What not to say to a chronically ill person… [CC]

Stephen Childs


  1. Thanks for watching, lovely people! have you been told any of these before? x

  2. Hearing dainty sassy Jessica say ARSEHOLE and ASSHOLE FOR THE AMERICANS AND CANADIANS is something I never knew I needed but now I can't do without it. 😍😍🤣🤣🤣🔥🔥

  3. I am very here for salty Jessica and will keep the link to this video in my bookmarks for handy reference when I next need a well-polished rebuttal to “You should meditate.”

    (Dear reader, I do meditate. Apparently, my collagen does not.)

  4. I want to scream every time I hear: “Let Amanda do it, she’s young, it will be good for her.” “It” generally involves running out to the car to bring in something heavy or some other thing that is on the list of restrictions from my doctor because it is clearly not good for me.

    I gladly exchange the ability to use my eyebrows for Botox every three months. I hope you will be able to afford it soon.

  5. My favorite one was "you're depressed. You just need to get on some meds and you'll feel so much better in no time!" Lol! No Janice, in fact, my depression stems from my illness and is much more manageable when I'm not in a flare up and feeling like I'm trying to crawl through a foggy swamp!

  6. I have CFS and "I get that too" is one of the most annoying things, especially because I often get it in response to needing care. My grandma is my main carer, but she has to work and so there are sections of the day when my younger siblings have to care for me. I cannot describe how many times I have asked my brother to get me some food or help me in any other way because I'm so exhausted I can't walk and he'll say that he's tired too, so he can't. Literally, the only things I've done today are make myself some cereal in the morning and get dressed (I don't have any help in the mornings) and now I'm so exhausted I can't leave my bed. This is not the same thing as being tired after a full day of school, please get me some food so I don't starve because I literally cannot get it for myself.

  7. Got mental health issues and as such I've been told a lot of the stuff you mentioned. It does indeed suck and I might just send these vids to someone one day. I watch your vids to both educate myself and smile and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that you fulfill that every time. Love seeing you so sassy and looking as fabulous as ever ❤️

  8. Have you tried neurofeedback? I am just starting to try it and looking for others experiences. I'm trying neurofeedback instead of botox for migraines (my migraines were at 20-25 per month)

  9. I have cancer and I actually find it really annoying when people feel uncomfortable complaining around me. I totally get that working all day and chasing kids all evening would make anyone tired. Is it the same as the tired I’m feeling today? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear about your day. We can all have good days and bad days and have empathy for each other without comparing.

  10. I wish you were as healthy as you are beautiful bc then you would be super healthy (you would be one of the top 3 healthiest people to ever exist) because you are absolutely gorgeous inside and out

  11. Another one is someone saying "praying will solve all of your mental health problems…" yup that happened to me

  12. Only acceptable answer for : You get your illness because you…. is You get your illness because you would slay TOO hard otherwise. You would leave too large of an impact on the world and it simply couldn`t handle it. I hope today is better than yesterday and that tomorrow will be even better still. <3

  13. I know i'm just another person going "Have you tried this" but uh… maybe you should look into the research on green lights helping migraines? https://www.neurologytimes.com/headache-and-migraine/green-light-therapy-and-migraines-will-research-translate-real-world-use
    the bibliosphere on tumblr's been trying it out and says that it's significantly improved her ability to function.

  14. Someone told my visually impaired friend recently that she “didn’t look blind”…and she replied, “well, I wouldn’t know.” 😂😂 seriously, why are people like this!!

  15. Omg I didn't even watch the video yet but I just got an ad for "deaf works" with Jessica in it! That's awesome!

  16. I get 'helpful' advice about how to 'cure' my diabetes all the time. Funnily enough I don't take it.
    But yea, stay away from seals…

  17. I don’t like when people weigh in on my sleep. Sometimes I could go to bed earlier but that doesn’t necessarily mean more sleep. I often feel most awake in the evening and into the night. My circadian rhythm is just messed up. Why is there a moral judgement attached to going to bed late?

  18. A lot of these comments, I get them too with our infertility journey. 'have you tried, maybe you should do this, just go on a holiday, stop thinking about it….'

  19. Hahahahahahahaha that shit about memory? Oh dear… Having a stroke really messed my cognitive functions… And damn do I try to make it up but sometimes I just CAN'T

  20. As someone with mental health problems, I relate to a lot of these. People telling me to "get over it" and that they "know exactly how I'm feeling because they were sad/scared too" are my favourites. Like, no it doesn't work like that and no you don't know 'what its like'.. shut up and go step on lego, Diane..

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