What Should You Say? Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?

Yep, it’s that time of the year! Christmas. Or the holidays if you prefer, because in the land of political correctness, something like a simple holiday
greeting can be a source of controversy and debate. And you thought you were going to get a fun, light-hearted video for Christmas. Hahaha! But this one has some interesting insights into American culture. I Promise. I’m Christina and you’re watching Speak Better, Feel Great TV. The place to boost your
English and boost your career. In today’s video, we’re gonna talk about Christmas, the melting pot of the United States, and end-of-the-year political correctness. You ready? Actually, I had thought about doing a video on fun Christmas office traditions, but I’ll save that one for next year. After all, you also come to Speak Better, Feel Great TV for insights into American culture, by someone who knows how it differs from French culture. And today’s subject is important
for understanding your American colleagues’ attitude to the holidays. In December in the US, there’s always debate and discussion about what to say at the end of the year. The most common choices are But even this can be a bit sticky. I’ll explain. Some Americans, those who are Christian and attached to religion, insist on saying “Merry Christmas.” They argue that without Christ, we wouldn’t celebrate Christmas, so it should be “Merry Christmas” to keep Christ in the expression And It’s common to see the expression Other Americans who want to share Christmas wishes with non-Christians or who simply want to avoid any reference to religion, find or more appropriate. They argue that these expressions Happy Holidays and Season’s Greetings include people of all beliefs. So, what should you wish your American colleagues? Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays? Well, if you’re not Christian or you don’t know what your colleague believes “Happy holidays” is just fine. If you know they believe in Christianity, feel free to wish “Merry Christmas.” In most cases, they’ll probably respond with a simple “Thanks, you too!” or maybe with their preferred version of the holiday greeting. And in my opinion, if someone gets upset because you didn’t use the “right” expression for your good wishes, they’re missing the point of the festive
season. After all, Christmas isn’t the only holiday Americans celebrate December. Of course the majority of Americans religious of Christina or not will celebrate Christmas. And they’ll be totally okay with saying Merry Christmas. But of course The US also has a significant Jewish population who celebrate Hanukkah in December. Sometimes, the end of the Muslim holiday Ramadan is in December. Kwanzaa is an African-American holiday celebrated from December 26th to January 1st. And nearly 23% of the American population say that they don’t really have a religion. So no matter what you believe, the end of the year is the perfect time to offer warm wishes to your fellow human beings. More than ever today, we need love and tolerance in this world. If you want to read more about the “Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays” debate in the US, I’ve included a few links below the video. Check the comments section below the article on theblaze.com and you’ll get good idea of how this question can really spark a heated debate. It’s really interesting to have a look. If you liked this video, share the holiday love with your friends & colleagues. Send this video to them on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or just by email! And if you want to boost your English and boost your career every week with me, go to christinarebuffet.com and subscribe to receive email updates. You’ll get a short English lesson,
vocabulary, and exclusive bonuses that I only share with my Speak Better, Feel Great Ambassadors. even at Christmas time. Now, I’m giving myself a very very special gift a little holiday break. Next week, you’ll get the best of Speak
Better, Feel Great TV from 2015, and then a special message just after the New Year. After that, I’ll be back to help you keep your New Year’s Resolutions and boost your English. Thank you so much for watching Speak Better, Feel Great TV. I’m Christina and I’ll see you next… year! I’ll see you next year. Happy holidays to you!

Stephen Childs


  1. Dear Christina. I wish you a merry Christmas with your family and friends. Have fun during your holidays. Thanks for the goodies received at home. I really appreciated them. Sincerely. Karine

  2. too late tom comment this video but it was so funny but also with warm feelings.

  3. I'm an atheist and I also insist on Merry Christmas. It doesn't matter where Christmas came from, but that it's a holiday that we've had established in America before we were even an independent country. Our forebears from England brought with them their holiday, so any futher newcomers from that time on have an obligation to integrate into Anglo-American culture rather than to impose their own foreign traditions on us. I don't buy the melting pot nonsense.

  4. In America it's Merry Christmas. If you don't like get ur happy holiday ass the Fuck out of here.

  5. Great lesson 👍 thanks so much 😍 from WI
    You look so lovely 😍❤️💕

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