USPS Sets Mailing Deadlines of Holiday Season

WILLING TO HELP THEIR NEIGHBORS. BUT HE SAYS THE CITY SHOULD BE PART OF A LARGER SOLUTION… “…..JASON GAGE/SPRINGFIELD CITY MANAGER: so we need to remember and think about that, our in migration and out migration and ourr ability to provide services. And so that goes back to working with the broader region. Whatever we can do to strengthen ourself as a city, if we can also strengthen that broader region, we put ouselves in a position to we put ourselves in a position to overcome that poverty in the future. …….” HEATHER GAGE SAYS BRINGING IN GOOD JOBS WITH BENEFITS, AND TRAINING PEOPLE TO BE READY FOR THEM, IS ONE WAY SPRINGFIELD CAN COMBAT POVERTY. HEATHER HERE’S A HOLIDAY NUMBER THAT MIGHT MAKE YOUR HEAD SPIN… THE U-S POSTAL SERVICE EXPECTS TO PROCES NEARLY 16 *BILLION PIECES OF MAIL THIS HOLIDAY SEASON! AND THE U-S-P-S LOCATIONS HERE IN SPRINGFIELD ARE PART OF THAT MADNESS. THE FIRST MAILING DEADLINE OF THE SEASON IS COMING UP ON DECEMBER 11-TH… THAT’S WHEN PRIORITY MAIL PACKAGES TO ANYONE IN THE MILITARY NEED TO BE IN THE MAIL, TO MAKE IT IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS. THE U-S-P-S PLANT IN SPRINGFIELD INCREASES STAFF BY AS MUCH AS 30 MANAGER, SPRINGFIELD PROCESSING DISTRIBUTION CENTER: A really good staff, we have a lot of really good workers. We do employ more veterans than any other company so you know we have a lot of really great people that work here, they’re really dedicated to making sure that we deliver to every single customer……” HEATHER ONE BIG THING CURRO SAYS YOU SHOULD DO WHEN MAILING YOUR

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