We Turned Scooby-Doo Into an RPG (w/ Nathan Yaffe & Julia Lepetit)

(bright rock music) – Throughout the small towns, oilfields and abandoned
carnivals of America, crime festers unchecked
like an untreated lesion. Police departments are woefully understaffed and undertrained,
completely incapable of bringing justice to these criminals. Five brave souls have chosen to, instead of sitting idly
by as their country drifts into darkness, take matters
into their own hands. They operate outside of the law, relying on only their own
wits and one festive van. A charismatic couple, a precocious, heavily near-sighted female,
a terrified drug addict, and a dog with a speech impediment. (Brian and Julia laughing) This is Scooby-Doo. – Hey, everybody, welcome to Table Pop! – [Everyone] Hey! – This is our RPG-play show where we play tabletop role-playing
games based on properties that don’t tend to deserve it. I’m your gamemaster Brian Miller. And, as always, I’m here
with my good buddy Eli Yudin. – Hello, everyone, hello. – What’s goin’ on, man?
– It’s me. I’m ready to play Table Pop. – Hell, yeah! Our guests today are Nathan Yaffe and Julia Lepetit from Drawfee. – Hi.
– Do you guys wanna introduce yourselves? – Hi, I’m Nathan from Drawfee. I love playing tabletop
RPGs and cartoon dogs. – [Brian] That’s great, well, luckily, today is your lucky day,
if you will, my friend. – Yeah! (Brian chuckling) – And I’m Julia Lepetit, I’m
also on the Drawfee show. You can find me on
Twitter at @julialepetit, and I think I’ve watched a total of three episode of this show in my life.
– Just total? – Yeah, total.
– Julia’s television was rocks growing up. (everyone laughing)
– Yeah. It was non-existent, and– – There are only three
episodes of Scooby-Doo. That was it.
– No, that’s fine, okay. – Yeah, you saw all of ’em. – Okay, good, that’s comforting to know. – Great, so as we’ve established, we are playing a Scooby-Doo
themed RPG today. Do you guys wanna introduce
your characters real fast before we jump into this? – Yeah, I’ll go first. I mean, you should be able to guess (everyone laughing) unless you’re also Julia and
you’re like, they seem strange, but I don’t know who they are. (everyone laughing) (chuckles) They have tendencies. I am Shaggy Rogers,
his last name is Rogers if you didn’t know that. – Yeah.
– (chuckles) I am described only as teenager. (everyone laughing) So that’s good. I have a Bravery stat of
11, Cartoon stat of 13, Brain stat of nine, my equipment
is Scooby Snacks, four, pair of elaborate costumes,
funny tasting brownie. Who knows why? Some chef could explain. And my perks, I have Zoinks which gives me Advantage when using
Cartoon to hide myself, Build a Sandwich, which is to create a very large sandwich
when in a room with food, and Not on an Empty Stomach, eat a very large sandwich
to remove a Fear box. – Oh, that’s good.
– Ooh! – [Brian] That’s a good ability, what up? – Hi, I’m Scooby, or Rooby, because, again, he’s
got a speech impediment, but he also can talk which is pretty– – [Brian] Immensely
impressive for dogs overall. – I have Bravery of 10, Cartoon
of 15, and Brains of eight, which is only one point less than Shaggy, so only marginally less
intelligent than a human. No equipment, but I do have
the ability as cartoon dog to summon a piece of equipment
a dog could not possibly have been holding, I can use that twice. Yeah, I take bonuses when I
do the same thing as Shaggy, and I get bonuses when
I eat a Scooby Snack. (laughing) As anyone who has
seen the show would know. – [Brian] Yeah, yeah, so not Julia. – Yeah, you’re gonna have to
explain this to me all again at some point.
(everyone chuckling) – The treats are named
after the dog or the dog is named after the treats, which is it? – Yeah, which one came first? Does he have a brand? Did he come out with his own brand of snacks?
– Oh, Scooby has a strong brand, strong
personal brand from Scooby-Doo. – Julia, who are you? – I’m Velma, I’m Velma Dinkley. I didn’t realize her last name
was Dinkley, but here we are. – [Nathan] They all have last names. – They all have last names, who knew? – [Nathan] Scooby’s last name is Doo. (everyone chuckling) – Actually, you do know
that Scooby-Doo is short for his full name which is
canonically Scoobert Doobert. (everyone laughing)
– Are you serious? – Yes.
– I hope that’s true. – It is true. – I’m fact-checking
– Your last name is – this after.
– Doobert, my friend. (Brian laughing)
– Oh, my God. – But ostensibly Shaggy named
him and that makes sense. He’s like, yeah, Scoobert Doobert. (everyone chuckling) – Great. I’m described as the smart one. I have a Bravery of 12, and a Cartoon 9, and a Brains of 15, I’m the smart one. – [Nathan] You’re the smart one. – My equipment is a
magnifying glass, flashlight, and glasses, there’s a lot of glass on me. If I start rolling, that’s it, I’m useless.
– No, I know. (Brian chuckling) – My perks are Jinkies,
which I can roll Brains when acting on a clue I’ve discovered. I can do The One with a Plan,
give one character advantage on a Cartoon roll to make a
trap, or I have a debuff here. Blind Without My Glasses,
disadvantage on Bravery and Cartoon rolls when
not wearing glasses. What–
– Happens every single episode.
– A lot, yeah. – Why wouldn’t I start bringing a back up? – I don’t know! – Contacts, woman! – Yeah, I think somebody
in the crew would be like, let’s get you some Croakies, or some non-branded eyeglass retainers.
– Just one of those cool retainers you tie around the back. – Yeah.
– For glasses. – No, get Velma the Rec
Specs like they wear in, I keep saying branded glasses. (everyone laughing) – This episode is sponsored by all glasses brands.
– What about one of those NBA, tight ski goggles style prescription glasses.
– Yeah, or just get me some contacts. – Well, maybe we’ll find some
of those in the adventure. You guys ready to hop into this nightmare mess?
– We’re gonna find you athletic glasses. (everyone laughing)
– Find me some athletic glasses, please. – Plus one athletic glasses.
– Magical item. – We went to the optometrist
but they were haunted! Oh no!
(everyone laughing) – My eyes are ghosts. (Julia laughing) (Brian snickering) Did I guess the story, I’m sorry. – Yes, you did, that was it,
shit, we gotta start over. Alright, guys, so we start
with the iconic intro. We got the spooky mansion,
boom, bats out of it. And then some music swells up that is copywritten and we cannot play for you right now.
– You know the music, just play it in your head.
– You know it! We see a series of shots
of just the Scooby gang getting into all kinds of groovy antics. We hear Shaggy howling,
Scooby-Doo, where are you? And then we go into it,
we get a still frame of Shaggy and Scooby wearing space helmets and the title card, Spaceman Race, Man. – [Eli] Good, nice, hell, yeah. – Okay, so earlier in the episode, the Mystery Machine bumbled down the road into a small sort of desolate town that’s probably a little worse for wear. Based on all the shops and
places the gang has passed, a lot of town’s money is coming in from alien-themed tourism. It’s sort of a Roswell stand in, right? The Mystery Machine has
broken down and the gang looks for help at an old malt shop,
an alien-themed malt shop, run by a man named Old Man McGinty. (everyone chuckling)
And Old Man, business is down for Old Man McGinty ’cause the kids don’t
care about aliens no more, and nobody wants to come to
an alien-themed malt shop. Now somewhere over the
course of the adventure, Fred and Daphne have gone missing, and– – [Nathan] They snuck off to make out. – [Eli] What’s making out? I don’t know, I’m a cartoon character. – Ri ro ro (grunts), rake out, ri ro ro. – So we open in a field where
Shaggy, Scooby and Velma, it’s a traditional spooky corn field. You guys are looking for where Fred and Velma possibly could have gone. – Wait, we left the malt shop? – You left the malt shop. – Could I do a thing where
the guy’s about to drop a scoop of ice cream into the
bowl but I come underneath with my mouth open and
just eat it straight up? – Roll Cartoon for me
and see how that goes. (die rattling) – Oh, no, I didn’t do it! (everyone laughing)
– So what happened? So, I will say– (Nathan laughing) Scooby’s almost always successful
at those, what happened? – I think I just misjudged
how high the counter was and just bumped my head on
it, and knocked the bowl off so the scoop of ice cream just falls. – [Eli] I’d also like to take an action when I have a chance. – [Brian] Alright, what would
you like that action to be? – My action would be
that I get a milkshake and then the guy turns around
to get a cherry to put on top, and then when he turns
back with the cherry, my milkshake is empty and
rattling on the counter. – Oh, goodness! – I’m standing outside the shop going, our friends are missing! (everyone laughing) Come on! – We’re not gonna find them
on an empty stomach, Velma! – Rah! – We’re in an alien town
and our friends are missing! – Stop doing exposition, Velma. (everyone laughing) – Alright, smash cut to this field. You guys haven’t found many clues. You’re kinda bumbling through these tall stacks of corn, stalks, is that what it is?
– Stalks. – Stalks, yeah.
– Stalks, yeah, stalks. – What would the traditional
conversation kind of be like as you move through this corn field? – Jinkies, not even my glasses
can help me see over these. – I can’t see anything
through all this corn, Scoob. – Rell, ar’ll herlp, and I
just start eating the corn. (everyone laughing) – Just buzzsawing through a path. (Nathan imitates buzzsaw whirring) – We get some actual buzzsaw
noises in the background. – Suddenly a spotlight of
some kind hits the field. Can everyone make a Bravery check for me. – This is gonna go bad.
– Roll under your Bravery. (dice rattling) – Who succeeded, who failed? – Me! – I succeeded also. – I got exactly my Bravery,
does that, what is? – That unfortunately does not make, you have to roll under your Bravery. – Ruh ro. – So, Scooby, I need you to
mark off a Fear box for me, so that’s one of those gone. So what spooks you about it? It almost looks like an alien
abduction sort of situation. It’s a very elegant way to describe it. – Raliens, and I just into Shaggy’s arms. – Yeah, I catch him, I’m just like, turn down the lights, man! – (laughing) Great,
suddenly you black out! – Oh (laughs), I guess we
should have been scared. (everyone laughing) This is really going terribly for us. – Velma, can you roll Brains for me? – Yeah. (die rattling) Whoops.
– Alright. (everyone laughing) – What am I, what am I aiming? – Roll Brains.
– You know, my catchphrase, whoops. – (laughing) We cut to
black and we come back to you guys are all on,
it’s cold metal slabs, in the middle of a large metal room. It’s cold in here and
there are along the walls tubes of bubbling green liquid, a couple of spacey looking computers, and one exit to the
north, what do you do you? – Well, like, Scoob, I
think we’re dead, buddy. (everyone laughing) (Nathan grunting)
(Nathan crying) – I just start crying. – [Eli] We had a good one. – Ri don’t wanna be
dead. (imitates crying) – We’re in mourning, so
this is gonna be up to you. (everyone laughing)
– Yeah, right. I walk up to the door and I
try it, I try to just open it. – [Brian] Okay. – [Nathan] Oh, we weren’t
tied to the slabs? – You were not tied to the
slabs, you just woke upon them. So, Velma, you’re able to
very easily open the doors. They’re two metal double doors. They seem to be metal,
actually, they’re made of more, they’re lighter than you were expecting. – Hmm.
– And they open up to a long metal hallway with many doors. – [Nathan] Oh, yay! – Ooh!
– All sides. – Love a many-doored hallway. – Julia has no idea why we’re so excited about whatever we’re taking on here. (everyone laughing)
Oh, boy. – I’m just going, jinkies! They’re really excited about doors. – One of the doors opens and
what steps out is a tall, I wanna say about 6-1/2, 7′ alien creature in a traditional bubble
helmet, green skin, bulging eyes, large
mouth, and it’s rah, rah! That repeat animation that’s
in every episode. (chuckles) – Can I try–
– Like, oh, I was gonna say. – Oh, yeah, go for it. – Like, I’m not so sure
he’s coming in peace. (everyone laughing) – So the spaceman comes down
the hallway towards you. Rah, rah, what do you do? – Definitely running into every door and then coming out different
doors as music plays. – (laughing) Okay, great,
so roll Cartoon for me. – Okay, c’mon, really wiffed it on that ice cream roll.
– Tell you, everyone who’s going through the doors can make those rolls.
– Yeah, ’cause we’re scared. – Oh, there we go. (die rattling)
That’s what I’m talkin’ about. – Whoops. – What is, oh, this is Cartoon? – Cartoon.
– I didn’t make it. – Okay.
– I didn’t make it either. – Alright.
– I did it. – So the scene begins, the
wily music begins to play, and Scooby goes through
a door, shwoom, shwoom. Comes out a completely different one, the alien is following,
rah, rah, cutting across. Shaggy and Velma, you guys both,
into a door, out of a door, into another door, boom,
you face plant against it, and you realize you
actually make a dent in it. Not a metal dent, more
of a cardboard, vroo! This isn’t a door, Velma, you notice, this is just a painted
black lines of a door, but it doesn’t actually
open or go anywhere. – I pull out my magnifying
glass just to look again, (everyone laughing)
just to be real sure. – Yeah, there’s those 15 Brains coming in. – So Velma is examining the
door that is not a door. As Shaggy and Scooby look
on, the spaceman coming out of another one of the doors, shoonk! Coming in, rah, rah! – And I just point at a
different, look at the spaceman, point at a different door and went, uh, they went that-a-way! – (grunts) Ren rat way. – Argh! And he goes into one of the real doors. (Nathan laughing) (Brian laughing) – Velma, you done investigating
this wall, door hybrid? – Well, it’s lookin’ a little thin, boys. I think we might be able to bust through. – Well, in that case, gain way! – Grr! (Eli blabbering) – Our feet are just
windmilling so fast, dude. – That’s thinkin’, Shaggy. – Go ahead and both make Cartoon rolls. – And we get a bonus to that, well, I get a bonus to that when I do
– Scooby gets to do – the same thing as, yeah.
– the advantage. – I do put my magnifying glass away in my non-existent pocket. – Great. – So I succeed, Shaggy (laughs) fails. – [Julia] Great, great. – So, Scooby, you leave
a Scooby-shaped hole. – Wonderful. – In the wall, it’s cardboard, you go through it like nothing. And, Shaggy, what happens to you? Well, you had to look like a real goofus. – I hit, it’s like cardboard, but it’s reinforced
with studs or something, and I manage to hit just
like a stud dead on. (Brian laughing)
And I get little, you know, the lines around
my head, and I was like, go on without me, Scoob! (Brian laughing) – Roh-kay. – I didn’t mean it! – Roh. – Scooby, so you go
through this not-a-door and it’s actually, on
the other side of it, you’re in a dark room,
you’re in pitch black. – [Nathan] Rikes! – It seems to be like, you
hit a wall, it’s a small room. Cold to the touch, but
you can’t tell what it is, there’s no light. – Hmm, okay, I’m gonna
use my cartoon dog ability to summon one of those miners– (everyone laughing) Headlamp, so mark that off. I don’t have to roll for that, right? – Nope, nope, you just got it. – Okay, it is illuminated. – Great, wonderful. – I’m yelling into the
Scooby-shaped hole in the door, just going, what do you see, Scoob? – Roh, rust a second! Tink, tink, tink.
(everyone laughing) – You’re just in a bathroom? – Rust a rathroom? – Just a normal, not a space bathroom, not a spaceship bathroom– – [Nathan] Wait, is there a tub? – There is a tub. – [Nathan] I would like to take a bath. (everyone laughing) – So Velma and Shaggy come in
through the Scooby-shaped hole to just see Scooby, rub-a-dub-dub! – Yeah, I’m not gonna, there
was probably a brush there. I’m not gonna summon a brush using my ability.
– Can I reach over, is there a light switch anyways? – [Brian] There is. (laughing) – So I flick one on and it’s just Scooby. And do you cover?
– I take the shower curtain, and then I’m like.
– Yeah! (laughing) – Rour-zee. (everyone laughing) – I do turn away, I’m like, ah! – I try to go for a zinger
and I say something like, a bathroom on an alien ship,
they care about cleanliness. (everyone laughing) – That’s some Saturday morning zing. – Yeah.
– Right there. – Alright, guys, so you have discovered a modern 1969 bathroom
in this alien spaceship. What’s the move? – I get out of the tub and shake off. (Eli chuckles) Water goes everywhere. (Brian laughing) – So we’ve lost the
spaceman at this point? Are there any other doors in the room, or the only entrance?
– No, the only entrance, it’s only just back out. And the spaceman is gone, who knows where. – Hmm.
– Hrm. Hrm. – Well, we could just
leave and try another door. – This alien toilet looks
pretty normal to me. (Brian laughing) That’s what I say. – Reah. – Can we do, can we poke
our heads out of the hole that Scooby left, stacked
one on top of each other? – Yes–
– Like cartoony style? – Does look clear. Like down one way, no spaceman,
down the other, no spaceman. Further down the hallway it seems that the hallway splits
down two corridors. – Oh, boy, well, I guess we should, we’ll sneak out of the,
and head down the hallway. – Great. – I’d like to, I’ll start
sniffing the ground. – Okay, can everyone make
another Bravery check for me. – Oh, boy. (dice rattling) – Nope, whoops. – I’m pretty brave. – Alright, everyone who
failed has to mark off a Fear box for me, how’s
everybody doing on fear? – I have one left. – Okay. (laughing) – [Eli] Scooby is
handling this very poorly. – If you run out of fear during a scene, you have to then exit that
scene either passing out, running away, something like that. – Great. – So basically you will be
ineffective for that scene. – As effective as I’ve been so far. – So. – You took that bath. – I did take that, I smell great.
– It was a great bath. – I smell like wet dog. – I dried you off, buddy, c’mon. – Right, Shaggy. – Alright, gang, so you
reach the split corridor. You can go left or you can go right. From the left, you appear to be hearing some sort of beeps and other
computery contraptions. From the right, you hear a
soft hum, like a whirring. – Do I smell anything, perhaps food? – Yeah, I’m sniffin’.
– Yeah, go ahead, go ahead and make a Cartoon check for me. – Both of us?
– Yeah. – We’re both sniffing so. – Yeah. (inhales)
– I get a bonus. (dice rattling) – Oh, that didn’t, nope. – I do, I do.
– You got it, okay. – You get to roll with Advantage, so you can roll that again. – Oh, that’s Advantage, okay, cool. (die rattling)
Great. Yeah! – Great.
– We did some good sniffs. – Yeah.
– Great. – I follow them ’cause I’m the brains, and of course I would follow
someone following their nose. – So you do get a distinct smell of food coming from the right side with the– – [Eli] That’s the whirring? – Yeah, that’s the soft whirring. You reach there and it appears to be–
(Eli imitates slobbering) – [Eli] I assume that we’re
being carried off the ground, led on by our nose.
– Yes, of course, obviously. – Okay, great. Just wanna clarify.
– So, you reach what appears to be an alien engine room. There’s a giant whirring machine, maybe sci-fi enough to keep
this baby afloat, however, there is no food but you
still have the strong scent. What do you do? – I mean, I gotta explore for that food. – [Nathan] Yeah, we gotta find that food. – Yeah, I’m just opening
cabinets with reckless abandon. – Okay, go ahead– – I don’t care about the whirring machine at all.
– Oh, yeah. Can we be opening cabinets randomly, and then one of them
the monster is in there but we don’t notice and we close it. – Absolutely!
– Yeah. (Brian laughing) – And nothing in here! (everyone laughing) – So, yeah, that is definitely going to, that has just like, woop, goop, closed, and then the reverse shot, boom, it’s the monster again entering
the engine room, rah, rah! That’s just his repeated noise, the voice actor only recorded it once. – They really could stretch
that audio well on scenes. – Velma, can you make
a Brains roll for me? – Yup.
(dice rattling) – Nice.
– Yay! – So, you’re knocking up against
the walls, and one of them, or it’s off on the southern
side of this wall, or this room. It’s definitely hollow
like the door before that you were able to just pound through. – I threaten to take out
my magnifying glass again. (everyone chuckles)
Thinkin’ about it. – [Brian] You see it real good. – I have a plan, I would
like to take an action. I have here an equipment
that includes a pair of elaborate costumes, is
that anything I want it to be? – Anything you would like it to be? – So when the monster enters, I back into, it’s a pair because one
of them is for a dog. I mean, that’s clear. – [Brian] It must be, yeah. – We duck into a closet and
I’d like us, if possible, to come out dressed as two crewman, like a crewman for an alien
ship, so basically Star Trek, and then we just start
poking buttons, and I go, everything looks good here. – Ruh, mm-hmm. (grunting) – Engine did 100, bridge end, my man. – Okay, can both of you
guys roll Brains for me. – [Nathan and Eli] Oh, no! – No, why would you do that? (Nathan and Brian laughing) (dice rattling) – [Everyone] Yay! – So the monster, he
approaches the two of you, and he’s like, ruh, ruh, ruh! Nods satisfactory and
leaves the engine room. – We both do a hard salute
and it’s like the sound of a diving board going off,
like fuh-duh-duh-duh-duh-ding. – So back at Velma, you
have this hollow wall. What’s your move? – I look back to see Shaggy
and Scooby are now wearing completely different outfits,
ignore it, and just go, I think this wall is like
that door from before. Scoob, you wanna take another run at it? – Roh-kay! So, is the monster just there? – The monster has left the room. – Oh, the monster left.
– Yeah, we fooled him. – Oh, great, great, great, great, yeah. Then, yes, I will spinning-legs
style wind up and run– – I’ll hold you so you
can really burn out. Yeah, hold on like,
(Nathan imitates whirring) get a good steam going, Scoob! – Ruh ruh ruh ruh ruh.
– Go ahead and make that Cartoon roll with Advantage. – Alright! (die rattling) – I needed it, op! – Oh, no! (laughing) So you bust through the door, once again, leaving a Scooby-shaped hole. You’re down a dark hallway
which is a, once again, just looks like a 1969 apartment. There’s picture frames, a normal wall, and you stop, you skid,
just like the, err! (Eli imitates skidding) Dust clouds right into the spaceman, rah! – Yikes, oh! – Well, like, everything
okay in there, Scoob? (Nathan imitates yelping) It sorta sounded like a spaceman! (Nathan imitates yelping) – Scooby, I’m gonna need
you to roll Bravery for me. (Nathan moaning) Scooby, what happens? – Scooby was doing–
– Do I mark off my last Fear? – If you’re gonna laugh, you’re gonna mark off your last Fear. So you either have to exit
the scene in some capacity. You either pass out, you run away. – Okay, let’s see, so I’ve
skidded into the alien. (laughing) Am I still dressed as the? – No, I think the costumes were discarded. – So the costume got discarded– – [Julia] It fell off in the run. – And I say, rell ri smelled
food, and then I pass out. (Eli and Brian laughing) – Great, so you guys have
just watched Scoonby pass out, what do you do? – We didn’t see, so I guess
at this point I’d duck through the Scooby-shaped
hole and, once again, just flick the clear light
switch that’s on the wall on. I don’t know, what do we see
in the hallway at this point? – You see the spaceman, yeah,
it’s a pretty sterile hallway. White walls that’s
really ’70s, like wood– – Mm-hmm, halfway, yeah, yeah. – Yeah, the half paneling,
couple of pictures frames, and then off to the side
on the right hand side of this hallway is a very clear kitchen. The spaceman, when the lights
come on, goes, uh, argh! And runs in the other direction, leaving you a chance to gather
up your passed out friend. – Okay, so I’m going over and I’m clearly cradling Scoob in my arms,
and I’m like, and just like, I see the kitchen like, we
gotta get him in there, stat! (everyone laughing) So I carry Scooby into the kitchen. – Can I just start looking
around the kitchen cabinets, seeing if there’s any sort of food or something that would wake up Scooby.
– There are a large amount of food stuffs. It’s a normal fridge, normal cabinets. – Is there one just giant leg of meat? – [Eli] Oh, yeah, we’re on the same page. – (laughs) Yeah. – That’s just steaming. – Yeah, I take the drumstick and I wave it under his nose like smelling
salts, c’mon, Scoob! – The wafting smell from the
drumstick goes into my nose and then also goes to my
eyelids and lifts them, (everyone laughing) and I just go, (gulps)
(imitates slobbering) (imitates chomping), and I eat
all of the meat in one bite. – It’s a shot of my face too and I’m like, oh, he was a good dog, man! But I can’t, I have my
eyes closed and I’m crying so I don’t see you, just
meat flecks shooting about. (everyone laughing) And then I notice that you’re back. (Nathan imitating slobbering) – Okay, awesome.
– Tongue goes all the way around. – Yeah, yeah. – Scooby, you can erase two Fear boxes. – Oh, yeah, that was a good meat bite. (Brian laughing) – I would also like to
take this opportunity to build a sandwich. – Great, so.
(Nathan laughing) We see arms flailing, cloud of dust, and just a gigantic sandwich forming of anything you could
– Yeah, it’s got all – put on there.
– sorts of. There’s a soft serve cone in the middle, it’s buck wild, it’s a crazy sandwich. – Before you eat the sandwich, I would like slide in right
in front of your open mouth with my open mouth and just get it. – I was gonna save the sandwich. – [Nathan] Oh. – But maybe you just eat it, anyways. Or I don’t see it–
– I take a big bite, I take a big bite out of it, how’s that? – Yeah, or you just mouth is
where I’m throwing the food. – Oh, yeah, you’re building the sandwich, and then I just close
it back up. (laughing) (everyone laughing) – Roh, ranks, Shaggy. – Then I go, ah, Scoob, alright, I guess I’m gonna have to
make a smaller one to go. And it’s like one inch
smaller than the last one. It’s basically the same size. – Great. – Beautiful, beautiful,
beautiful, (blabbering). Okay, so back into the hallway, if you go further down this hallway, it opens up into a living room, and the living room has covered furniture, a television set, oh, and
Fred and Daphne tied up to chairs screaming, help us, help us! Oh, God, we’ve been kidnapped! – (chuckles) Fred, Daphne! – Ruh!
– There’s a spaceman in here! – It’s not a spaceman, it’s a crazy man who’ll beat us over the back of the head! – Roh? – Jinkies. (everyone laughing) – Rook like a spaceman to me. – Didn’t you see the helmet? – [Brian] He’s coming back, trap him! – Oh, yeah, we gotta make a trap. – I do have a flashlight and
that dude was scared of lights. – He’s scared of lights?
– We can use that. Well, we turned on the
lights in the last room and he ran away. – [Eli] Yeah, I mean– – I’m the brains! (everyone laughing) – In real life I’m also Brains 9. (everyone laughing) Let’s do it, what’s in
the room, let’s get, there’s covered furniture,
so like dust covers? – Definitely dust covers. – What are we working with, what kind of furniture set do they have? – Let’s see, there is a sofa, a loveseat, maybe a small desk. And let’s see, there’s
windows with drapes, and a bunch of knickknacks, a decorative, let’s say, nutcrackers,
it’s the holiday season while we’re recording this. – Can we make one of those
nets that we just put on the floor and then somehow
when the guys steps on it, it just pick him up into the air. – Oh, for sure, yeah,
with the drape, I bet. And then I bet we could use
those nut, oh wait, nutcrackers? I thought you meant party crackers. – [Nathan] Party poppers? – Yeah, yeah, I think, yeah,
I think the ceiling net that’s actually a very
complicated pulley system, but we just make it, like nets.
– We just make it, yeah. – And we definitely don’t
untie Fred or Daphne. (everyone laughing) – It’s fine, we’re fine! – [Julia] Leave ’em, whatever. – Okay, let’s make Brains rolls. If two out of three of you manage it– – I do have The One with
the Plan dealio for traps. – Great.
– So I can use it if need be, right? – So which one would you
like to give Advantage to? ‘Cause two of three out of you have to succeed in constructing the trap for it to be effective.
– It’s Cartoon roll? – [Nathan and Eli] It’s a Brains roll. – A Brains roll. – We’re about the same on that.
– His brains is slightly better than mine.
– Hoo, boy, yeah. – So you probably want to–
– I’ll give it to Shaggy. – Yeah.
– Alright. – Okay, let’s see how this goes. (dice rattling) – [Julia] I’m good. – Actually, because of that
bonus you gave me, I’m good, otherwise I would not have been good. – [Julia] We’re all good! – Great, great, so what does
the trap ultimately look like? It has to have some level of cartoony, there was no way you could have built this in any amount of time, let alone seconds. – I mean, the drapes are cut
up into an actual netting, like perfect netting
material, laid out on the, I guess we’re trying to bait
him through the door, right? – Are you using me as bait? It’s gonna be me sort of trying to untie Fred and Daphne in the room and? – I hear that and it’s very practical, I’m gonna throw something else your way. – I love it.
– What if we dress you up like a space lady? (Brian laughing) – You definitely dress
me up like a space lady. – And you just lie across one
of the sofas, I’m thinkin’. – We paint you green like an alien and then put lipstick on you. – Okay, so I come out
of the closet and I go, row do I look? – [Eli] Beautiful! (Nathan moans) – Oh, my God, okay, so the
alien comes down the hallway, you hear it’s like this, rah, rah! – Re-oo roo! (Brian grunts) – Roo. ♪ Doot, doot doot doot,
doot doot doot doot do ♪ ♪ Doot doot doot ♪ ♪ doot doot doot doot do ♪
(Brian grunting) – There’s a gramophone and
we’re putting on some ragtime, or whatever it is that you’re dancing to. – He has that visible heart coming out of his spacesuit chest and he runs, leaving a dust cloud in
his shape behind him. He steps into the room, onto
the net, and then, foom! He’s seized up to the ceiling. Rah!
– It’s some Rube Goldberg type thing, the nutcrackers are involved, I’m not smart enough to figure out how. They’re going off, they’re going nuts. – They’re going nuts, that
was good, that was good. – Oh, thanks, Scooby. – I liked it. – Okay, so he is now dangling from the net and just his head hanging
out, it’s like (grunting). What do you do? – I mean, there’s only one thing to do. – Is his head popping out
of one of those squares? – His head is popping out
of one of those squares. – [Julia] We’re gonna have
to de-mask him, I think. – Who does it? – It’s traditionally Velma, right? – Yeah.
– I’ll unmask him. – Great.
– Because me and Scooby probably still think it’s a spaceman. (Brian laughing) I wasn’t sure if these
Earth nets would work. (Brian laughing) – Reah. – So, Velma, you make your way over and inexplicably the glass
helmet removes like cloth. – Yeah, clearly a fabric. – Right, and it’s, gasp,
who would have guessed, Old Man McGuinty! – [Nathan] The only
other character we met. (everyone laughing)
– Does that just fuckin’ blow your God damn minds? – That’s the guy from the malt shop? – [Brian] Yeah, yeah. – They’re like, oh,
great, I’m real thirsty! – Reah, ri could use some rice cream. – Two strawberry milkshakes, please. – [Nathan] Ranks. – Excuse me, I think we
all have to say, what? In unison and then I say,
it’s Old Man McGuinty! In case you forgot that 20 minutes later you’ve met this character. – Of course.
– Yeah, yeah. – And then I explain his
entire role in this, yeah. – Right, it was like, oh,
he need spaceship abductions to regenerate interest
and bring traffic back to his malt shop, so
we kidnapped teenagers. – Yeah, I just give it all away.
– Yeah, I put them in an elaborate Saw-like. (laughs) – That’s why your malt
shop is failing, sir. (everyone laughing) – I know I would have
gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for your darned kids! (Nathan grunting)
– And your dog. – Your going to jail. (everyone laughing) This is a felony. – That’s like multiple
counts of kidnapping, dude. – Aw, geez! – Even when you get out, you’re
not gonna be able to vote. (everyone laughing) Welcome to the complex, man. To be fair, Shaggy would
definitely be like very anti-cop. (everyone laughing) – So we cut to you guys back in town. The Mystery Machine has been fixed up. What do we think, where do
you think the gang would be after solving another mystery? – I think we’re back in the malt shop. – [Julia] Yeah, definitely. – And they’re changing
out all of the alien stuff to now it’s just the creepy kidnapper man. – [Julia] Right? (laughing) – Now it’s a True Crime thing. (Brian laughing) There’s a podcast starting. – It is called Old Man McGuinty’s, though. – [Eli] Yeah, yeah, yeah. But I also, I make two
strawberry milkshakes, and I turn around and
bring them to Scooby, but there’s still one
alien poster on the wall. And I turn around and see
it, and faint, immediately. (Brian laughing) – And I go, (grunts)
rell, there more for me, and I just start licking up
the ice cream that you dropped. (Nathan imitates lapping) – Is that where we get
how every episode ends, and we do a Scooby Dooby– – Rooby-dooby-roo! (everyone laughing) – You have to have your whole
head covered with milkshake. – Oh, yeah, you fell down,
the ice cream fell on me, and, yeah, so full tongue
out, around, my face appears. I go, (grunts) rooby-rooby-roo! (Brian laughing) – Velma has looked up at the
commotion and also has realized that the other two are missing again. (everyone laughing) – Oh, we never untied them. – Yeah, they’re just still there. Oh, God! (everyone laughing) We got a wide shot of, yeah. We gotta slowly, very intentional pan away from the apartment, and we just hear Fred and Daphne just like, no, no! – And then the Harlem
Globe Trotters enter. (everyone laughing) – And I also think in doing
some bare minimum research for this, I watched the John Cena one. I swear–
– There’s a John Cena one? – There’s a John Cena one.
– Is it still running? – What’s that?
– Of course. – It was something direct-to-DVD movie. I swear to God there is a subplot in there where Daphne wants to fuck John Cena. And that’s a whole big plot
– Who wouldn’t? – of that little movie. – I need to see it.
– Who wouldn’t? (everyone laughing) – Think about that, let
us know in the comments if you do wanna have sex
with John Cena, the wrestler. (Nathan imitating regal music)
– Yes, yes. Alright, guys, so this was Table Pop. Thank you so much for
hanging out, Nathan, Julia. This was a nightmare
mess, but I enjoyed it. – I just realized I’m remiss, I do have to do this before
it ends ’cause I didn’t. Like, zoinks! (everyone laughing) – I’m so sorry, thank you. I’m so, so sorry.
– Had to get that one in. – Yeah, then, once
again, this is Table Pop. Let us know in the
comments if you liked it, and if you didn’t, maybe
keep that to yourself. (everyone laughing) – [Eli] We have feelings. – We’re human beings
dressed up like assholes! – I’m a dog. – Yeah, and also let us know, hey, is there anything you would like to see us try to make a table-top game out of. We’ll try our darndest. Thank you for watching,
thank you for hanging out. We’ll see you next time. – Like, bye! – Rye!

Stephen Childs



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