Valentine’s Day | #UPDATE Planet of Cubes

hey guys so we’ll have a wonderful
holiday Valentine’s Day we will talk about the update for the holiday enjoy
this video there were many fixes and small changes
the most important feature now you can run and swim to do is you need to double
click the button forward and you will move fast
here is how it works also similarly you can move faster under
the water when you hold down the bottom your character will increase the speed we have updated the spawn zones this is
the beauty you can see them we also prepare to animate maps on which
you can have a good time as a form we allow a competition for the
best map in the spirit of law send to your creations to the forum all
participants will receive coins and the best will also receive emerald blocks
anvils and enchanted golden apples you can also
present the map to your friend write his name on the forum and when he answers
you will receive 1000 coins as a bonus that’s all for now the update will soon
be released on all the platforms have a great weekend and have a good game see
you soon guys

Stephen Childs

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