What is: Shambhala – PortAventura World

What is: Shambhala Shambhala is a steel roller coaster located
at PortAventura World, in Salou Spain. The ride opened to the public as Europe’s tallest
roller coaster, taking guests up 76m (249ft) high before allowing them to plummet back
towards the ground below. On top of this, it became the 2nd hyper coaster in Europe
to be constructed by Swiss roller coaster manufacturer, Bolliger and Mabillard. Unfortunately,
however, Shambhala is no longer the continents tallest roller coaster, as the record was
broken in 2017 by another attraction located at the same resort, Red Force. Shambhala opened to the public on the 12th
of May 2012, at the cost of 25 Million Euros. Interestingly, the ride is themed to the ancient
myth of Shambhala, the mythical lost world located deep within the Himalayas. Shambhala
is said to be an inaccessible paradise, a cradle of eternal youth, a centre of happiness
and a kingdom of both peace and wisdom. The myths forgo that the king of the world resides
in this lost city, a city which connects every continent on earth, the city of Shambhala.
As guests enter the ride’s plaza, they are said to be exploring central Asia on a journey
to find the mythical world. The attraction’s design has been inspired by the Kingdom of
Bhutan, seen from the plaza’s entrance arch to the interesting station design. Snow is
also present throughout the area, further iterating the exploration and Tibetan theme. Once guests have navigated the ride’s queue
line, they board one of three vehicles, each of which seat a total of 32 riders per train.
Unlike other similar roller coasters, Shambhala features trains which seat visitors in a v
formation. Not only does this increase the length of the train, but also helps to isolate
the individual guests, exposing them to the surrounding elements. Once they have boarded,
the trains are dispatched from the station building and undergo a right-hand turn. At
this point, riders begin to ascend the lift hill. They slowly climb 76m (249ft) high,
obtaining breathtaking views of the park itself, as well as the nearby coastline and vast ocean.
Once they’ve crested the lift hill, the trains quickly plummet down a 78m (256ft)
descent, at the maximum vertical angle of 76 degrees. It’s at this point that riders
enter a short underground tunnel and reach the maximum speed 134kmh (83mph). After emerging
from the tunnel, guests enter the attractions first floater airtime hill, giving them the
sensation of total weightlessness for a brief period of time. They fall back towards the
ground, before entering one of Shambhala’s signature elements, its huge ampersand shaped
track structure. Riders navigate the upwards, and then downwards 540-degree helix, which
leads immediately into a speed hill. After a pop of ejector airtime, guests are subject
to a second large airtime hill, followed by a descent into an artificial splashdown element.
The trains of the ride appear to enter the water, causing a large splash to occur, produced
by a series of water jets. Visitors complete two further floater airtime hills, before
entering the ride’s brief mid-course brake run. The trains undergo sweeping left-hand
turn, a final airtime hill, and an upward ascent into the attractions final brake run.
Throughout the entire airtime filled experience guests navigate a total of 1564m (5131ft)
of track in approximately 64 seconds of ride time. That’s measured from the moment the
train leaves the lift hill, to when it hits the final brake run. Because of this, and
the three individual vehicles, Shambhala has a large maximum theoretical throughput of
approximately 1680 riders per hour. Upon its debut, the ride received fantastic
reviews. Many people enjoyed the long, smooth experience, packed with large amounts of floater
airtime and other interesting forces. Shambhala quickly became known as the best roller coaster
at PortAventura World, and as one of the best attractions within Europe as a whole. However,
with the construction of newer roller coasters throughout the continent, does Shambhala still
remain as Europe’s best hyper coaster? What’s your opinion?

Stephen Childs


  1. It looks to be the best b & m hyper coaster, but Hyperion looks better

  2. I really like the clean and neutral footage you always get for this series. Do you do any color correction?

  3. Shambhala is by far the best hyper coaster in Europe imo. Karnan is super intense but not much else. Hyperion has the stats but is a little lackluster with lower quality airtime.

  4. Anything that b&m does is awesome by far the 2nd best manufacturer 1st being Rocky mountain construction in my opinion

  5. Coaster Bot is uploading constantly? Am I dreaming or is this real?

  6. Best hyper in Europe and the best I’ve ridden. I love Portaventura

  7. Kärnan is better and the best (hyper)coaster in europe (my opinion)

  8. What is: Shambhala?
    Shambhala is a masterpiece.
    Thank you for watching, and I’ll see you all next time.

  9. "Decent" should be "Descent" right? Would love to experience this coaster someday! Looks awesome!

  10. Wow harry this ride looks amazing definitely gonna have to make a trip this year!

  11. Ok I seriously want to go to Europe The Theme Parks and Amusement Parks look so much better then the ones in North America and Shambhala looks amazing I really want to ride it and it’s on my bucket list for sure best B&M Hyper by far and it’s such a Beautiful Coaster to look at and it’s a pure masterpiece one day I need to go to Spain to ride this and the other rides at Portadventura

  12. Hey thanks mate! I've voted for this "What is" a few hours ago! It's cool that you listen to requests!

  13. 3:29

    Divide that by 10 and you'll have it's actual throughput

  14. Can You please make explained Videos about toverland's Coasters

  15. Harry, I had an amazing first Six Flags day at Magic Mountain! I got two rides on Twisted Colossus, two on Scream, one ride each on Goliath, Full Throttle, New Revolution, Tatsu, Ninja, Gold Rusher, The Riddler's Revenge, Batman the Ride, and Road Runner Express in that order. The park as a whole is amazing, and I can't wait to go back in June.

  16. Can you do a video on The Ultimate at Lightwater Valley? Thanks!!

  17. What is Shambala ?
    It’s a big beautiful B&M … nuff said ! 😍🤩
    Great episode Harry . No rapping this week 😩😂😂

  18. Big One all the way
    I think that Kärnan and Hyperion are better than this but I haven't ridden it so Big One might still be better 👌

  19. 3:30 best joke ever, with their horrible slow operations, they don't even get to 1000 people. 1 train in the station, 2 in the brakes. And a 2.5 hour wait…

  20. What is Shambala? That awful FMA movie where Edward goes to 1930's Germany and Hughes is a nazi and there's a dragon despite it apparently taking place in our universe and

  21. It looks like a very good coaster, I would love to ride it. I like the color scheme on it as well.

  22. B&M's hyper coasters look like so much fun >w<
    My first one will most likely be Mako at SeaWorld Orlando

  23. Is it possible to fall out of a shoulder harness (coming unlocked) on a steel roller coaster, specifically Anaconda? I feel like mine did and the only thing holding me in was the seatbelt clip thingy between my legs. Then I got off, the employee even said "That seat makes me nervous." At first my harness wouldn't go up. They had to unlock mine by a pannel on the side. It scared me even though I don't even know if it actually unlocked.

  24. It's actually Shawnbhala named after Shawn Sandbrooke from Theme Park Worldwide

  25. Love the airtime camelback hills on this ride, went on it last October

  26. In 2 weeks I will ride Hyperion at Energylandia. I will come back with an opinion. Also I like more the final part from Silver Start than Shambhala.
    I hope that Hyperion will be my favorite B&M coaster <3

  27. I hate it's color scheme it's so basic but it looks like a great ride

  28. I’m sorry to be that one person but Salou is actually pronounced “saloo” fantastic video though.

  29. Shambahla is the perfect b&m hyper with a amazing variety of elements on a long smooth ride

    Karnan has a less classic hyper experience which instead goes for surprise and intensity on a shorter, more packing ride

    Hyperion is a hyper more focused on ejector airtime and big hills however its already getting a rattle

    All of them offer DIFFERENT experiences so stop trying to pick a winner

    We can all agree silver star is awful though

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