– We’re heading out! – Day one of vacation officially starts. – [Kayla] We’re playing the elevator game. – Which elevator is gonna open? Everybody’s trying to get
out of the hotel right now. (rock music) – We’re back on the road and we are only minutes away
from our next destination. As you can see the kids are somewhat intrigued. Tyler is enthralled, Shawn he’s so excited he’s been… – Pacing all morning. – Yeah he’s been like hurry up! You don’t need makeup. – Well she’s so naturally beautiful she doesn’t need makeup anyway but that being said I
– [Connie] I appreciate that. – wanted to go really bad. I felt like I was cooped up
in that little tiny room. I’m like I’m on my vacation. I’m not in prison let me out! – [Kayla] Will you let me go shopping? – [Connie] I thought you
wanted to do banana boat? – Banana boat and shopping? (laughter) – It’s a little on the
cloudy side so hopefully that will change as the day moves on but being as we are in Miami it does that. It gets kinda gloomy and then it goes away and then it comes back and it goes away. – [Shawn] It’s 77 degrees outside. – The temperature 77 degrees fahrenheit because I know some of you
get tripped up by that. – [Shawn] At 77 degrees
celsius we’re dying! – Where are we going? Where are we going? – [Kayla] The next hotel! – It’s gonna be crazy! – [Kayla] There’s a dog! There’s a puppy! – There’s a dog! – It was a puppy and it was a little black fluffy dog. – Surprise we’re getting a fluffy dog! – I want a fluffy dog. – [Shawn] We came all the way
to Miami to get a fluffy dog off the street.
– Can I show them the doggy? Can I show them doggy? – [Connie] Show them the doggy? – The one that looks like
Hershey and Harley combined. – We can’t get it. – I’m about to show them it! It looks like Hershey and Harley combined. I don’t know if you guys can see it. It’s Harley with Hershey’s colors. – [Connie] There you go.
– It’s so cute! – It look like their brother. Is it a boy or a girl? – It’s a boy. – I have a big brother! There’s the bridge. Oh sorry you guys it’s blinding. Can’t see the bridge! There’s the bridge. What’s on the other side of the bridge? Look at all that fanciness. – We’re not rich like Bill Gates. – Is that a cruise? I think those are cruise ships. – [Connie] Those look really big. – Those look like hotel rooms. – [Connie] I wonder how
big the rooms would be in one of those? – Probably like a few inches. – [Connie] We’re following a bus. This is really weird. – Are we going on a cruise? Are we going on a cruise? – [Tyler] It’s a Disney cruise. – [Connie] What is that? – We’re going on a Disney cruise Kayla. They’ve been lying to us. – Wait are we going on a cruise? – [Shawn] That’s a pretty
big boat right there don’t you think Kayla? – [Kayla] Wait are we going on a cruise? Oh my God! We’re going on a Disney cruise! Are you serious? – I knew it! – We went all the way from
Miami to go on a Disney cruise? – I knew it because I saw dad searching up Disney cruise on his
computer a few months ago. – [Connie] Oh you didn’t know nothing. – I saw him search up Disney
cruise a few months ago. – We’re going on a Disney cruise! (screams) – [Connie] Look at you guys! – [Kayla] Oh my gosh! – [Connie] That big fat
ship with the Mickey on it! – [Kayla] Oh my God it’s so cool! – [Kayla] Where are we going? Where’s it sailing to? – Not only are we going on this ship, we got one of the best rooms on the ship! It’s gonna be awesome! – I’m so excited! I just can’t wait to get
out of this mess right here. – That’s gonna totally make
up for the teeny little room that we just got out of. – Where is it sailing to? – [Connie] We’re going to the Bahamas! (screams) – Tyler stop playing with your phone. – I’m going to the Bahamas. – We’re going to the Bahamas! – [Shawn] Do I need to be over there? – Merry Christmas to us! – [Shawn] I gotta ask this guy right here where I’m supposed to go. – It was a trick you guys! We had Christmas one week ago so that we could be here
in time for Christmas! – [Tyler] I just got three star. – We are boarding the ship right now. – We each have a camera how cool is that? – So Shawn’s doing the
360 experience while we’re doing it in regular. – [Kayla] We are officially on the boat. – We are on the boat! We’re on the boat. High five to all of you out there. High five baby. – It is amazing! – Where’s my sunglasses? – Now look guys. These are the escape boats. – [Shawn] But we don’t need those. – If we ever had trouble and
had to get off the big boat. Look how beautiful it is outside. – That’s what Tyler’s nervous about. He’s nervous about having trouble. – Tyler’s thinking about the Titanic and this is not the Titanic. This is called Disney Magic and it is an awesome awesome boat. Never had any problems. – [Kayla] That’s what they
said about the Titanic to. – That was the first sail. It never even had a chance. You guys you gotta see this. – [Shawn] That is so awesome. They might look around
on like the main foyer. Whatever you want to call it. – [Worker] Please welcome
for the Davis family! (applause) – They’ve been expecting us. – Let’s go check out one
of these restaurants. This should be really fun. – Look at all the pretty pink tanks. It’s 1000 dollars. – We’re walking down the hall
and obviously you can see there’s a ton of awesome
pictures that you can buy if you wanted one. And then here’s our view so far. We will set sail in just a couple hours. We’re feeling so fancy! So far we are getting four star treatment. And we have a window view. It has to adjust maybe it will. There you go. – [Kayla] The window’s kinda foggy. – [Connie] It’s a little foggy but… We’re getting a quick bite to eat; a little snacky poo. – I lost my shoe under the table. – Are we doing 360 to? – [Shawn] Right now at
the moment it’s just sitting there watching us all so wave at the camera say hi! – We’re eating lunch now. – [Shawn] And you get
to watch us 360 style! – We’re gonna go check
out that dessert bar. What do we pick? – [Kayla] This looks good. This looks good. What is this? – [Connie] I don’t know. – [Kayla] This looks good. – [Connie] I think I’m
gonna pick this one. This is like a cheesecake. I got the cheesecake. – Which one should I do? – [Connie] That one looks really good. Yes that one. It says English truffle. I should have picked that one but my finger already touched this one. English truffle for you. And cheesecake for me. – [Shawn] See what’s going on over there. – We’re in our room. We have a balcony view. So here is right now our current view. So we get to come out here
through the whole trip and enjoy the beautiful ocean. – That looks like it hurts
if we fell from here. – [Connie] Yeah you would
probably not make it. We are way up high. We’re on level eight. I think it’s the highest
level before you reach all the entertainment. So there is another level above us but we are one of the highest
levels on the ship. We are right in the
center which means that we have the least amount of rocking because when the ship goes
like back and forth like this, you would feel more on an end
than you would in the center. So that means at night-time
we won’t be feeling the waves as much which is nice. So what do you guys think? – Tyler is excited about the shadow. We’re on a boat and we have all this and he’s
excited about the shadow. – [Connie] Are you nervous
still or are you excited? – I’m nervous ’cause what if I fall? – [Connie] You’re still nervous? – What if I fall? – [Connie] Tyler’s kind
of scared of the boat. Are you scared? – Not at all. I think this is awesome! – [Connie] I dare you. – No way that’s a long ways down. – [Connie] I’ll give you
five dollars to jump. – [Kayla] That’s not right. – Something tells me I’d probably
go to jail if I did that. – Okay and back inside. Minimize some of that noise. – It’s nice and quiet now. – We have this beautiful little cabin and we have some very tasty treats here. Looks like they got some
cheese and crackers, and then we got a fruit basket, and they’ve decorated our room! – [Kayla] We all got water bottles! – [Tyler] We got iPhone 7 with… – [Connie] I thought we got water bottles. – [Kayla] Wait I want a blue one. – [Connie] We have all
kinds of water bottles. – [Tyler] Guys they got
us an iPhone 7 with Beats! Oh my gosh! It has a pacifier. – [Connie] That’s a Christmas tree! – [Kayla] It’s not working. – [Connie] Oh we gotta turn it on. – [Kayla] Yeah it says press here. Oh pull the tab. – [Connie] Okay there you go let’s see. – [Kayla] Nope didn’t work. – [Connie] Did you turn it on? There you go! (laughter) – [Connie] Oh you gotta fix him! Maybe he needs to be on a table. – [Kayla] It’s too wild. – [Shawn] I don’t think it matters if it’s on a table or not. – [Connie] Why is this
thing bent down still? – [Kayla] Stop calm down! – [Connie] Maybe he perks up at the end. Give him a sec. ♫ Oh jingle bells ♫ Jingle bells ♫ Jingle all the way – [Kayla] He’s like shaking
my hand he’s so strong. – [Connie] Wow that’s a long song. ♫ Jingle bells ♫ Jingle bells ♫ Jingle all the way – Is this copyright? – [Connie] He’s still bent! Now he’s fixed.
– [Shawn] Now he’s good. – [Connie] We got a basket
full of treats here. All the Christmas treats! Candies and Rice Krispie treats and yummy tasties. – [Shawn] What else we got here? – [Connie] And we each get a stocking! – [Kayla] Do they fill our
stockings on Christmas? – [Shawn] They look pretty awesome. – [Tyler] No these are Oreos. – [Connie] It says the Davis family Merry Christmas from Santa! Santa came to our room! – [Kayla] Oh my gosh! – [Connie] Who cares about all the treats let’s play with the peanuts. – No Tyler don’t make a mess! – [Connie] Yeah we don’t
want a mess already. We got all these cool
little Rice Krispie treats. I want the Mickey! – [Tyler] Hmm which one do I want? – [Connie] So here’s one of our stockings. – I think these are chocolates. – [Connie] And we’re decorated. We got Christmas decorations! Is it good? You’re not eating my Mickey are you? – No I’m eating a present. – [Connie] Oh is it good? It’s a good present huh? And in a couple hours we’re not even gonna have Internet access. We’re gonna be totally
cut off from the world. It is gonna be awesome! – [Tyler] Wait no Wi-Fi? – We are just going to be cruising. He’s like I’m gonna have to have good old fashioned fun! – You guys are joking. – I love chocolate covered Oreos! Look you can see Oreo on the bottom. – Here’s our room! This is my bed. I don’t know where
everybody else is gonna be. – [Kayla] Can I sleep on the bed to? – It’s all mine. There was supposed to be
some bunk beds in here. That’s what Shawn said. I think they’re up here look! – [Shawn] One is here. One is here and one is here. – [Kayla] Can we pull them out? – [Connie] And then this
one’s a bed to right? – [Shawn] It is a bed. – [Kayla] Wait can I sleep on this one? Daddy I call this one. I call this one! – [Connie] Let’s see this magic. How does it work? – [Shawn] They have to unlock it. – [Connie] Oh they have to do it? – [Kayla] I call the top one. – [Connie] I wanted to see them. Okay well I guess that’ll be for later. You’ll see the bunk beds; how they work later. And then right here is a bathroom. – [Shawn] That’s a shower. – [Connie] Oh yes look at. Little bathroom so cute. – [Shawn] And then the
next room over is a toilet. – [Connie] Oh they’re separate that’s good cause Shawn’s really stinky. – [Shawn] I do stink a lot. – [Connie] Look there’s a ladder. I think this has to do with your bunk bed. – [Kayla] That’s my bunk bed! Are those life vests? – [Connie] Yes that is so
when we start drowning. – [Shawn] That’s when the boat sinks. – [Connie] Tyler will feel
better about knowing that. – That’s when we start drowning
not if we start drowning. – [Shawn] Where’d Tyler go? – [Kayla] Under the bed. – So here’s our room! – [Kayla] I’m coming Tyler! (happy music) – I think we’re gonna enjoy
the rest of the trip tonight and we will see you guys tomorrow. – With all kinds of cool. More cool stuff to show you. So hang out. (happy music)

Stephen Childs

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