Wheelchair Accessible Motorhome

Hi my name is Dave I’m with Fraserway RV and I will be introducing our special
wheelchair accessible vehicle today. Fraserway is the only RV rental company in Canada with this
type of motorhome this motorhome basically comes with all
the features like any other motorhome We’ll start at the entrance it has
these automatic steps. So whenever you open the entrance door the steps come out automatically. And it has a separate mosquito screen as well. And a handle that makes it easier for people to get into the vehicle. And handle that makes it easier for
people to enter the vehicle. Another great feature of this RV is the electric awning. It can be easily deployed just by the
push of a button. okay now we get to the very unique
feature of this Motorhome, which is the wheelchair ramp. It’s fully automatic and all it takes is the remote control to deploy the ramp. and then there is only a second bottom. you get it all the way to the ground and
then we can get the wheelchair right onto the ramp easily So all we have to do now is get our
guest onto the wheelchair ramp and make sure the breaks of the
wheelchair are secured. It also has a safety feature and the ramp will not work unless this belt is fastened. Its very easy as you can see, it just takes a few seconds to get the wheelchair right into the vehicle. As you can see it is really easy for our clients to handle the ramp by themselves
And it is just as easy to get the wheelchair back out. It only takes a few seconds. It also comes with a nice outside shower. Which is very handy after swimming in the ocean or also if you have dogs that you need to clean outside. And like any other RV you have your power cord. You have your grey and black water tanks that are easy to drain down here. You have a sewer flusher here that helps you clean out the tanks once in awhile. Here’s the gasoline take which holds about 140 liters gasoline which will get you between five
and six hundred kilometers on one tank. Another great feature of this RV is the dinette slide out. And it can also be easily controled from inside the rv with just the push of a button.
Our wheelchair accessible motorhomes also come with a generator which is great to have while parked on the campground. You can still use all the appliances and stuff inside and you don’t have
to worry about the batteries draining. As you can see, the slide out creates a lot more space ones you’re on
the campground. It’s especially great when you travel with a wheelchair. Since
the slide out is a little bit elevated, the table is slightly too high
for a person in a wheelchair and because of that we have this table
insert which is very easy to install Just a couple of moment. In the interior of the motorhome you have a lot of storage space up here and elsewhere also for your cups and
plates and glasses as well your pots and pans down here you have all the controls here for the
hot water heater for the water pump and also the monitor
panel which shows the level of fresh water,
waste water tanks as well as the battery charge Like our other vehicles this one comes with a propane oven, a three burner propane stove As well as a microwave which can we be used at any time that the vehicle is hooked up to electricity or when the generator is on. Here is your control panel for the furnace and air conditioning. Another great thing is this large fridge together with a separate freezer compartment.
And here is your wheelchair accessible washroom complete with toilet and a sink. Very
strong handle bars to grab onto as well as a very strong but quiet fan. And of course one of the most important things is that you can secure the wheelchair to the floor while driving. For that we have these special brackets that come with the vehicle and it’s just like a seat belt. install it you tie it to the chair and it cannot move once it is installed. You have one bracket on each side. And once it is locked as you can see it is very stable and the wheelchair will not be moving while you are driving. In this particular motorhome you can sleep a total of 4 adults and 1-2 children in the dinette that folds into a bed. . The rear bed sleeps 2 adults the nice thing about is you can access the shower compartment directly from the bed or you can also fold up the bed against the wall which will create enough space for the wheelchair to go right through. Inside the shower compartment you have a folding bench and you have this powerful but quiet ceiling fan. To convert the dinette into a bed it only takes about 20 seconds all you have to do is is remove the cushions for a moment. Push the table plate down down and move the cushions together Put the bed sheets on and your good to go. The drivers cab of this vehicle comes with the same features of any other motorhome but in addition you have this hand control which allows you to control the gas pedal and the brakes by hand. Another great feature of this motorhome is the rear view cameras. Anytime you shift the transmission into reverse the camera will come on automatically.Thank you very much for watching this video if you would like to get more information please visit our website or contact us by email or phone to talk to one of our service representatives.

Stephen Childs

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