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Let’s get into the story
nobody asked for. This is We Didn’t Request This. Have you guys heard about this? You know how every day is, like,
national something day? Like, today is
National Greasy Food Day. Well, people on Twitter are
going crazy with hashtags, um, that, I guess, they think
a day we should celebrate should be hashtagged. So, like, they’re starting it… they’re trying
to make up fake holidays for us to celebrate, basically. Why is there
a National Greasy Day at all? Like, why a greasy food day? Why are we celebrating this? Is this something
we should be celebrating? Anyway, take a look at these. So, someone said on Twitter there should be
a common sense day, which, actually,
I could celebrate that. I feel like we need a little
more common sense these days. -I can’t do that one.
-So, I agree with that person. Another person tweeted, uh,
instead we should have “use a dictionary
before tweeting” day. What the duck
are you talking about? -(laughing): Yeah.
-Are you kidding me? -The AutoCorrect day?
-Yeah. And another guy said
we should celebrate sleeping eight hours
straight day. -(audience cheering)
-Ooh. Maybe a ten? Okay, those I could get behind,
but Greasy Food Day? Greasy Food Day is a bit much. -Like, there should be a purpose
behind the day. -Right, like… There should be, like,
a national, like… Napping day. Don’t be a sensitive,
little sissy what day. Like, we live in a society where
everybody wants to get offended. One day a year, no one
is allowed to get offended. If you got a problem
with someone, you say wait till November 22. I’m-a tell you
how I really feel. -That’s my birthday.
-Is it really? -Yes.
-Wait till your birthday. Damn. Oh, God. I’m actually scared of Matt. That was We Didn’t Request This.

Stephen Childs


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