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  1. When you visit American cities and use the city transportation, you will see alot of homeless and beggars. Sure many countries have this too.

  2. Mit wieviel getrunkenem Alkohol darf ich in der USA noch Auto fahren ?? 🙂


  4. The US has a lot going for it especially if you’re willing to work hard and you’re white and well educated. But if you’re a poor minority, you’re going to struggle in the USA. And don’t get sick here. Even if you have insurance it can be extremely expensive to get well again. In fact, the difference between realizing the American dream or not (besides the color of your skin and your education level) is whether you stay healthy or not. The American dream, for most americans, means owning a home in the suburbs. Many Americans accomplish this but many suburbs are soul sucking expanses of uniformity and uninspired architecture. But there are some very nice exceptions to this rule, especially if you have money. The national government of the USA has two main functions: 1) letting big business take advantage of people and 2) pissing away money on unnecessary military adventures. The national government is much better at these functions when a republican is president. If you visit Washington DC, be sure to see the worlds largest whorehouse. It’s the big white building with the big dome. Every day in this large domed whorehouse, a “congress” of 538 hard working prostitutes sell out the people that voted for them to the highest bidder. Fortunately most day to day government functions are run by the states and some states are much better than others. If you visit the US, keep in mind that Much of the US is flat and boring but the west coast, where I live, is quite nice with all sorts of recreational opportunities and lovely weather. Like most countries, the US has its pluses and minuses and it is a big, diverse place so it is hard to generalize. And it is becoming more diverse and less “United” as time goes on but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

  5. Dafuq USA? We have a major pollution problem in the whole world Where's the fuckin public transportation bruh??

  6. Wanna see Los Angeles through beautiful pictures??? Here it is:😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  7. 'Dont speed in the US' haha thats bad advice.

    The rule of thumb is whatever the speed limit is add 5 or so. Interstate add 10.

  8. "In Germany you can take a train and see Everything …"

    😂 you forget – you're talking about the "deutsche Bahn" you will never arrive at your destination 😂

  9. As a tourist in the US:

    The distance thing didn't really surprise me, being from brazil i'm used to great distances as well. If anything, driving in the US is much smoother given how flatter and wider the roads are, and you know, there's not a damn rainforest in the way.

    The Large portions were insane, holy shit, and they didn't cost much too, so that was nice.

    The accents of the people, oh god, especially in the south. Being taught standard British english i could barely understand them.

    Also, shooting ranges are cool. I also tried having booze but i forgot the drinking age there is 21, Oops.

    Taxes are shit, it's so weird to have to do the math yourself, it's so unnecessary. Also, wth are gallons? inches? how can you live with a system NOT on base 10? how do you guys know how all of those "how many x's in y's" (like inches in feet or smth) in metric it's always 10, 100 or 1000. Centimeters in a meter? 100. Meters in a Kilometer? 1000, Also "Centi" means ÷ 100 and "Kilo" means ×1000. So it's much much more intuitive. Miles are easier to understand though.

  10. Im European and have not been very lucky when it comes to American people, the few unfortunately have been very loud very egotistical Narcissistic very opinionated greedy and smile alot while doing all this, its very scary , but having said all that I know there are im sure truely lovely people in America but maybe one day I will get lucky and meet some

  11. none of this shocks me at all!….my country is immersed in american culture……cnn…msnbc….24/7……jazz…music…ufc…….wall street…hollywood….washington & politics..silicon valley….
    the only thing that shocks me about the USA is the eating of alligator meat in states like louisiana, texas, florida, arkansas, georgia………well, that and gun ownership that is everywhere!

  12. As a Brit I have been lucky to go to America a fair number of times down the years and it has changed alot especially since 2016. In the last three years I have done two Coast to Coast Bike Rides with friends of which by and large were fantastic. Since 2016 I would say a few things I have noticed that are quite shocking. Los Angeles Homeless and immigrants hounding you. Three times and very scarey. San Francisco is becoming very expensive and there are parts of the City that are very third world but the touristy bits were OK. First visits when attached to US Air Force never had a problem. Last two visits stopped and harrased by the police six times in total and we had done nothing wrong and most police carry guns which they do not in the UK. Very Scarry. I do not drink or smoke by choice but do not stop others making their own choices but the ammount of times we were offered drugs was staggering. I know we portrayed a certain Image as we were riding bikes across America but we were all sound human beings. Never had this before but the last two trips were again shocking. I certainly will not be going to California again but when the kids are older I plan on a family fly drive holiday and we will see if my experiance differs but for me America has changed a lot in the last three years.

  13. If there is something you don't like about the US, stay where you are we don't want you here!

  14. I never have seen a Nice American toerist they always act like queen and king

  15. My biggest shock when I first came here were the options for everything like Twenty brands of cereal, peanut butter or bread types. The second thing was that the wages are in general higher than in Europe, but in Europe we get a lot more vacation days (and pay). Most people have about 8 to 10 days from their company and have to 'pay' for the other days. Basically unpaid leave which sometimes also include sick days..

  16. It's actually 21 for cigarettes in CA now too…. Unless you're a military member

  17. Weird things in America off the top of my head:

    1. Going for a walk is not a thing, even if it's like a 10 minute walk they take the car.
    2. The amount of one-time-use plastic they consume is astounding.
    3. People acctually have statues of Jesus in their backyards.
    4. Only poor people takes the train (if there are any to begin with).
    5. If you order a sallad it might have powder sugar on it or it might be glased with sugar.
    6. Pizza pies, just google it.
    7. I ordered a sea food platter, it was all deep fried and came with ketchup.
    8: Eggs in tetra pack.

  18. I’ve never understood cheese in a can. Wtf kinda crack is America on?

  19. U act like we have to pay to tips nobody is nice on the roads so ya

  20. As an American,if you have a huge bill,I have never tipped 10 or 20% of a bill like that and you DONT have to tip that much,especially if the service was bad.

  21. Aha! You know the video about Wales? We have 24 hour shopping as well, as long as you're staying a reasonable distance away from a Tesco that offers it. Not sure if there are any other supermarkets that offer it.

  22. If you speak another language Americans will usually ask you to say something in thats language

  23. I'm a Korean American but I go to Thailand every year for two months at a time. One thing that always shocks people is when I tell them that there are a lot of poor and homeless people in America. Everyone assumes it's just this country where there is absoloutley nothing to do with poverty.

  24. Coming to the US , nothing will shock me ! I have have seen and heard it all. Ya people are friendly as long as you don’t talk politics.

  25. Chicago public transit is dependent on where you are. I mean, green line after 930p as a tourist is a bad idea. Blue line is usually good, I take it every day.

  26. I'm honestly shocked that foreigners think we're so friendly and nice I genuinely assumed people were just like that in most places

  27. This is why I've been dreamin to come and lived in the Us since I was a kid. Im subscribing!! But I think I will like it more on a country side. Bye Philippines Im realy saving for this🤣 USA USA🤣🤣

  28. Silly Muricans…
    Good thing i'm never going back.

  29. Im new to your channel from Sweden and honestly love how you can joke about yourself thank you. One good thing about americans is how talk friendly they are one of the reason why I want to visit the US.

  30. Oh and you forgot to mention that the us also have every country as a community there for instance…. You have lil Haiti, China town, places where Russians are, you can travel a great distance and not see a single white person and then you can travel to another part and all you see is white people its so great there

  31. Was in USA for 30 days, roadtrip in west… conclusion, overrated country..

  32. Wolter your videos are spot on! Do a Oregon video Salem or Portland that would be awesome!

  33. I remember being 6 and going to florida, from uk, I loved it! Got stickers from a sheriff when waiting for our hire car, he could see I was bored and he let me wear his stetson hat 😍 never forgot him, I am 30 now and hopefully will be back soon 🇺🇸

  34. Rootbeer and sweet tea are 2 of the best things in existence. It still baffles me how the rest of the world doesnt have these. Also tipping should be a worldwide thing. It promotes good service.

  35. Jamaican here: sizes shocked the hell outta me!!! Lol especially trying to find small portion snacks, everything is jumbo!!! I don't need that much!!! Lol.

  36. Just watched another one of your vids exact same thing , different format 🙁

  37. Yeah, so in the US people are super friendly and helpful and in Europe everyone who is nice is trying to rob you. At least according to some of your other videos.

  38. If you rent a car and are driving dont go by the speed limit go with the speed of traffic. We get tourists jamming up our freeways all the time drives me nuts In California 65 means 80.

  39. A majority of these comments are just Americans talking about America

  40. #4 isn’t true, there is a restaurant in philly called Sonny’s which displays their tax with their prices

  41. One thing travelers are shocked by, is how few people speak a language other than English. In most cases, a traveler has a much better grasp of speaking English, than we do of speaking anything other than English. I personally know some Spanish, but I can guarantee that almost anyone visiting from Spain can speak English more fluently than I can speak Spanish. The language barrier can be a real problem in some places.

  42. Being English, I found the extroversion overwhelming for a while in America. I went to a basketball game at a small college and it was like being a premier league football game. There was so much going on without a second to think. It takes a bit to adjust coming from London but it seems a very positive city. Also taking the piss that is common in London isn’t in America, they generally take sarcasm literally. Not everyone is like that but a large part. Also everyone had fake ID, like fake driving license! You’d go to jail for that in the UK

  43. I highly recommend just going somewhere you can walk to places nearby. I'm an American myself and I'm terrified of driving. People in my neighborhood go a minimum of 60 mph in a 45!

  44. You're a Friendly dude. I'm a fellow yank but watched this anyway. Fun videos and good commentary. Maybe do a Top Ten US landmarks so foreigners know what sites are in which states. (grand canyon, Disney, Statue of liberty, Rushmore,) or maybe 10 amazing places you NEVER hear about like the finger lakes region, The Smokey/Appalachian mountains of western Carolina, Coastal Maine, etc…)

  45. I'll return to the USA next fall and I am literally terrified of forgetting the tips because here in Italy they are not mandatory (they are given only if the waiter was particularly kind to us). By the way, I'll go to Ohio and Indiana, could someone kindly suggest me interesting places to visit in the area?

  46. The only thing stopping me from visiting is the thought that anyone, anywhere, could be carrying a gun. Why do they sell machine guns in Walmart? Very strange.

  47. Lol! We don't eat cheese in a can!🤣Wouldn't touch that with a stick! Many people don't drink the soda and don't do the refills too much sugar 🤢. Get a togo box and eat your meal in two to three sittings. Love your energy. Love how you explain the craziness of our country! You rock! Love the perspective. Too funny 😂

  48. Americans: Come to America. We got 24 hour Walmart, fast-food and 1$ soda!!!

    Me: I mean in Scotland we have Iron bru soooo…

  49. Lol I hate when people in stores ask me how I am and what I want. Let me shop in peace. Otherwise yes we are friendly and helpful especially towards tourists. I never supersize at restaurants. Yes, everything is ridiculously expensive here. Avoid most (not all) forms of public transportation (I want you to live) use Uber. 4 lane highways and we drive fast. P.s. love your videos 😉 hello from the northeast!!!!

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