Which Countries Hate The United States?

After years of nuclear negotiations between
Iran and the United States, tensions have soared to a new high. Both countries hold
extremely negative views of each other. Iranian leaders are even known to chant “Death to
America” in their public addresses. However, some countries have even less favorable views
of the US. So which countries hate America the most? Well according to a recent Pew Poll surveying
40 countries throughout the world, the Middle East is the most critical region of the US
and its actions. Since 2001, the United States has fought a “War on Terror” throughout
nations like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria. This has resulted in countless casualties,
severely damaging the United States’ popularity in the area. This is on top of America’s
historic support of Israel amid the Israel-Palestine conflict. Jordan, which borders most of these
war-torn countries, hates the US more than any nation surveyed. 83% of those polled held
unfavorable views of the US. Surrounding areas like the Palestinian territories, Lebanon
and Turkey also held similar negative views. The country with the second most unfavorable
view of the US is Russia. After Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014, the US led a
series of sanctions against Russia. Today, Russia is in the midst of a recession, which
some blame on US and EU sanctions. Russia also controls its media, which weighs heavily
on public opinion, and regularly demonizes the US. Just a few years ago, Russian approval
ratings of the US stood at 51%. Today this has nosedived to 15%. Russia’s economic
dip has also affected US perceptions in countries with strong business-ties to Russia, like
Argentina and Venezuela. Also a few nations in Asia, like Pakistan
and Malaysia, have significant negative views of the US. This is mostly due to their national
Muslim majorities, which generally sympathize with other Middle Eastern Muslim communities.
Pakistan also shares a border with Afghanistan, where part of the US War on Terror is being
fought. For this reason, Pakistan has the third highest rate of disapproval towards
the United States, at 62%. Most countries with anti-US views have been
opposed to the spread of Western dominance. Anti-American sentiments have become so deeply-entrenched
in some places that the belief has become symbolic of something larger. Dissatisfaction
with the way current global politics are skewed against certain territories have caused many
to turn to more militant organizations in order to initiate change. You’re probably curious to find out more
about each individual enemy the U.S. has. To find out more about why Russia hates the
U.S., check out
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Stephen Childs

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