USA vs EUROPE: MYTHS & FACTS (Honest Guide)

Stephen Childs


  1. English:Europe-Old Continent
    Check:Evropa-Starý Kontinent
    Croatian:Europa/Evropa-Stari Kontinent

    English is wierd bruh.

  2. Because everybody is doing this fact thing:

    Fun fact out of Germany:
    Every american that I see in games, are like "im okay, that you like hitler" dude chill haha

  3. Europe is not a huge continent…. It's roughly the same size as canada, a large country.
    This is why public transit is so good. So many people in such a small continent

  4. As Europe is a continent and not a country, America as well is a continent and not a country.

  5. I love your informational videos. I can only fault you for saying you live in the continent Europe. Truth is you live in the continent of Eurasia.

  6. In Grece, you get a glass of water free while you are in a restaurant

  7. fun fact from switzerland: normally you dont pay for peeing, but everything else is unbelievable expensive!

  8. Some Americans think that tipping is optional(meaning they don't if they can get away with it) here as well. You would be surprised at the debate it inspires in people.

  9. If you're italian peperoni is a type of sausage in england not peppers. My bf made that mistake.
    In inghilterra peperoni è un tipo di salsiccia!

  10. Whenever I see something on UK by an American, they always say we don't have ice for drinks! I have no idea where they get this idea from!


    (Which if pronounced correctly, is goodbye in Hungary and UK! See ya!).

    Personally I want to know why Czech's say "Ahoj" for hello, when in English that's a seafaring greeting… You don't have any sea! Weird!

  11. Fun fact fron England: if you ask for tap water then it's usually free. Also tips are optional

  12. Fun fact from Finland: We dont tip, and useally it is considered as rude to tip, also our tap water can be drinked it is so clean.

  13. I didn’t find Czech people grumpy or unfriendly when I visited. Maybe they don’t “gush” as much as in some places.

  14. ok well every restaurant that I been to never does rude things like your explaining what happens in the US I live Texas btw

  15. I feel like the video that Janek was talking about at the beginning that had alot of wrong information was Drew Binsky's video about The differences between Europe and the USA

  16. Why the hell is the description and the videos name in my language ??? (Lithuanian) Is this some kind of update ?

  17. A tip is mandatory, then? I noticed that I was treated poorely after paying because I didnt left a tip. I dont understand: if it is an obligation, It should be a part of the check, a tax or something. I dont feel like going back to a restaurant that treated me poorely only after I didn't tip.

  18. 3:35 sorry what so you say? I dont understand you, which state is not worth discovering? Sorry =/

  19. Hey Honest Guy it would be good for you to know that America is big. And the rest of America is tired of people from US calling them self and their country "America" . America is not a continent is a huge contient made up of North, Central and South America.
    Same as when you explain what Europe is not a Country…. America is NOT A COUNTRY.

  20. If you are not a citizen of an EU Member State, always have your passport with you. (Even Americans). In every (not only) European country, the police can check your Identity, and when you are a foreigner, you have to prove that you are legally in the EU. So, in summary, you need a passport anyway …

  21. Why are the subtitles only Lithuanian?
    I mean im from Lithuania but why?
    Its a really small company

  22. You havent seen the traffic in Brussels WITH public transport. ( Oh dont forget French fries dont exist : it are Belgian fries we found it out!)

  23. Fun fact from Germany: AFAIK Germany is the only country in the world where you can have a beer at McDonalds. 😉

  24. Europeans spend 1/2 day in a restaurant eating a meal mostly because they live in tiny homes/apartments and inviting friends/family over is logistically difficult. Generally speaking, Americans live in homes/apartments large enough to accommodate additional people (unless you live in Manhattan). Americans go out for a drink or meal and then if they want to keep talking and visiting with their friends, they move the party to their respective homes. That's is why, in a restaurant, is not customary for Americans to spend 5 hours over a bowl of pasta.

  25. Fact from Greece : well, water in Greek restaurants is free, and to buy it in a kiosk it costs 0.5 euro and in super market it costs 0.15 euro cents for half a liter.

  26. In Europe, they call a quarter pound cheese Royal with cheese because of the metric system. Check out the big brain on me!

  27. Hi from Belarus, which is in the centre of Europe, by the way;) I recently moved to Czech Republic, and I can say that Czech people are much more smiling and polite than Belarusians. Public transport is SUUUUUPER! The only thing that surprises me is that the trains are always late.))

  28. Američania to majú tak že v cene napr. Nápoja im do ceny už zarátajú tip a oni ho musia zaplatiť narozdiel u nás je to viac menej dobrovoľné

  29. Fun fact from Australia. We really are in Europe. We are in Eurovision, some of our territory is next to Norway and we are not so far from France.

    And stop dissin' Transnistria!

  30. We tip? What? No, we don't really tip unless you did a very exceptional job. At best you round the bill.

  31. Fun fact from america: you dont have to leave after you get the bill, you can even order more stuff.

  32. I have to say the that about public transport in Czech is true.
    I was able to go by train from Podebrady to Cehernice at 05:00 (AM if I meant PM I would write 17:00).
    That I say as Swiss that is quiet spoiled with public transport.

  33. Bless you! Bless you! This is the kind of stuff that most Gringos are completely clueless about.
    By the way, I love Europe. I am quite at home in places where I am not supposed to know the language (but do anyway) & greatly enjoy being called a Cuban by Madrid taxi drivers. In truth, I hate being a tourist, which makes it waaay easier for me to get around and enjoy the food, the cultures, the languages, the people, the newspapers, the billboards and the other stuff.
    . . . I am quite seriously pissed at so-called street art. Vandalism & graffiti is what I call it. Painting some narcissistic bullshit on the fine stone walls of a 17th Century church pisses me off. And I'm an atheist. Yeah. Don't even get me started. On the other hand, I quite easily understand a sign painted in a heavily tourist-ruined part of Lisbon complaining about the gentrification and people being driven from their apartments just so tourists can wreck even the apartment buildings.
    . . . Love the public transit though. You got that right top to bottom. So yeah, bless you. And keep on smiling that grumpy smile. It'll go fine with mine. (My wife is always saying "Smile, dammit." To which I respond "I am smiling. It's a goddamn viking smile!"

  34. The different flavoring of water or carbonated. I just want flat tasteless water. Some places look at you weird for that

  35. Transnistria is also worth visiting. It only depends what you expect to discover.

  36. After paying for water and napkins for 1 month in Europe I was like god bless America man I missed Raleigh so much hahah

  37. To paraphrase: It turns out that America is a really big country and it's not the same everywhere. Not every grocery store has disposable bags, and they are even prohibited in some areas. You may need to ask for extras like one or two packets of ketchup. And public transit is great. In some areas. Welcome to the wild, wonderful world of needless generalization!

  38. Paying for water, napkins, and ketchup…don't expect a tip, especially if you don't know how to smile and be friendly. Tips are earned.

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