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and anything and then Saturday I went to
corner shop and buy a few things milk and all these little break so how about
anything not even true for the kids so today I went big shopping like a week
shopping and it’s cause to me like hundred and seventeen pounds but it’s a
lot of like we have got complex so I’ve got middle and anything so I got some show you I got I got this bomb it’s 9 to
17 it’s like almost 1 pound and this neck neckline is 2060 this is gonna bore
them or I’m just boiling it and then older all the bubbles on the top I’m
gonna take it off and then when it’s ready and boarding I’m gonna simmer it
only have I only have 3 hours 3 hours left before dinner so I’m putting the
shopping away look at that and this is the quickest I can make I’m not a
sandwich person so I’m making salad and I boiled egg and fancied continuities
instant noodle instant I’m gonna put balsamic vinegar in my salad some salt
low salt and olive oil that’s my lunch we went to we came back
on Friday and since then we haven’t had a normal routine back so on Saturday
morning I woke up I woke up early and woke up at 8 o clock and the kids woke
up thereafter then we had a nap and eight o clock
half past eight at bedtime but from Saturday night Peyton woke up at 12 o
clock oh excuse me while I’m eating while I’m talking I’m gonna eat I’m very
hungry so she woke up with 12 o’clock I was just about just need she wouldn’t go
back to bed to sleep at the vehicle so everyone went to bed o’clock Tristan
listen he just woke up for toilet and then he went straight to bed
and now look what we all went to bed by the next thing I know I woke up 10:30
10:45 in the morning no shock and then the same thing happened again last night
so the cultural part she didn’t see it until three o’clock I am two days now I haven’t seen seven
so I haven’t had breakfast it’s always brunch and comment shop at 1:30 I think
food shopping anything got anything so both kids with me
Kirsten and patron they had sausage roll to search its role in the shopping while
I was shopping and they had Actimel so that’s a good lunch already for them
like a good night and they came back they had one of each this petty fellow
yogurt like to take all the bubbles on top of the water not boiling lamb so so
they’re good they’re nothing now and I’m putting the shopping away but I’m sure I
was shaking you know I was hungry so while I was putting some of the shopping
way I bought some eggs two boiled egg and then cook this you’re looking a
little dry instant noodle plants it can turn and it’s this super spicy you don’t
have to know when you’re hungry you want to eat everything so I thought I’ve got
this I know panel service is sweet cheesy creamy bread Filipino bread but
yeah here is one that I could buy but I could get so now I’ve seen I saw this in
the shopping bag I’m gonna punch it Kanto with some salad as well to make a
bit healthy the instant noodle and I’m having coffee as well so good day good
job when I was shopping I wasn’t that much hungry otherwise I would I would be
buying everything in this job so you know that feeling when you
everything and anything and then you ended up being stuffed and full anyway I’m going to catch up with my sleep I’m
going to catch up with all the stuff almost a lot of clothes already what clothes there for my mother
yesterday she was here I’d open it away I’ve still got um clothes drying you
know we went on holiday and I didn’t I’ve been telling you in the blog I thought I’m just going to surprise
everyone that we went on holiday and one day I just post post or upload lots of
us in America you know all our videos maybe after month it will be uploaded this is my worst jetlag I don’t know why
we won back home the Philippines just me and the kids and their eight hours
behind and the flood was like 22 hours with one stop with one connecting flight
and that was one outside the most hard person on earth
get the kids now they don’t know what’s happening to fetch him the next day I
think Saturday they both were throwing up for half a day because I think
tiredness but we’ve enjoyed a lot we’ve enjoyed in cousins that they didn’t even
know you know their uncles don’t they love them and Justin was saying we miss
you we don’t have anyone here I don’t have anyone on my side so here the kids
only got me and my husband and their paternal grandparents there were a new
they enjoyed themselves non-stop they have it they had like full energy food
battery you have to turn this to going but in the UK they’re in bed at 8
o’clock latest so but we said you don’t want to go to bed News ten o’clock when
you put them to bed it’s true what they put on yesterday because since
I came to UK mother I was putting lemon and olive oil and salt got used to it
and now I use sometimes I use red wine vinegar but this is my favorite so far
balsamic vinegar olive oil and then salt but interval means the the stores is
always like Thousand Island mayonnaise which is fatty
so this lemon and vinegar they’re good for and Jess tchen they help in
digestion so they’re good for you know don’t get me wrong but it’s Filipino
dish I have two helpings of rice vegetable I eat fruit I dunno supporter
and lots of activities with the kid but I barely sit down I sit down on eating I
always walk I think that’s my gym and it’s free it’s nothing more today no rain I think since we got back there
was no rain but it was freezing one day that Saturday was freezing
the heating one yesterday squabble and today I’m gonna do a pair of sunglasses
at the airport on our way back I bought lots of makeup in the u.s. not from
there well they’re very cheap I’m gonna book like every time such changes like
$20 I only bought lots of presents I buy new clothes didn’t buy any but lots of
clothes for the kids and they hope they got lots of presents as well and but
didn’t buy any clothes I was planning to buy shoes but we didn’t get time to go
to those then let the coach well anyway I was gonna buy a Michael Kors shoes
coach or Tory Burch we didn’t get chance to go to the main shops so I think the
last thing we like I don’t got any chocolate Snickers and Mars bars
my favorite well they still cheap like one pound two full pack that I get full
box not fall back so today I’m going I’m gonna get Snickers they didn’t have any
Wow brolo every time every afternoon I get a
feeling of it’s not sickness but it’s like not too much stuff but I just want
something sweet like one bite that’s it I wouldn’t finish one bar I have one
maximum two bucks so didn’t looking like I didn’t have any so today I bought some
Rolo husband likes this one yeah so I guess gonna do it
what’s up when I’m walking with me down I can’t do a vlog anymore so I thought
okay turn what I thought knocking Mike I’m gonna just quickly tell a story so I
told my quick story cook today so I guess that’s all for today I’ll see you
on my next vlog and thank you for watching
yeah you

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  1. Watching here sissy. Kaloka yan sis ung mag grocery ka na gutom andami mo mabibili kc lahat gusto mo. Then ung umuwi ka na nag shaking ka na I'm almost like that din sis kaya ung kain ko lafang kasunod na non headache. Kasi ang bilis kumain kaloka dba? But at least may salad kapa. Venigrate lang dressing ko yes mas healthy hehehe

  2. cute ng mga kidz mo sis srap mg grocery sis..ang dami non hihi prang ako pag ng grocery madamo na pra daminh stock pra matagl ulit mkpag grocery ulit..srap ng salad sis na takam ako.. sana maka daan k din sa aking baler sis my new vid ako thank u😊

  3. nakiki chicka ako sayu , hahaha wala pa silang cousins dyan cute ng kids mo, sarap nga balsamic vinegar. sometimes I use the pomegranate molases too parang kalasa lang sila.

  4. sarap nyan ah.. nagutom ako.. your accent is really good.
    new friend here.IgaveYouAhug. Hope you send back the love.

  5. hello ..im new here.. i like salad too just made me hungry right away. show you some love hope you can support me too. thanks

  6. Salad, pancit canton and eggs looks yummy sis, that’s what happened to me every sunday i just have brunch, your salad made me hungry.

  7. Mabuti ka pa sis Kaya mo di mag rice,,masarap nga Ang balsamic venigar say salad,bago lng ako sa bahay mo sis Sana pwede Tayo magkapitbahay,daghan salamat

  8. Hi sis bago mo kapit bahay.wow ang cute nang mga baby mo sis.done support sis sana makadalaw ka din sa bahay ko para stay connected.thanks god bless

  9. Hi ate ana fresh from the live stream ni mommy
    Nice vlog yakapin kita ng mahigpit

  10. shopping is the best esp when you are with your family 😊 mis u sissy

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