Who Can America Blame for the Government Shutdown?: The Daily Show

If the big question is
who won and who lost, the truth is you can make
an argument both ways. All right?
Depends on how you look at it. You could say Democrats won because they got
children’s healthcare funding, they got campaign ads
for the midterms, and Mitch McConnell had
to pinky-promise to hold a vote on immigration
in the next three weeks. But at the same time,
maybe that means that they lost, because they got a promise
from Mitch McConnell, the same guy who broke
his Obamacare promise to Susan Collins, the same guy
who hasn’t delivered on his other immigration promise
to Jeff Flake. Yeah, and those are
his fellow Republicans. Like, Democrats might hope
that he won’t do them dirty, but Mitch is the biggest player
in the Senate. He’s just like, “Come on, baby,
you know you can trust me. “Come on. Yeah.
I’m a changed man. Come on, bah…” So I guess Republicans
also won, right? All they had to do was give
a flimsy promise, and then the Democrats backed
down, reopen the government. And on top of that,
they snuck in $30 billion in additional tax cuts, which
you didn’t even know about. Yeah. So in a way,
I guess everyone kind of won. Yeah. I mean, unless…
unless I’m forgetting someone. Someone… Oh, yeah, oh, yeah. The people that this
whole goddamn issue was about. The DACA program
is set to end March 5. With no solution, Dreamers
could start to face deportation at that time. That’s right, the Dreamers. They came away
from this shutdown worse off than before. Because before… before it all
became about winning or losing, even Republicans believed
that DACA kids deserved a chance in the U.S. I’m very sympathetic
with this situation. I mean, these are
young people who… were brought here
at a tender age… Do we want to…
to deport 700,000 DACA kids? No, we don’t want to do that. We love the Dreamers.
We love everybody. ♪ The lovers, the dreamers ♪ ♪ And me. ♪ Yeah, of course,
Kermit’s a Republican– he’s old and super rich. But, uh,
but once the shutdown became about scoring political points,
suddenly Republican leaders turned these people
from Dreamers to illegals. Apparently, they believe that
the issue of illegal immigration is more important
than everything else. …Democrats
in the United States Senate who decided to play politics
with military pay, and to literally shut
the government down over a debate
over illegal immigration. President Trump tweeted… Get these illegal immigrants
out of my country! Aah! But look, if you’re a Dreamer,
it’s not completely unexpected that Republicans
would turn on you. But you’re also
probably not that impressed with Democrats, either. Because time and time again,
they’ve promised the Dreamers more than they can deliver. I cannot support a bill,
a continuing resolution, that doesn’t deal
with the DACA issue. We will not leave here
without the Dream Act passing, with a DACA fix. And then they left before
they got the DACA Act fixed. Look, here’s the thing,
Democrats, I believe that you’re trying
to help the Dreamers, but you may be setting
unrealistic expectations when you know
you don’t have power. And you keep making promises,
only to back down. I’m not gonna lie, that doesn’t
make you look great. And this is what sucks
for Dreamers about this whole situation: You’re six weeks away
from being deported to a country you’ve never known. And now, the only thing
that stands between you and an answer, is a man with more broken
promises than chins. To me, that doesn’t sound
like a dream, it sounds like a nightmare.

Stephen Childs

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