Hello everyone from UK today
we are going to a new show This is Wessex Border club where we will see many borders and I hope that you all like it let’s go! We are already here, we have arrived after
one hour and a half and we’re going to the show. I have been told there are
approximately 350 Borders It’s not bad for a start, it’s not bad
at all! Let´s go !! Hello everyone, we are in Portchester Community Center let’s go inside! This is the show´s venue. at the moment the are only some Borders there are still some to arrive you can already see some, Some better than other Here we have a selection of clear The Borders´ feather is not in a good condition yet Here this person is doing the entry. as you can see The Border are in their own cages Here, this man is the breeder he is putting his birds in with his drinkers. the entry is done all in the morning and it´s done very quick the show will start shorly at the moment we are privileged,being able to film all this What a beautiful hen! a buff hen with good body, here there is
a lovely hen I think she is even more beautiful, because the sun is reflecting on her right now She is beautiful. Let’s see if she lifts herself up and we can see her better it seems that right now, she is not well
prepared in a cage, because she should be on the perch she doesn´t want to jump Look, it´s wonderful the fact that all the cages are the same. all the cages are exactly the same, all the cages with their drinker all with the same background, I do not know if you can see it I can not see it … Let´s see if I can see the bottom of the cage. all the English cages have this Pay attention for example, this hen here
this is a hen, Look at her forehead That forehead is a little flat I do not know, if you can see it well but his forehead is a little flat that’s not very good, for a border The truth is that there are real wonders here. This is a
fantastic Border is very big see what a head, what a body,
raising his legs. Let’s see, what number it is 46. ​​2, then we’ll see if we’ve had been lucky and we have caught a prize Then we will see if that bird has been able to be champion very nice bird! the feather is a Little bit damaged but very
nice bird This must be from the same breeder, The line is very similar. for the moment that’s all, we’ll see
if we can film something else a little bit later

Stephen Childs


  1. Muchas gracias por mostrarnos estos pedazos de videos que subes, un like como siempre! !!!!!!

  2. Pienso igual que el compañero muchas gracias por compartir estos vídeos un like ya estamos deseando ver la segunda parte jejeje

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