedy "INSANITY AGAINST HUMANITY" by such pathetically weak and Evil %#🚫nt$ and their fr🚫thing whiny MINI🚫N C🚫rrupt P🚫litician Puppets………………………………………………..Y🚫UR FIRED…………………………..
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  31. So you don't want a private company handling the money supply you want to hand that over to governments. How is that solving the problem(if there ever was one) ? What the difference between being robbed by the government or by a private corporation?

  32. People are moving money to crypto because they want to be part of the bubble they don’t really understand cryptos and really they don’t want to keep long term investments on them

  33. 09-08-2019. I find the opening "music" to be very irritating. Please find more enjoyable music.

  34. So when the fed is printing money that's diluting the value of everybody's money and that's bad. Also when the fed doesn't print enough money that generates the great depression, presumably also bad. So which is it? Should the fed print money or not? Is there a universal answer or does it depend on circumstance, if the latter then what circumstance? The size of the economy has been growing mostly fueled by technology, if the money supply would not grow at an approximately equal rate then there wouldn't be enough of it to keep everything going.

  35. But many central banks are owned by their countries. fractional reserve banking is the true fraud, the very existence of central banks is a subsidy to top banking institutions to continue to indebt people. This system has to end, currency must become true money, and central banks must be abolished.

  36. Dan and when you learn an alternative meanings of savings they always seem to teach gold is more valuable than silver but it's the exact opposite we've already gone through above ground mining the silver all that's left is beneath the ground one day in our lifetime you'll see the one-to-one ratio of gold versus silver, silver will be just as valuable as gold maybe even more valuable

  37. Usury baby. Bitcoin is NOT interest-free, it's even worse money than Gold, it will always deflate the shit out of the common people, just like Gold.

  38. Another Scottish invention eh these guys created nearly every important thing of the new world we live in today

  39. The rich who have most of their assets in physical assets (buildings, businesses, gold, etc…) can weather a Federal bank that is printing money. People whose assets are in cash get robbed every time the Federal reserve starts up the printing presses. When Obama was president, the Federal Reserve printed money (QE = quantitative easing). Now that Trump is president, the Federal Reserve is contracting money (QT = quantitative tightening). QT is what Milton Friedman claimed caused the great depression. So is the Federal reserve trying to create a depression while Trump is president?
    This explains why Trump has been complaining about the Federal Reserve….

  40. This DEBT is used by the rich. The rich use Debt as a means to be capable of spending. That's is all they use it for to have the POWER to spend.

  41. What’s wrong with the world? We allow less than 2% of the world’s population to control the rest of us. They dictate the way we live, the way we feel about each other, the way we cooperate with one another. Destroying the fabric of our society and families. They corrupt our political system, the environment and economy. Within this 2% Global Elite, they are pulling strings behind the scenes, leading America and other nation from within shadow States independent of the illusion of democracy and thereby controlling every aspect of normal life and politics to create a “New World order”. This 2% are themselves controlled by Jewish fundamentalists through mechanisms of leverage such as freemasonry, illuminati , zionist , Council of foreign relation ext . convincing right wing Christians that the Jews are God’s ‘chosen’ people and the creation of Zionism as a concept. The media front of this global elite always say: ‘New’ World Order, not ‘Better’ World Order. We have not seen the worst of it yet. I expect it’s going to be extremely difficult in the next 10 years if we don’t find a way to stop these people. They are dangerous to humanity; to our very existence. They have a satanic agenda that’s already evidenced openly on the internet but too few people seem to care. Eye witness accounts of child sacrifices, infiltration of the police, the Judiciary, every political party, education, leading global industrial giants, NASA, the United Nations. A revolution is happening under your noses but the smell is hidden by multiple engineered distractions.
    Confidence within this 2% is so high they even produce films showing us what is going to happen to us. Yet too many people are asleep to react. Too distracted to discern the truth.
    Fake news, conspiracy theories and anti-Semitic accusations deliberately combine to trash discernment amongst the weak of thinking.
    America playing the main role in creating the New World order but for the New World order to materialize America must fall and therefore Trump was chosen to ensure the collapse of the American economy, And that will have Impact to rest of the world which going to lead to the Third World War.

    It’s really time to wake up people.

    A J

  42. Fuck Alan Greenspan. May he slowly rot in his decrepit body. Tear the Federal Reserve apart.

  43. The value in the common cent= royalty gated by👉📜nho*nflDesigned..bid on this coin..💹💯🆔👌earforce☝📡📲💾💻👉📝✌📚nobell peace movement. keep it pushing*truth*..c.c.. stocks..a.i(-1)

  44. Supposedly the U.S dollar has lost 97% of it's original value…
    How much longer can the last 3% hold out?
    Maybe that's why they want the guns so badly…

  45. I've been telling people this for over a decade, I know who owns it all and most everyone I have told think I'm crazy. I don't say anything to anyone hardly anymore, the masses are beyond help, they are brain dead.

  46. who sets the gold standard for all of
    these Western nation states, daily !!!

    …that's who controls the money.

    And as Nathan Rothschild once said,
    'l care NOT what laws they make.'

  47. I've been digging on the truth of our world since, I was a young child beginning in, 1971. By the time I was six years old, I wanted to know and ( oh, the things I've discovered and some of the people I have met…) what l have learned is, that we have been lied to, about : EVERYTHING.


  48. Aaannnddd he’s gone down the conspiracy hole of the US dollar controlling everything.

    Yeah. No.

    The US dollar does not back any other currency

  49. Do you need a great spell caster to help you with great money spell to be part of the people who controls funds in the world then contact [email protected] she’s a great spell caster who already help many people

  50. they teach this in economics class in college and it makes no sense. I failed, well dropped out, because I would argue with the professor that this makes no sense. imagine going school, learning something and none of it makes sense. this was economics for me. if they would have taught the truth about it all everyone would have gotten A's and we would be better equipped for this world we are living in. needless to say economics became my favourite subject once I learned the truth.

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