We Shot The Ultimate Photoshoot With Our Cats • Ladylike

stressful doing forchick like what deck the halls with hair balls of Holly yo meow meow meow meow meow meow meow yeah wait what [Music] in case I didn’t make sense which I’m sure it didn’t it’s like you like its ladylike and we’re making holiday cards with our cat because now not I have never taken a family holiday photo before my family’s just never really been the professional photo taking type my family and I never did the holiday card thing no we never in my family we didn’t set out a family holiday photo what would happen is my mom would slave away in the living room on the Gateway computer for about three weeks trying to write the family newsletter I have never taken a professional photo shoot with my pet before so this is a double whammy a first for both merging the two very excited Roberta is my cat she’s almost a year she is a year I’m in LA with like no family a few friends and Roberta is truly the closest of family that I have and so I just want to do something that truly represents our relationship and how both of us are just extra princesses who deserve the world let’s talk about marsan bones my boys are very social cats they like once you come into the house they want to know who you are they want to know your story they want to talk to you they want to be pet by you I hesitate to say they’re like dog cats cuz they’re definitely cats but they’re very social cats this photoshoot is so important to me because you know god I said I wasn’t gonna get emotional as you know an unmarried woman in a city when I think about my family my closest family members I think about Marcin bones they’ve been with me as I kind of developed into the adults human that I am today and I want to have a family picture I want a picture that I can like look back at and be like those are my sons I think James is so handsome he’s got such good colors he’s Snow White literally one of the biggest compliments you can give me is to tell me that my cat is pretty I think our pets are family James really does feel like my little son you know he used to be this wiry little boy and then he turned out to be this fluffy beautiful cat that feels like our little souls are intertwined Celeste me and Jame so I’m excited to do it because I want people to see that so Devin you’re doing doing manatee fair I’m keeping it kind of just glamour just simple Glamour magazine’s chill yeah I’m gonna do a floor like down the boys are in bow ties this is a black tie photo shoot affair okay yeah yeah 20:18 has been a very dramatic year it’s been volatile and so I kind of want to match the level of drama with my photos with my cats like you know Karen’s gonna send you a picture of her in her field with her baby and then you’re gonna get a picture of me in diamonds with my cats it’s gonna take you to a place all right how many you’re bringing both of them they’re both they’re both my sons they’re both my sons it was like yeah you were like she bringing Mars and bones house you’re gonna choose I was like I don’t know probably Mars he has an Instagram yeah that’s literally what we thought Chantel you’re doing holiday steampunk steampunk where did that come from when I was trying to pick my theme I was like hmm what do I think of when I think of James he always loves inspecting new things well he’s like a little detective he’s like Sherlock Holmes I maybe we’ll do a Sherlock Holmes theme and then I was like let me take that a step further and that was steampunk so the theme of my photo shoot hear me out if you’ve ever seen the Destiny’s Child say my name video with the different colored rooms like super monochromatic that’s what me and Bertie are doing we’re gonna have a white room an orange room a Red Room a Blue Room she’s gonna have accessories white orange red blue decked out we’re doing it it’s it’s gonna be incredible I’m seeing it in my head and it’s amazing I just I worry about the road there I’m not I think I think with Berta by your side we can do any exactly ready your I’m ready it’s shooting day you excited [Music] [Applause] today’s the day I’m about to start my first set up for my say my name Destiny’s Child mm theme music video themed photo shoot so many adjectives and descriptive words but that’s what this is because I’m extra Roberta has been she’s had a morning when she first got in a few sort of scurried behind some items some structures she ran right underneath everything know she’s been here ever since she’s safe she’s sound she’s relaxing at her carrier I think she’s ready for her debut hey Google take a selfie hey Roberta over here try to get her like so she’s like sitting on your lap and body Destiny’s Child hey Ronnie over here oh so cute in my head the way I operate is I just have like a vision of the final product not how difficult the process is gonna be yeah my new year’s resolution is to think it all the way through she was a little antsy but actually I’m pretty impressive even that we even got one shot okay one more shot one two three cool perfect three more to go [Music] [Music] yeah do you want to know like chill for a minute she’s getting mad set up number two was a bit of a struggle Roberta is over it she’s ready to go home yeah Roberta okay bye so we gave her a little bit of a break because she kind of lashed out at me mid photoshoot she walked around she ended up walking back into her carrier you basically avoid me and my feelings were hurt hey real quick real quick luckily she was okay we got a decent shot maybe two or three frames in to the second half of the blue setup shoot after the break I’m hot I’m sweating there’s cat hair all over my outfit okay I got it this is the thing I hope she’s just gotten used to it so she’s a little bit more calm for the rest of it or she could just be really over it and bite my head off who knows [Music] Roberta hey over here perfect for the red setup Roberta was very well-behaved and I think it’s because Devon brought pheromone spray and sprayed it around her to calm her down she was an angel I’m gonna get up they were just hanging out oh now she’s sitting here Roberta perfect got it I think I have faith I think for the last setup she’ll she’ll maintain the good behavior one look left [Music] yep good job perfect good job have her sitting on the top of the couch oh never mind the white setup she’s just she did not like this jacket she didn’t like the texture of it makes weird sound that’s plasticky it’s hard she wasn’t here for it just like ever it’s just try to have her like on your leg you more with your hands yeah perfect [Music] okay I think we got it this cat here everywhere that’s a wrap on Freddie and birdies Destiny’s Child say my name video remake photoshoot holiday edition we’ll call it Freddie’s child I’m really proud of her she really did her best for four different shoot setups and four different little bandanas and I commend her for being relatively well-behaved she did a decent job so now we’re gonna move on to Chantal and Devon’s photo shoots John tells next she’s gonna be doing her steampunk holiday shoots now I can change back into comfy clothes and take my girl home so today is the day I’m shooting my steampunk holiday photo shoot with my baby boy James I love my look I wanted to do something that was just like entirely different cuz it’s like we’re doing the whole thing why not go big with it why not do something that you would never do before it’s an aesthetic that I always really loved and respected a lot and so I was like let’s see how I can pull this off he loves his carrier and so I just kind of brought him into the room maybe like a half hour ago and just left him in his carrier and he’s very settled so he’s still pretty young he’s only a year and three months old and he’s a very energetic little boy and even if I’m holding in at home I usually only really hold him for like 15 seconds before he’s like okay mom I gotta go run and then I’ll let him fly off and then he goes and looks at birds and stuff Hey [Music] I’m just lending more course I can then I’ll flip them yeah oh there goes he did great I thought that he was gonna run around everywhere but he didn’t you just let me hold him we had a little bit of difficulty capturing his attention but aside from that he was perfect hey yeah read James James just like what the only thing is that he is a little bit large I can’t really hold him with one hand it kind of has to be two hands so I had to figure out ways to hold him while still showcase the entire outfit because I wanted this whole thing to be on display okay look at me yep look at me hey James hey good boy at one point we decided to switch up the poses a little bit to see just how well-behaved he would be and he sat on the table and I think we got some little fun pictures there I think for most of him he’s probably looking that way but for maybe one he was looking that way whatever okay yeah I’m done James did great he’s a pro he’s a pro model came in did his job and now he’s leaving this will be my first holiday card to date but I know that it’ll be my best holiday card ever so I’m very excited to see what it looks like and I think that he’s gonna look so handsome hi I’m a little worried Fred that this cute gate that worked for birdie and James is not gonna work for my cats cuz more is the first thing he did when he got in this room his stuck his paw in it and then was like Oh literally knows how that breakthroughs and testing kind of mood it in right now oh they’re there in a complaining kind of mood you should have heard them in the car oh okay now you’re eating your brother’s food [Music] who the are in the house Oliver yeah we’re here boys aren’t happy with me but they’ll be fine so this is a vogue slash Vanity Fair theme I’m in this dress the boys are in bowties we are bringing you drama for the new year I have my hair slicked back they have their hairs combed ish I’m this nice pheromone spray that the vet gave me yesterday that’s supposed to be the same pheromones that mama cats elicit when they just give birth it’s like the bonding pheromones I’m working sort of we’re gonna try to do both cats at once we may have to get creative with like someone handing me one I will see oh my god that is so they possibly get him to sit up this is a little difficult [Music] oh he’s a squirmy boy so first I tried to hold and bones and put Mars on the table because Mars can sit still and then that wasn’t working there was a lot of wiggling going on no one was looking at the camera and so then we decided to switch them that did not work at all what look new mines okay yeah bones didn’t like the table there’s such divas if you could get him sitting on the table and then you what you just did with the carrying him oh good boy Wow usually when I work with John and Maci I tried a leg hose really well and hold my body in different ways and give them options but there was none of that today it was all about Mars and bones and finally we got them both on the table and they start kissing each other oh that’s cute okay yes okay I think he thought it that was good that was really cute wow that was like five minutes of intense stress I’ve never modeled with cats before Buddha Hagen who is a very famous acting coach says that you need to be like a cat on stage just so natural and at the end of the day when people look at these photos they’re not gonna be looking at me you’re gonna be looking at these damn cats because cats just pull attention so if there’s a picture of them both kissing and then that’s that’s great I’m just an accessory so from our family to yours happy holidays right yeah seriously EMU from five in the morning until 10:30 at night and when I need you to Moo you’re not gonna do it missed the [Music] whole you man happy holidays from bones and I and Mars wherever he is he’s somewhere around here [Music] are we feeling I’m a little bit worried about me just having the same face no matter what and like not moving my body and him just being like it was a lot of mother really was I don’t know it was a difficult day to pose so I feel like the cats are gonna look amazing I’m gonna look stressed you know what I mean well I’ve seen all the photos you have Fredrika this is my videos I will tell you that that is incorrect oh okay wait I feel like I’m in America’s Next Top Model yeah Tyra where she tell me you’re proud of me or say anything I’m blown away Bernie was actually pretty okay for the Senate oh great yeah Ferdie this was a difficult set up for if she didn’t love it we had to stop and take a break oh my god sorry to see her getting a little angry yes oh I love it thanks leis and then lastly Oh what what oh my God look at her she was mad this is the cheese she was done here yeah look at her it’s like she’s in her own white palace she should be mad yeah I feel like if we’re in a white palace that’s whenever we’re just like yeah whatever yeah next we’re gonna look at shanties Oh what so good oh my god and I love that you guys are looking in the opposite direction Wow what it’s so cute dynamic duo yeah are you gonna cry hey I yeah we’re getting a 360 view he’s taken the right I’m taking them right yeah just you’ve got your back oh wow whole front I look at just look at dang oh my god can’t it looks like a little sidekick yeah he’s a star he’s such a star Oh what oh my goodness look at look at your face oh my god like can you like you just serve face yes oh my god what party am i at the level of intensity that we’re both serving right here is matched oh you know what I mean you are truly their mother yes yes like I can’t wait to put this on everything yeah can’t wait to make this into a stamp [Music] okay I am so pleased surprised for you ladies I am going to cry and Roberta’s in click ready this is exquisite but this is just too much me my son this is the most cat lady thing I will ever say yeah but don’t you like feel or two little Souls just and they say baby yeah you know like he’s like oh we’re doing resting bitchface got it on it wow this looks like a cover of a cookbook I love it yeah and look at them okay I just cannot oh oh goodness goodness Oh we’re not playing anymore this is serious yes I mean we did the thing we showed up but the real showstoppers are our kitties who you know what I’m realizing never felt joy in a while but this right here today is joy this is what the holidays but the holidays holiday cars with our cats lady tested lady found purpose and again yes it’s an art and it was under our noses pain tears guys [Music]

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