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What holiday is the world is
missing? What holiday do I think the world is missing? This is hard. I think the world is missing I don’t even know. What could the world need more of? Yeah. Love Your Neighbor Day. Hug Day. A worldwide Hug Day, I guess. You would do something nice for your neighbor without them expecting it? Or maybe you would just pick a random person and do something nice for them, like, pay for their groceries that day or something like that? I think that we could all use a Talk to a
Stranger Day. Everyone just has to go out and talk to
someone that they’ve never talked to. A High-Five Day? You just high five who
you walk by. We just all get to transfer our kinetic
energy to one another, no questions. We can ignore our parents when they
say, “Do not talk to strangers” because they can do the world a little
good. World day of ice cream. Yeah. well I think there should be a holiday where we don’t have to parallel park anywhere. Space Appreciation Day. Everyone in the world at midnight would turn off their lights
and then everyone’d just go outside and look up stars and enjoy everything that was amazing about space. I think they should make a holiday for
all the pets. I will let them eat whatever they want to eat. they want to eat. If that’s their holiday, then I suppose they could eat whatever they want to. Take away your phones, you take away everything and people have to visit a national
park. I think that should be just like something that I think everyone should experience.
National Park Day. I will call it Life Day so it would be a celebration of life and independence. That’s what I would call it. Happy happy happy Life Day! Happy Ice Cream Day! Happy Space Day! Happy High-Five Day! so much confetti SoulPancake… SUBSCRIBE!

Stephen Childs


  1. The world needs SoulPancake Day where everyone has to watch at least one SoulPancake video that day. That would make the world a better place.

  2. Loved this! Some great ideas in there!
    I would love a friend-day, similar to mother´s day, just to show your appreciation of a a good friend 🙂
    Other than that I really liked the idea of a hug-day and 'talk to a stranger day' 

  3. SPACE DAY NEEDS TO HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Imagine the amount of power that  would be saved if ALL lights were turned off for an hour at midnight for ONCE A YEAR. Not to mention how many stars we could see. It could also be considered a UNIVERSE APPRECIATION DAY, because we could get a sense of how expansive it is and how small we are.

  4. I don't know, talk to a stranger day was a good idea, everyone could use more friends.

  5. i like the high five, hug, and talk to a stranger day ideas because sometimes i think we need a reason to interact with each other because people spend so much time around other people but not with them and i don't know i just really like those ideas. yes. 

  6. Loving that national park day idea 🙂 and the space appreciation day…both sound lovely!!

  7. my first thoughts were another halloween, or an honesty day, or a friendship day like valentines but with love that's not romantic 

  8. There should be a homeless man day where we all do something good for the homeless

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  10. "Do nothing day"…All holidays come with some sort of a obligation or some activity which is expected to be performed…It would be cool to not do anything and just sit back,relax and observe the world around us…:)

  11. OMG! I LOVE THE GUY WHO SAID NATIONAL PARK DAY! They are truly wonderful and if you haven't yet experienced the magnificence of our world, I strongly suggest it, its a very humbling experience. 

  12. I really like the National Parks Day and Space appreciation, Random Acts of Kindness Day as in International Love thy Neighbor Day. I wish to add "Global Happy Thoughts Day" or "International Raise Your Vibration Day" where we all get out of gloom and doom and move into euphoric bliss, appreciating the magic of our eARTh, singing and dancing everywhere 🙂

  13. Confetti day! Everyone loves confetti, and you could use biodegradable stuff, like flowers or lavendar 🙂

  14. Lost Child Day. A day for a parent who has lost a child to celebrate the creation and loss of a child. Be it thru a miscarriage or the loss of a living/grown child. It could also be a day for people who have lost children in ways other then death. A day to show that we do grieve and honor life in its many forms.

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  16. Here's a few of my ideas:
    -pay it forward day. Everyone does something great for everyone else without them asking
    -turn off everything that takes electricity for the entire day (12:00–11:59)

  17. I think there should be a retail worker's holiday.  If we're going to force retail workers to go to work on Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas Eve, Christmas, etc, we should at least have the decency to let them have one day off that they can spend with their friends and families.
    Seriously, Black Friday is messed up.

  18. Reverse pick pocket day. Everybody puts gifts into the pockets or carrying bags of strangers throughout the day.

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  20. How about a SoulPancake appreciation holiday? You guys never fail to make me smile with such great content, and of course all the fantastic subscribers comments. Thank you to everyone that takes part in these absolutely incredible videos. Y'all are truly the best

  21. I'd say an "everybody gets the day off day" and I mean EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. And we all relax.

  22. Moon Day: To commemorate the day we landed on another world for the first time in the history of mankind! I can't believe this isn't a holiday, already, especially in the U.S.

  23. I LOVE this question! I mean– everyday is ice cream day and I DO love the idea of Hug Day and Talk to a Stranger Day, but I think my addition would be Love Yourself Day where everything you do is just because it makes you happy…like dancing in your underwear while listening to music in the kitchen and making apple cinnamon pancakes for breakfast, getting a hot stone massage, reading a book on your front porch, climbing the tallest tree you can find, skipping down the street, playing with babies, buying yourself a cupcake, etc.

  24. Have you noticed that there's no holidays that don't make money lol to bad these holidays wouldn't be appcepted or promoted by big buisnesses because there's no money in it :L

  25. A World Day (Earth Birthday?), not to be mixed up with New Years, but more of to celebrate the fact that hey, we live here and it's pretty awesome. It should include the idea that we're all from the same planet and we should appreciate each other! 

  26. I say the world need World Happiness Day. It would be a day of world wide celebration. Every one in the world would go outside and celebrate. There would be parades, carnivals, parties and many other things. On that day you would also have to hug strangers or give them high fives or do something good for someone you don't know.

  27. festival and talent day. from playing an instrument to beatboxing to touching your nose with your tongue. don't go to work that day, don't go to school, no obligations. just fun and festivals and carnival day. 

  28. life appreciation day is what i would like. so let that fly out of the window and leave that stray cat alone instead of shoeing it. give a child where you live some positive comments. feed that homeless person who lives behind the shops. but most of all thank yourself for being nice instead of scared to reach out.

  29. The girl from 0:46 is nuts becuase if that holiday was real then the world would turn into a rapist hunting grounds

  30. Space day would be great. I'm all in favor if that idea. In addition to getting people to think about the cosmos, we would be saving a lot of energy by turning off all our lights for one night.

  31. The world needs to convert to a metric calendar and spend the remainder days having a giant festival/party to celebrate the year (not necessarily the new year).

  32. I think we should have a national laugh day where we just do something to make people laugh because laughter is the best medicine 🙂 or a be yourself day ( mostly for girls ) where we be ourselves and dress how ever we want and look like whatever we actually look like. A day without makeup, a day of honesty where we get of what's on our chest and we can be what we want to be and do what we want and nothing can hold us back on what we want to do.

  33. I am in full support of hug day and talk to a stranger day! These are all great ideas:) My friends and I celebrate mini holidays like hug day together^-^

  34. Definitely world joke day. One day out of the year where everyone on the planet makes someone else laugh!

  35. Singles day if your single you go to the bar or somthing and you get 1 free drink or meal

  36. Love day..
    So there is at least one day where we all forget the anger, the hate, the worry and just love on one another. <3

  37. Space Appreciation day is amazing! if everyone turned off there lights we could actually see the stars in the city!!

  38. Happy Life Day and Happy Hug Day <3 I love this idea:)

    I would add Laugh Day and Nature Day:)

    and would be nice to celebrate Forgiveness:)  

  39. I would like a cruelty free day.
    A day nobody buy and consume animal products (no meat, no dairy, no eggs, no leather, no fur, no horse race, etc…)

  40. I like the idea of highfive day 🙂 some of the others were good too, but that one just seems like legitimate fun.

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