Villain Pub – The New Smile

Hey! Hey, fellas!! Ugh!! Ewww.. Uhhh. What did you do? Thought it was time for a
change. Eh. Well you thought wrong. Yes. No shirt, no service. Ahhh! OK. You look like a want-to-be Rockstar. You don’t like it? I mean it’s not killing me. It’s just hurting me really, really bad. Yes, change back! I can’t. I shaved my eyebrows! You know how long it takes for eyebrows
to grow back??? Oh I certainly do! You are hosed man. But, but didn’t we just talk about the
perfect costume? Your previous costume was excellent. Oh I don’t know, I always thought your look in ’89 was best. Or the ’60’s!! I disagree. That time you sounded like Luke Skywalker… that was best. He still sounds like Luke Skywalker sometimes. Well that would explain why I don’t always like you. Why can’t you just stay one way and that’s it?? You don’t see us rebooting over and over again, do you? Yea! Ya…. Yea. Oh…. It’s too soon, man. Too soon… You can’t just pull off the band-aide without warning. It’s been 7 years!!! Plus, I’m the Joker. I’m unpredictable! Ha! It’s what I do. One day I may blow up a hospital. The next day I may want ridiculous tattoos and no eyebrows. It’s just gonna happen, people! But it’s still me! Well I just think maybe you should have asked us first. Yes. Now you look like a psychotic version of Jordan from My So Called Life. That’s what he reminds me of! You guys watch My So Called Life??? No. Never, Shut up… What is this? 1995? I do think it’s on Netflix though. What is this Net-Flix? OK. So anyway, this is my look now!! Ughhh!!!! Come on man. No!! Have some dignity!! You have “DAMAGED” on your forehead. I say we give him a chance!! Villain Pub – The New Smile Ok! Netflix streaming. Let’s see here! My So Called Life… What’s this? DVD only??? LOKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stephen Childs


  1. Ya know what my biggest problem is?well he doesnt really wear make up. He just looks like a pale dude who got a bunch of tattoos and green hair gell

  2. Voldemort: Yes,change back.
    Joker: I can't! I cut off my nose! Do you know how long it takes for noses to grow back?
    Voldemort: OH I CERTAINLY DO!

  3. They should have had a Doctor regenerating in the background then walking away while they were talking about not changing how you look with no warning.

  4. That awkward moment when a 2 min video gives joker more screen time than a 2 hour movie.

  5. Fun fack: Mark Hamill voice acted 'The Undergrowth' from Butch Hartman's Danny Phantom!

  6. “He still sounds like Luke Skywalker sometimes!” “That would explain why I don’t always like him.”

  7. That last part tho
    Voldemort :"Whats this DVD only, LOKI!!! "
    Lol Classic Loki

  8. I actually liked the look more
    Even though the previous one had an outstanding role but I still think it looks better
    The only thing I think it could use is a bigger smile

  9. He still sounds like Luke Skywalker sometimes!
    Well that would explain why I sometimes don’t like you…

  10. Gotta agree with cumberbatch in this one. Hamill beats everything

  11. Joker-DC Cinematic
    Joker-Dark Knight
    Joker-Batman: The Animated Series
    Joker-Batman 1989
    Joker-Batman 1966

  12. Villains who were in this:
    Palpatine-Star Wars
    Joker-DC Cinematic
    Voldemort-Harry Potter
    Loki-Marvel Cinematic
    Khan-Star Trek
    Zod-DC Cinematic
    Bane-Dark Knight Rises
    Harley Quinn-DC Cinematic

  13. Am i the only one who loved the new look on Joker it was better

  14. My favorite Jokers:
    1. Jared Leto
    2. Heath Ledger
    3. Jeff Bennett
    4. Mark Hamill
    5. Cesar Roemeo
    6. Jack Nicholson

  15. Also, can you please do "How Bambi Should Have Ended" and "How The Land Before Time Should Have Ended" with the Villain Pub?

  16. great, just great, now due to the existence of The Amazing World of Gumball episode "The Others" and the subplot in that episode called "The So-called world of Clare" when ever anyone mentions my so-called life, it acts as a space bridge straight to Gumball sighs

  17. Can you put Ozzy, Strut (The Land Before Time), Ronno (Bambi 2), and the Killer Klowns from Outer Space in Villain Pub?

  18. Best Jokers:
    1. Jared Leto
    2. Heath Ledger
    3. Jeff Bennett
    4. Jack Nicholson
    5. Mark Hamill
    6. Cesar Roemeo

  19. Joker: Hey hey fellas.
    * they all groan but joker. *
    Palpatine: what did you do?!
    Joker: thought was time for a change.
    Loki: ew, well you thought wrong.
    Palpatine: yes. no shirt no service
    Joker: agh ok.
    Voldemort: you look like a want to be rock star!
    Joker: you don’t like it?!
    Voldemort: well I mean it’s not killing me it just hurting me really..really..bad..
    Loki: yes, change back!
    Joker: I can’t! I shaved my eyebrows! You know how long it takes for eyebrows to grow back?!
    Voldemort: well i certainly do. ( the end yeah welp yeah. )
    Lol hilarious! My fav part about that is palpatine saying: what did you do?!
    Also forgive me if I didn’t spell everything correctly, not everybody makes everything perfect!

  20. I hate the entire DC mcu
    The comics however rock.
    Seriously the only dc movies I liked was Dark knight.

  21. The way joker's old was in the early two thousand made him look like a manic in a good

  22. Has anyone noticed that there’s literally the word “damaged” on his forehead!

  23. Voldemort: you look like a want-to-be rockstar


  24. Voldemort: He still sounds like Luke Skywalker sometimes!

    Palpatine: Well that would explain why I don't always like you.


  25. Harley Quinn sounds like a baby-voice. I guess that wasn't the intention.

  26. I wonder what they are gonna say with the new joker. He no comic, but he does look scary to me.

  27. I'm hoping to see a follow up to this for the new (Joaquin Phoenix) Joker.

  28. I wonder how they’re going to react to the joker Solo movie design

  29. No Joker. Please. Voldemort is so right. You look like a wannabe rockstar.

  30. “It’s not killing me, it’s just hurting me, Really REALLY bad”

  31. "you don't see us rebooting all over do you?" why did Khan and magneto say yes? Lol

  32. And now the Joker will look like Pogo the Clown. The thought alone is terrifying.

  33. im wondering what their reaction is going to be when the joker movie comes out

  34. 2:25 tis was the night before Christmas and all the valdemorts were crying because they could not see a movie

  35. Everyone hates jared leto joker but you have to admit that his joker was cool with all that tattoo fashionable costumes rings

  36. Is the new-er Joker going to get an episode? Or is it the origin of the Joker that's been on here?

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