What is a Mother Agency? // How to Get a Modeling Contract

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this video I want to address a very popular question that I get all the time
and the question is what is the mother agency how do you sign into a mother
agency and is it really worth your time how does having a mother agency actually
benefit your career as a model so don’t go anywhere guys in this video we’re
gonna break it down coming right up another thing that I also want to do in
this video is that I actually want to respond to some of my DMS because a lot
of you guys send me questions on Instagram and there’s so many I have so
many DMS guys like I can’t possibly go through all of them but some of them
actually do respond to you guys in a reply or your questions but what I want
to start doing in my videos is that maybe at the end of this video I’m going
to read about three questions and respond to him give a video response to
those questions if you will so anyway so what is a mother agency so a mother
agency is similar to the name suggest basically it’s a mother agency so this
is your first agency that you sign with your agency the first agency that you
sign with can get you work but if they truly believe in you they would actually
try to place you with other agencies as well so for instance when I first signed
to my first agency my mother agency I signed with Elite Models in Chicago and
what Elite Models does since there were a mother agency in Chicago at the time
is that they place their models in other markets where they feel like the models
would get a lot more work so for instance and just because a mother
agency signs it doesn’t mean that they’re not gonna get you work locally
so while I was signed with Elite Models I was actually
getting work in Chicago but what a mother agency does is that they look for
other markets so like for example my agent was sending me to New York and
booking me jobs in New York through another agency sometimes they send
models to South Africa this is really popular I’m actually one of my friends
Brianna you guys remember her she’s actually doing some work in South Africa
right now so shut up Brianna a mother agency they starts you off
locally in your city whatever city that they’re located in they get you some
work to kind of get your feet wet sand once they see how you’re performing they
can actually try to place you with bigger agencies and other cities so for
example very popular Nigeria a few models for example in Nigeria some other
agency but what they do is that they try to place their models with forge in New
York Wilhemina in New York as well like they
try to place your models in Paris and you know Europe and all that to get
their models more exposure and more work now here’s the thing about mother
agencies mother agencies charge you 20 percent commission just like in any
other agency but if they place you with another agency in a different city or a
bigger markets that agency is also going to charge their own 20 percent so as a
model for example let’s say you get a job with another agency through your
mother agency and let’s just say for example for a simple math that the job
pays a thousand dollars so you’re paying your agency 20 percent your mother
agency gets 20 percent then the other agency also gets 20 percent and get this
they also charge web fees you know to get your pictures on their website and
to keep the maintenance and all that and who knows what else your agency might be
charging you some agencies charge you for the comp cards things like that so
all of a sudden a thousand dollars that you made is now looking something like
five hundred dollars but you still have to pay taxes on a thousand dollars
instead of 500 so as a model it’s beneficial to sign to another agency and
get place in other markets because you’re getting more exposure there’s a
lot more work your faces out there but the downside about it is that
you’re losing a lot of money because your pain Commission to two agencies so
that’s kind of like the disadvantage of having a mother agency so I hope I
explained to you guys what a mother agency is I hope you guys get it if you
don’t drop a comment down below and I’ll break it down a little bit further so
now the next question is how do you get signed to a mother agency what do you
have to do so get it signed some other agency very similar to to get assigned
to any agency especially if it’s your first time definitely look up on their
websites call get some information most agencies try to have open calls at least
once or twice a week go to their open call and if you guys have been watching
my videos you know what to do to be prepared for an open call you want to
dress like a model look like a model I have video links in description box down
below if you guys don’t know how to dress and look like a model you want to
dress like a model look like a model go with a simple makeup who care hair pull
back if you’re a girl you know very minimal and clean look go with your book
if you have a book or calm card if you have a comp card already and you know
just represent yourself have confidence that’s very important to get inside
because you need confidence for the agency to believe that you could
actually go in front of their clients be confident and get the job so if the
agency that you’re targeting does not have open calls what you want to do is
do a submission letter so I’m actually going to drop out templates a submission
letter templates in this video so look for the link in description box as well
I have a template that I’ve used in the past which got me meetings and got me
scientists some of my agencies so you want to include my headshots with that
and sort of like a full body shots your size your specs and all that so that’s
very important and that would help you get a meeting and potentially get signed
another thing about my other agencies is that you don’t necessarily need a mother
agency you can just get signed to an agency and they don’t necessarily have
to be your mother agency some agents allow you to sign non-exclusive like for
example I’m signed to EMG models in New York
in LA and I’m on a non-exclusive contract so they also allowed me to go
sign with other agencies as well so you don’t necessarily need the mother agency
because keep in mind a mother agency will push you and we’ll get you to
bigger markets if they truly believe in you but if you don’t have a mother
agency that’s fine as well you can still get a lot of work with just your
standard agency model contracts alright guys so I hope that answered your
question about mother agencies drop a comment down below if you guys
have more questions on that let’s look at some DMS guys and let me try to
answer some questions for you okay so this question comes from @TDE I can’t
I don’t know how to say this username but is @tdeoca the question is hello
mr. Francis my name is Tim I found your YouTube channel and learning a lot from
you appreciate that I have a question about odd measurements
I’m 510 with a 42 jacket size and a 32 waist but have to have a lot of fat to
lose if I were to get only 10% body fats I would easily have a 30 waist but I’m
sure my jacket size would go to 44 like it was 20 years ago is 510 44 slim 30
waist too weird for modeling business okay so your 510 your suit size 44 or
trying to be a suicide 30 44 which is too big and your waist size is 30 so in
essentially you’re kind of like tall but not too tall and then your waist is
really slim but you’re up I guess your shoulders and your upper chest is broad
and Big. I would say if you are like into bodybuilding or fitness yes as long
as your body fat percentage is is ideal under 10 percent or less and you know it
sounds like you’re more like a bodybuilder kind of style so I think for
a fitness modeling I think that’s great however if you want to do high fashion
you definitely want to like slim down because for men
high fashion is between a suit size 38 to a suit size 40 I’ve actually seen a
lot of models who are just a little bit of both
forty maybe like forty one forty to lose outs and jobs because they couldn’t fit
into the men’s suits that were tailored between 38 to 40 so try to stay in that
range if you can your waist size is fine thirty waist size I think that’s fine
it’s a little bit on the slimmer side but I think it’s fine your height is
okay so I hope this answers your questions if not drop a comment down
below let me know let’s look at another one okay so this one is from at the life
of cash kay can I get some advice bro sure what do you need advice on let me
know either drop a comment on this video or respond to the DM okay and this one
is from at ultimate Aires hello my name is Jai heed and I’m trying to become a
model I’ve been looking at most of your videos for people trying to start off I
wanted to know if you know any tryouts besides Elite Model Look so I’m not sure
where you’re located I’m not sure where you’re located but yeah they’re
definitely a lot of tryouts for model for modeling jobs like for example you
can go to open calls look up agencies in your city every almost every city has
modern agencies so wherever you’re located look up the modeling agencies in
your city try to do some research to see when their open calls are and go to the
open calls go to the castings and see what happens this is the best way to get
your career started you definitely need an agent and once you get an agent’s
it’s up to your agent to get you working so that’s it for the dm’s
responses hope you guys liked it if you think this is a good idea for me to like
go through my DMS and read or respond to at least three questions every video let
me know if you like this video give me a thumbs up always appreciate it I’ll see
you guys on my next one

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  1. The idea will increase ur engagement🤞…..tho it'll allow people(us) enjoy like 2 seconds of fame being responded to on ur Channel😂…I think som questions or approach myt b personal🤔….

  2. Good morning 🌞
    I believe it's a great idea that your answering believe in helping others.. Only themselves!

  3. Is it true that for a runway model you have to be 172 metres not less or more

  4. Hey! Do modelling agencies hire international models? I mean the fresh ones having no experience.

  5. APPLY FOR ELITE MODEL LOOK 2020 – https://www.elitemodellook.com/int/en/participate/index.htm

  6. Hi Francis, can you apply to more than one agency when starting out? And if one agency signed you can you still search and apply for other agency’s in different city’s / country’s ? (If you have an non-exclusive contract of course)

  7. Great Tube you have.

    As a Mother Agency, I need to correct one thing. Once we get a model signed with another agency, we get a contract with that agency to split the 20% commission. The model is not paying 40% from their earnings.
    Taylor Kelsaw Mgmt
    On IG at : taylorkelsawmgmt

    Thank you!

  8. Im 160cm and I aspire to be a model however rejection causes me to doubt myself, should I keep persevering?

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