[Weather] Mild trend stays through holiday with winter rain in some parts

Good morning. It’s going to feel more like mid-March instead
of mid-January in Seoul, a chilly morning will turn mild with an expected high of 10
degrees Celsius in Seoul. So let’s take a closer look. Highs will range between 10 and 13 degrees
Celsius and skies will get brighter. Meanwhile, the Chungcheong-do Provinces and
Daegu could see bad air today, but it should be OK for the rest of us. The mild trend continues into the Lunar New
Year holiday with no bone chilling morning lows… but there will be rain across the
country at certain times. We won’t have to bundle up that much, but
let’s wear a face mask in crowded areas and public places besides we do expect dusty conditions
during holiday. Due to the shorter Seollal holiday this year,
roads will be more congested, so drive carefully. Remember there will be toll-free passage for
all vehicles from Friday into Sunday. That’s Korea for you and here’s the international
weather for viewers around the world.

Stephen Childs


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