What if USA Never Existed?

What has the United States ever done for us? Can you imagine a world without NASA, Mickey
Mouse, or McDonalds? It’s a fairly mind-boggling hypothetical
to get our heads around, if for some reason those Brits had won the revolutionary war
and the United States had never been formed. That’s what we’ll look at today, in this
episode of the Infographics Show, What if the USA never existed? Don’t forget to subscribe and click the
bell button so that you can be part of our Notification Squad. Rather than imagine a USA that somehow remained
a wilderness inhabited by hunting and sometimes warfarin tribes, we’ll try to imagine an
alternate history based on if there had been no American revolution. One of the reasons the Brits were defeated
was the fact that its forces were placed all over the world. As empires do, it was playing a real-life
game of Risk. According to the recent history book, “The
English and their History”, writer Robert Tombs states that the British army could have
easily defeated the revolutionaries, but that would have meant taking a major risk regarding
its other colonies. If we believe Tombs, we can at least take
this hypothetical show seriously. Even if the land was still under British rule,
we have to imagine that there would still be a lot of discord in the nation. There would be a huge economic disparity,
and the north would have most of the money. The British, still rightly paranoid about
the rise of the rest of Europe, would have a hard time persuading settlers in the new
world to stay with them. The French would be the main threat. Had the American Revolution not happened,
perhaps the French revolution would also not have happened. The writer Thomas Paine may still have written
Common Sense, but perhaps more people in our alternate history tended to think the Brits
had more of it. If that was the case, Paine may not have been
so fired up about the French Revolution, as he couldn’t have defended an ideology of
freedom and democracy under the influence of the American Revolution. Paine would have likely been arrested in America
and executed for treason. The question is, would the Brits have sought
a fairer way of living for citizens in their colonies, or would it only be a matter of
time before there was a revolution against them? The world surely would have been a worse place
without The Rights of Man, but it’s likely someone would have written them. Britain would be very powerful and very rich,
much to the chagrin of the French. The French would likely build a stronghold
in the USA as it already had French Louisiana. Perhaps there would be some consolidation
between the French and Brits, and due to no revolution, there would likely have not been
a Napoleon and both the French and the British would have been a tad ruthless and aristocratic. How the world would have been divided up is
too much to speculate, but it would have been very different. It’s likely Germany would still have waged
a war in Europe anyway, and possibly with France and Great Britain at each other’s
throats, Germany would have come out better. But for now, let’s stay with Britain and
British culture as globally dominant. It’s likely human rights and personal freedom
would have taken much longer to manifest in the world, mainly because Britain was, and
still is, very much a class culture. There would have been a kind of Platonic high-class/low-class
separation of society, and for some poor folks, no chance to live the British Dream and enjoy
‘the pursuit of happiness’. But British hegemony would not have meant
disaster in terms of how everyday society works. The strong European nations would still have
created fairer forms of democracy, while science and the arts would have still evolved. Europe had always been the powerhouse of science,
industry, philosophy, and so no America wouldn’t have thwarted societal progression. We must remember, though, that many of the
technologies we have today were created or vastly improved because of the world wars. And that includes computer technology. The first computer was actually invented by
a Brit called Charles Babbage. So, while we may not have had a Silicon Valley,
computer industries would have still taken off around the world. One thing that may have been different is
how and why we use computers. America is a country of individualism, so
perhaps the fact Facebook was created there isn’t that surprising. The fascinating documentary ‘Century of
Self’ focuses on how advertising companies and also the government in the American past
could engineer consent and manipulate what they called ‘the herd’ by making them
identify with products and ideologies using psychological manipulation. America firmly put the ‘self’ into society,
and it virtually created public relations and advertising. Without America, perhaps the self would never
have been so important, and we would still be living in societies that embrace collectivism
more. While individualism would still have taken
root in Europe, it’s likely consumerism and self-identifying with our products and
brands, may have not been quite the same. We might not have had a culture where being
liked can happen at the push of a button, or one in which a ruler is in love with Twitter. We might also ask what would have happened
if those class conscious Brits would have been defeated by Fascist or Communist nations. Karl Marx wrote that the communist utopia
could not exist before capitalism finally imploded, and the USA has been to some extent
the greatest conduit of capitalism. Without the USA, democratic ways of life could
have been severely at risk. We could also ask if, with unhindered New
Capitalism and neo-liberalism, which are very American, we are consuming our way to self-destruction? European dominance may have not included the
Big Gulp and Big Pharma lobbying arms. Or, would British global dominance, or French,
or Russian, or Chinese, have been any different? One thing we can tell you, is that if the
USA had never existed, you wouldn’t be watching this. But would something similar have been invented,
and would you have had the freedom to discuss some of the things we’ve mentioned today? Would we have had the specter of ‘fake news’
or even the technology for big brother to know we are reading it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! Also, be sure to check out our other video
called What if you only ever drank coke?! Thanks for watching, and, as always, don’t
forget to like, share, and subscribe. See you next time!

Stephen Childs


  1. Tried to do a bit wacky hypothetical scenario. Let me know if you like this kind of topic. If you do, what kind of similar topics would you be interested in? Oh, and thanks for watching. I love you all! 💗 You are the best!

  2. If USA didn't exists Germany still can't win cause British Navy might be ten times larger than IRL British Navy today.

  3. Probably Be Rule By Young Queen And Carrying Her Around British Columbia-America

  4. If the USA never existed…….

    best day ever for the soviets

  5. No steamboats, no big chungus, and…… no Donald trump memes

  6. Basically Most Americans are Brits. You all can't Deny the Fact. Just because you moved away from your parents that doesn't make you lose your identity.

  7. Honestly, you say Britain is a classist society but have you seen the wealth inequality in America.

  8. The USA would be smaller because they wouldn't purchase and invade all that land

  9. If the United states was still a colony, many countries would not be independent too, why did not you talk about this? Also if the United states was still a colony, Rule Britannia would be played in many more countries.

  10. Louisiana Feredation:
    25 millon people
    8,2 HDI
    Every tribe/nation is a state including Acadia

  11. This is so bad. Britain were the first people to give workers rights and their empire had hardly any interference within its colonies as Ghandi himself said.

  12. This isn't a speed talking contest. After 10 seconds of you rattling off words I shut you off.

  13. There would be a whole lot more terrorist… probably another revolution… and no one to help Ireland

  14. The world should thank the USA. The US have created and invented some of the most major technology and science in the world. Example. Microsoft, Apple, the internet. Facebook. Airplane. Cars. Microchips (hint) silicone valley: AMD, Intel and Nvidia. Democracy and freedom as we know it.

  15. If there is no USA, the USSR would still dominate (oviously no cold war=no colapse)

  16. If America never existed, the British would be speaking German right now. We helped them defeat Germany and sent them weapons and supplies during World War ll, and all the comments on here that say the world would be a better and happier place without us just goes to show how ungrateful they really are.

  17. If the United States had not existed, that territory would not be exactly British. When the United States becomes independent, 60% of the current United States was from the Spanish empire: San Francisco, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Florida, part of Alaska, California, Texas … (27 states, and 5.7 million km2 ). But after the empire it would have been Mexican, a part for Russia, and perhaps another for France, or Germany. Only the 13 colonies would be English.

  18. I don’t believe it exists at this time. All the times I tried to go there were complete fails, or when I try to order something from USA – there are weird circumstances and I fail again. I try contact people from there and no one never call back, none of my friends were there so I could believe what they saw, I think USA is one big lie

  19. I would be very pleased that the United States of America disappeared. The USA government allowed trophy hunting and I hate trophy hunting. I love eating meat 🍖 and I support hunting for survival only.

  20. Wow I just learned there would be no Disney. The only benefit I could think of is that I would’ve grown up with a British accent and spoke like everyone else.

  21. lol the first computer is made by John Atanasov and he is Bulgarian…..

  22. Mexico will become alternative superpower if the United States never existed

  23. Could you imagine a world where developed countries no longer use Fahrenheit? Can we make this happen people. We need a time machine and help the brits fought off those Fahrenheits.

  24. If the Us didn't exist, it would probably remain under British rule, and at 1914 WW1 probably would have ended faster because of the man and industrial power of the Brits.

  25. I don't think England could of ever won their war as they where over extended at the time and even getting personnel and weapons to the colonies would of taken to long giving baby USA time to prepare

  26. Considering fb isn't huge only in USA kind of blows your theory of self importance there buddy, and does not matter of the us was here or not this te would of come regardless weather now or on several years,

  27. Im looking for videos or information talking about the theroy if white men never came to the americas and the ideginious peoples were allowed to advance into nations what that would look like today.

  28. Then most of us probably wouldn't exist. Since are parents could've never met, also the Nazi's would probably rule everything.

  29. "Those" Brit's had won the revolutionary war…if it wasn't for "those Brit's"there wouldn't have been a colony or people to fight in the first place

  30. It is also very likely that all of the European countries would have kept their colonies since it was the USA that declared that they should be independent

  31. Fun Fact:The internet would have still been a thing either way
    The internet was made in Switzerland by a British scientist

  32. Simple. The land that US ruled right now will be a part of Britain if and only if Britain won the colony War in America

  33. USA don't exist:
    Middle East Mexico Serbia Russia all dancing and partiying

  34. But germany wouldnt have formed tho because Napoleon would not have formed the confederation of the rhine therefore there would not be a rise of german nationalism. Aswell as this it is likely that britain would of helped its colony to advance west as to gain all the territory promised to the states. This would allow for the rich lands to be now in the hands of a democratic thinking power that would actually have to get involved in world wars from the begging, all be it for selfish reasons. Not to mention that communism would have been unlikely to rise in russia as germany (if it even formed) would be stopped by britains now major land army aided by a now american dominion. So all in all, the world would have been a better place if the independence of america did not happen then the world would be better off.

  35. If the British Empire had access to all of the natural resources, population, and industrial production of the United States…they would have taken over the entire planet!

  36. things that wouldnt exist without america:

    black rights, Nirvana, Disney, the Godfather, google, the internet, NASA, Elvis Presley, etc

    although, black rights may have been already a thing in England. and one of the biggest musical moments was recorded in america… the beatles, famous performances as yesterday and i want to hold your hand.

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