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I have a guest on our show today who I have a history with You may recognize her from a previous episode of 22 Minutes She is the President of the Dalhousie Muslim Students Association And she’s the future Prime Minister of Canada Masuma Khan, thank you for joining me Thank you for having me How ya doing? I’m doing pretty good You know I read a stat that the chances of someone being killed by a refugee terroist is like one in 3.6 billion and they have a higher chance of being killed by a crazy American with a gun Now, don’t you think that Trump deserves some credit By banning Muslims, from coming to the United States, he’s protecting them, from all the crazy Americans You should be thank Trump! uh..well..maybe Now, a lot of people don’t know , and they don’t realize that in the United States, Their vetting system is one of the strictest in the entire world and now Donald Trump wants to take it to a whole other level with his ‘extreme vetting’ which I think is ridiculous You today are lucky, because I’ve invented a new system you better buckle up, because it is time for: “totally extreme vetting zone!” Alright You’re here right now, I have some very important I want you to meet, he is a totally extreme vetting officer He’s one of the most radical extremists I’ve ever met Please say hi, to Pugz Donnovan right there Wassup guys! Are you ready to be totally extremely vetted? Totally! Alright, let’s get to it First: multiple choice Which of these statements isn’t true:
a) to shred it, you gotta burp it, b) freshies on the super jib, always, or
c) siiick B? Correct! Alright! You nailed it! Nice work! Next up: the snowboarding challenge! Prove that you’re fundamentally radical, by getting on the snow board and going down some fresh powder while wearing a GoPro! Here! Let’s see how you shred! Here we go – ready? Ready! One, two, three – go! Alright! woah! Okay you passed Finally in our totally extreme vetting challenge So I’d like to introduce to you a real vet, and his dog, Patches And the final test for you, is you have to take this syringe and put this dog to sleep. Psych!!! You pass! Alright this has been the totally radical extreme vetting zone And we will never do this again.

Stephen Childs


  1. It would have benefited the American people if Trump had bothered to do some half-assed vetting of his cabinet instead of worrying about the already strenuous application process for refugees and immigrants.

  2. that's some next level stupid shit. I hope aliens don't see us do this dumb shit again

  3. In the interest of combating racism, supposedly, we have this oddly racist rant from Ms. Khan: "white fragility can kiss my ass. Your white tears aren't sacred, this land is." Yikes. To get a handle on how inappropriate the comment is, substitute other terms where you see the word "white". Try substituting the names of other ethnic groups, or religions, or genders. Ms. Khan's goal of drawing critical attention to Canada's colonial roots is legit, but her method is poorly conceived. She apparently defended her own racist remarks by saying "racism is very harsh … there's no nice way to talk about it". I call bullshit. Martin Luther King knew how to speak powerfully against racism without descending to the level of the racists himself, as Ms. Khan has done in her remarks. We expect better of you, Ms. Khan. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

  4. Organize a boycott of Canada Day and make racist comments about white people and you, too, could become a darling of the CBC.

  5. Our society is so rigged. Trouble is, there are so many agendas at work. So is it a coincidence that Masuma Khan was just in the National Post for hash tagging some pretty offensive comments. “At this point, f–k you all. I stand by the motion I put forward. I stand by Indigenous students. … Be proud of this country? For what, over 400 years of genocide? #unlearn150 #whitefragilitycankissmyass #yourwhitetearsarentsacredthislandis” – Masuma Khan

    Really? Nothing like blaming people for 400 years of "genocide" based on a broad categorization of their skin tone phenotype.

    What is the Dalhousie University teaching the students, because last time I checked terms like white, black, non coloured, coloured…….feed into a debunked racialist theory, which has been thoroughly debunked by geneticists and even the American Anthropology Association. White is a term born from Caucasian. The term Caucasian has no more validity, due to the fact that no true racial border exists, between population clusters. Which I should add, have been subjected to "gene flow," from the beginning of human migration.

    Oh and Shaun, a closet racist should never lead a country, I am sure you can agree.

  6. Masuma shouldn't be getting air time. She is a moron. Why are you guys giving validity to these SJW's?? Why are you guys validating any of this nonsense with anecdotal evidence? What is going on with Canada? Up till 2 years ago I was a fierce defender of CBC but it becomes more and more evident the foxes run the hen house and the CBC is a politically socialist un-Canadian propaganda machine.

  7. I normally like this show but this was not funny or informative, and they should not have had such a hateful hypocrite as a guest.

  8. Shaun Majumber and comedy have nothing in common. Why does this guy think he is funny?

  9. I love how she can shit on a whole race of people and that makes everyone stand up for her free speech, which of course it is free speech, but then when people respond to her and criticize her beliefs, that gets condemned as "hate speech". All of the times just this year alone that free speech has been stifled on Canadian campuses and we have done nothing about it, in most cases we condone the silencing, even when it is a liberal professor putting on an event literally titled "The Stifling of Free Speech on Campus", we repeatedly let their free speech get steam rolled, but all of a sudden we care about free speech on campus when it is this racist air head "progressive" that is being effected. This country is getting ridiculous

  10. Evidence of how CBC is being reduced to nothing but a propaganda machine. This woman is a disgrace to the Canadian way of life as she behaves like a snake hidden in the grass preying on Canada's First Nations communities to advance a whole other agenda. Now CBC is complicit.

  11. Future Prime Minister of Canada? She denounces her citizenship on a regular basis. She refutes the very existence of the country and only references it when she’s denouncing it as a neo-colonialist and genocidal hellhole, you state-subsidized planks. To see your budget reduced to exactly zero would be a great day for this country, CBC.

  12. Let's get this straight. Canadians have a reputation for diverse ethnicity and tolerance and acceptance, but I'm reading the comments here and I'm truly appalled. What happened to the Canada I grew up in? This false-nationalism is a joke. We ALL came from somewhere else. Every. Single. One. Of Us. Canada does not belong to white Christians. Where do you folk get off making burkini comments and 'go back where you came from' type of malignant, ignorant comments? Canada is a world nation. Start acting like it …….. you know, like we used to.

  13. Sugarcoated Propaganda. Stick to absurd comedy 22. You do much better.

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