What If Avengers Endgame Ended Like This?

I am inevitable. I… Am… Iron Ma… Gimme that thing! Let me put on the gauntlet. I’m the strongest Avenger, remember? I can handle the gamma radiation from this thing. See! Not a single scratch. Now… I… Am… Captain Marvel!! What If Avengers Endgame Ended Like This Ending #2 I am inevitable… I… Am… …gonna call in BANNER!!! I’m here!! I’m alright, I’m alright!! The gamma radiation has evenly spread over my body. Don’t worry, I’ll live! But… YOU WILL NOT !!! Remember, you’ve got to return the stones in the exact moment you got them. Don’t worry, Bruce. Ready, Cap? Meet you back here alright? You bet! Going quantum in 3, 2, 1. And returning in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Where is he? I dunno. He flew right by his time stamp. Do you think he…he… Went back and lived a full life with his girlfriend? Woohoo!! Hey guys, I’m back!! And I’m getting married!! Honey, now show me the Iphone you kept talking about!! And electric car, and Game of Thrones, and Attack On Titans, and Cartoon Hooligans! Do you take Steven Rogers as your lawful husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse… Daddy, daddy, who is that boy and that lady over there? They are looking at you funny. It..It..It can’t be… that 23 days in space…. 5 years ago I..I.. thought she’s a robot I love u Daddy

Stephen Childs


  1. How can captain Marvel survive all the stones she wasnt iven abel to Defeat one in EndGame

  2. These videos are so good i see almost all the videos. I have a request to cartoon hooligans -make a video on guardians of galaxy

  3. good video but for the infinity stones part, why do the characters like explain the joke? like for hulk it was like “the gamma radiation has spread equally across my body so it limits the amount of deadliness” like why?

  4. Wait, if every snap is more longer what the original, maybe Rocket dont live in that temporaly line

  5. 1. Thanos punch captain marvel with the power stone
    3.she is not the most powerful avenger Thor is and he can't even survive the snap
    4. Captain marvel doesn't have gamma radiation in her body
    5. Why dose the infinity gauntlet randomly come on capital marvel when she said she can survive the snap?
    6. You can't have the infinity stones on the suit like that
    7. Why are the infinity stones on iron man's palm
    8. Hated the video ☺

  6. That’s would be amazing if iron man would not die and captain America and his wife is back no one will cry and I can’t tell about tony and nebula

  7. Morgan stark: Daddy daddy! Who is that boy and that lady over there…..?
    Tony: Sweats profusely

  8. Yep I bet captain marvel would have done that. I don’t like how she acts in the movie

  9. In avengers endgame when iron puts the gauntlet with the stones on it dosnt affect him when he snaps it affects him!

  10. Wait when captain America got a girlfriend why is Ironman there he is soposest to be dead from thaons

  11. I love how they are saying it could've ended any other way but there was only ONE way they could win

  12. 🤔 I'm truly wondering why I haven't subscribed to this channel yet?! It's never to late. I'm sure with 9.M views thier are more of you out there.

  13. Sooo tldr tony dies either way (except for the captain marvel one) since its either the gauntlet kills him or pepper kills him

  14. me: mom can we have "how it should have ended ?
    Mom: no, we have "how it should have ended" at home
    "how it should have ended" at home:

  15. I know this isn’t important but somehow this captian marvel is thicker than Brie Larson

  16. Tony S:Looks at Nebula
    Peter P: Hi Mr Star….
    Tony:Not my fault…UGH… fine do it.

  17. If captain marvel did the snap it would have all just been for female representation.

  18. So stupid the power of captain marvel are from the space stone so she will die

  19. There is no way Captain Marvel or Hulk could’ve stopped Thanos in avengers endgame because there was only one possible win

  20. Tony: You stole my victory, Carol
    Carol: Nah, the stones would had kill you and we'd have to like go to your funeral and stuff…

  21. I can definitely see captain marvel doing that.
    Total bitch. Both as a character and an actress

  22. captain should have put his shied on thanos neck and thor shound have hit the shield with his hammer to cut off his head and tony will do the snap thing to eliminate thanos army and bring natasha back and everyone goes home and wait for avengers 5

  23. If it ended the first way, it would be the most anti-climactic ending this movie could have had, and really would have made Carol out to be even more of a tool than she already was

  24. I kinda think so too. Tony didn’t have to sacrifice himself, Captain Marvel, Thor, Hulk and a lot more could’ve used the infinity ♾ stones without dying. So we didn’t have to see Iron Man die..

  25. Gotta love Thanos's "Wait a minute, you have another nano gauntlet?" look he gives Tony.

  26. Hey guys… how about we just uh…
    *yeets red skull off the cliff instead*

  27. When you're stuck in space, haven't nutted in days and the robot chick your stranded with is starting to look extra thicc

  28. Nebula: Take off the crotch and what are you?
    Ironman: Playboy, playboy, playboy, playboy

  29. Me: Sees Nebula with Tony
    Me: Aww :3
    Seconds later
    Tony: Sees Nebula with their child
    Tony: Gulp

  30. Tony: sees nebula with child

    Pepper: looks at him

    Peter: looks with her

    Peter: turns to Tony

    Karen (suit lady) ACTIVATING INSTANT KILL

  31. Ok captain America is much better lol
    Captain marvel is just to over power and i see why everyone boo for her in end game 😂 wow so much hate for her

  32. I love the Marvel one because last year I watch the new Spider-man movie and it was so cool and then I watch this and I lol the heck out of me

  33. Yeah but the first one captian marvel was punched by thanos and fainted by a single hit if i saw it correct

  34. but what if thanos says i'm inevitable and then all of the avengers grab tony and they say: and we are the avengers. then tony snaps his finger and the energy starts from him and divides to everyone so tony lives.

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