Veselé Vánoce! Happy Holidays!

Hello children! Are you excited about the
coming holidays? (Children nod) Well, you know this time of year isn’t just about receiving gifts.” Today I will tell you a story about…
A good king who knew this too and who lived a long time ago, right here in the Czech Republic: Good King Wenceslas.” The king called his assistant and asked him who the man was and where he lived. The man was very, very poor and lived a very long way away- The king decided he would surprise the man and his family with a holiday feast. He took food, wine, and good wood for the man’s fire from the castle. The King and his helper headed out into the bitter cold for the long trek to the poor man’s house. The snow and the wind were very strong, but the King encouraged his assistant to continue on by walking behind the king in his footsteps in the deep snow. The legend says that the King’s goodness and generosity caused the ground to grow warm
allowing the helper to stay warm on the long walk so they could reach the man’s house. In the United States, we all know this Christmas song, but I bet you didn’t know that the story originated right here where we live now. So you see kids, no matter who you are, true holiday spirit lies in spreading happiness unto others. And to you, our dear viewers, The Embassy in Prague wishes you a season full of cheer and good will. Happy Holidays!

Stephen Childs

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