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If not the 27th do you want to do the week before that or is that… *knock on door* *gasps* What? Boys & Girls Clubs of Winnipeg is a children youth serving organization and we offer free afterschool programs. They’re safe, they’re supervised by caring staff and they make friendships for life. I was a single mother of five children. Most of our time as a family was spent in the Gilbert park community. We saw some very hard realities. Once my children started to attend the boys and girls club it was amazing to know that there’s people out there that cared enough to take the time to make sure my kids were okay. The Gilbert Park Boys & Girls Club is special because we’re embedded right in the neighborhoods, so we’re accessible to the kids at all times. We get 60 kids that come in and out every day. We’re the largest housing complex in the province, so we’re right in the middle of it. WestJet and Boys & Girls Clubs of Winnipeg, we’re like family. We’ve done great things for the community together through the gift of flight, race for kids, and great holiday season parties. There was always a Christmas dinner. Something everybody in the neighborhood looked forward to. Every year we get together with this incredible group of WestJet volunteers and we throw the boys and girls club Christmas party. We have it inside of us to give, and it is such a joy every single season. The WestJet volunteers plan these elaborate, amazing holiday dinners and it gets bigger and bigger each time, so it completely changes and the best part of the Christmas party is seeing families and kids when they walk in and that wow feeling when they come in through that door right there. Their kindness really let my kids know that somebody else cared, that they were important, they were valuable and that they deserved to have good things. Today is our initial meeting with all of the volunteers that are going to be planning the Boys & Girls club Christmas party. to be planning the Boys & Girls club Christmas party. It is our turn to give some of that kindness back. I’ve spoken to Layne about this idea of having an international Christmas. [excitement] I want to talk to Al about having a list of names. I can text [knocking]. Can you guys follow me please? Oh, this is beautiful. [cheers] Wendy, Robin, Sabina, Layne, Josie and Allison. Together your kindness has brought so much joy to the families of Gilbert Park Boys & Girls Club for so many years. Now it’s our time to return that kindness. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us, and our club [applause] Today we thank you for your kindness in the form of a meal. As we sit together sharing our hopes, and our dreams, we’re building the foundation for a better future. One where a meal becomes a feast. Strangers become friends, friends become family. A future built on kindness that helps our community thrive. As a WestJet team, we really do wear our hearts on our sleeves and I think a little bit of kindness does truly go a long way.

Stephen Childs


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