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  1. If you are ready to work from home but aren't quite sure how, register for my free mentorship:

  2. Thanks for this review. Was looking at using Vendasta because I too I’m ready to scale but found very little realistic reviews.

  3. i really appreciate this info because i was really researching for a white label

  4. I definitely want to learn more about what you're doing. I'm a vendasta customer, but I'm more using them for the automated systems and digital advertising. But their white label design is not even close to feasible. 1000 a month (CDN… I'm in Canada) just for the privilege of ordering a website for 1200 dollars. No thanks. I'll use them for the seo, rep management and digital ads thank you.

    I'm curious about this builderall though.

    Want to hear more from you about what you're doing.

    (oh, and I absolutely can not STAND WordPress, so that would be a no – go for me anyway)

  5. This video is gold! I was thisclose to signing up for Vendasta this morning but decided to hold off until I researched reviews.

  6. Bridget, I'm a Co-founder and the CMO at Vendasta. I just wanted to say that this is not the type of experience anyone should have. Projects should be delivered on time and excuses are not acceptable from anyone on our team. You're right, that you should be able to export contacts from our system. We can and will do that for you. I've also heard you loud and clear on the pricing. This past year we introduced a free version of our platform for the first time and a $50/mth starter tier. With feedback from our customers, we're introducing more changes to our pricing this year so that the platform is affordable for any size of business. We care about each and every one of our 20,000 customers. We know that people like you rely on us for their livelihoods. I will call you this afternoon. I want to make this right.

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