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Does the United States need to launch a commercial
war? Is the US economy in danger due to the huge trade deficit they carry along with them
each year? Is China competing in an unfair way? How can Donald Trump protect and defend the United States? Dear viewer, intentions are one thing… and results are another thing
entirely. That’s precisely what almost always happens
with protectionist policies: they’re aimed at doing one thing, but end up doing a very
different one. Donald Trump was very clear about this during
the election campaign that led him to the White House… and has continued to be just
as clear since he arrived in the Oval Office: protectionist policies are a fantastic idea. “Trump Signs New Tariffs On Steel And Aluminum
Into Law”. “Trump moves to crack down on China trade
with $60 billion in tariffs on imported products” “Trump proposes $100 billion in additional
tariffs on Chinese products”. So far, only the first tariffs have been approved,
such as those on steel and aluminum, and it excludes many US-allied countries. But according to the news… Trump is very,
very clear about one thing: that one of his main priorities is “fighting” the external
deficit, that is, reducing the difference between imports and exports. A difference of over 500 billion dollars per
year. And that’s where tariffs always come into
play. Something like, So my people want to buy foreign
products? Fine, tariffs will teach them. Now, let’s be fair. Many argue that Trump doesn’t really want
to get involved in a full-blown commercial war, and that the US president’s threats,
especially against China, are nothing more than a gamble, a way to force Xi Jinping’s
government into sitting and negotiating. And yes, that may be so. But since one never knows with Trump, just
in case, and to clear things up, I think we need to ask ourselves a few questions: Does it help the United States to open fire
and trigger a trade war? Are tariffs the best way to help the US economy? Is China breaking
the rules? Are they competing in an unfair way? Do we need to punish Beijing? Let’s see. A BAD PLAN FOR A NONEXISTENT PROBLEM Folks, here’s a question, what does a politician
want when he puts protectionist policies on the table? No, winning votes isn’t a valid answer.
Yes, I know, winning votes is every politician’s number one priority, but for that very reason…
let’s not cheat, let’s focus on the protectionist policies’ specific objectives. Well… I think we could say that the objectives
are usually: defending industrial jobs, punishing alleged unfair competition – usually by
poorer countries – and boosting the local economy. Now… those are the intentions… but the
results? If the United States starts a trade war with China, will it achieve those objectives? Well, let’s do this step by step: First of all, this is what Donald Trump says: Under my Administration, the theft of American
prosperity will end. We’re going to defend our industry and create a level playing field
for the American worker. Donald J. Trump Wow, thank goodness that politicians are here
to defend the American people… By the way, this is the same excuse he uses to prosecute
immigration: defending the American worker. There’s only one problem: The statistics show a very different reality. See, the US labor market is undergoing one
of its best moments in almost two decades. The unemployment rate is at around 4% and
the number of unfilled vacancies is growing like foam. The American economic machine is beginning
to suffer shortages of the most important input: labor. You heard that right. If migration policies don’t change, and
the economy doesn’t collapse of course, it is estimated that in the next 10 years,
the United States will have more than 8 million jobs to be filled. And this is actually happening quite intensely
in the Midwest, in states like Wisconsin, where there’s a lot of employment but very
few workers: “It’s great to have more people working
in Wisconsin than ever before, but it creates a challenge. We just essentially need more
people.” Tricia Braun, chief operating officer for the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp Right now, unemployment rates in the states
are below 3%… and new jobs are constantly emerging. For example, the Taiwanese technology group
Foxconn is investing more than 10 billion dollars in a gigantic campus to develop and
produce new smartphones, tablets and television screens. It will employ more than 13,000 people. This situation is so peculiar that state authorities
have been forced to launch an advertising campaign, for example for trains in Chicago
and here on YouTube to attract workers to the state. But… not only that…. See, the truth is that the manufacturing industry
now employs a lot fewer people than it did two decades ago, but do you think this is
this due to Chinese competition? Well… The numbers tell quite a different
story… not only is employment at its highest levels in the US’s economic history, industrial
production has also reached its highest levels. Yes, the industry hires fewer people, but
that doesn’t mean it produces less. What’s happening is that factories, thanks to robots
and technology, are becoming increasingly productive. Want an example? Let’s take a look at the
steel industry, which Trump said is being threatened by Chinese competition, which poses
a danger to national security… Well, the truth is that the US produces 70%
of the steel it consumes, for which only 3% is for military use – National security?
Ha! – and that, on top of that, China isn’t even among the top 10 suppliers. Yes, employment in the steel industry has
decreased to almost half in the last 10 years, but folks, the vast majority of jobs lost
aren’t due to China or international trade, but to technology. And a commercial war wouldn’t change this. But… as you can see, this isn’t precisely
bad: nowadays, in the United States, there are more jobs than ever, and the trade deficit…
well, despite what Trump may say, isn’t that high, being less than 3% of the GDP…
and in fact it has decreased considerably in recent years. We’re also forgetting some other very important
details… like for example, investments. Yes, you heard that right. The United States has a positive net investment
balance. That is, foreigners invest more in the United States than Americans do abroad,
which is obviously very good for the US economy’s future. In 2017, this positive balance surpassed
250 billion dollars. Think that’s all? Well, you are very, very
wrong. We don’t know if a commercial war would
decrease the external deficit… but it would have other, not exactly desirable, consequences.
Listen up. (THE CONSEQUENCES) Let’s say it loud and clear, the ones who’d
be most affected by a trade war against Chinese imports would be US companies. You heard that right. Buying cheaper materials
abroad decreases production costs for local industries. And if in addition, a foreign country, in
this case China, sells below cost, it’d be as if Beijing was subsidizing American
industries. And that doesn’t sound too bad, right? Don’t believe me? Well, take a look. We need to bear in mind that the United States
not only imports products to consume from China, they also import many intermediate
goods and capital goods, such as machinery. In fact, more than half of all imports from
China correspond to this type of product. So, here’s an essential question. What would
tariffs achieve? Well, precisely that: it would damage American
companies’ competitiveness. That is, it would increase the cost of producing
much more advanced goods, an aspect in which the North American industry is currently a
leader… this would mean decreasing their exports to the rest of the world as well as
the consumption capacity of Americans themselves. The result? Millions of jobs destroyed. For example… the new tariff on steel and
aluminum will make production – in the United States – of things that use steel and aluminum
– like cars or airplanes more expensive… and therefore less competitive… Will new tariffs have to be set on cars to
offset this higher local production cost? All this, my friends, explains why when in
2002 President George W. Bush imposed tariffs on imported steel, the toll was the destruction
of 200,000 jobs. This was a clear backfire of the intended policy. But there’s another very important detail:
when you set tariffs, the usual reaction is for the other party to defend itself. I’m
not saying it’s the right thing to do, but it happens. If the United States announces an additional
$100 billion list of tariffs, China has already fully prepared, and will not hesitate to immediately
make a fierce counter strike.” Gao Feng, China’s Commerce Ministry spokesman.) Imagine, for example, the case of Boeing.
China is the largest market for this company, and in the next few years it will deliver
hundreds of new aircrafts to this country. Well, a commercial war could damage their
long-term competitive position. China, for example, could favor other companies
such as Airbus and accelerate the development of a local industry. Yes, it seems difficult today… but in the
long term the consequences could be gigantic. And not only that. China could also resort
to other, less orthodox means. For example, let’s not forget that China is the largest
foreign debt owner for the United States. Would it be good for Washington if China stopped
buying debt or if they began decreasing securities to incite pressure? Clearly, the answer is No. Especially due
to the huge public deficit that the current administration is fueling. But… wait a moment, because there’s something
Trump is right about. (IS CHINA BREAKING THE RULES?) Donald Trump has one thing right: China isn’t
precisely a free market or a country that plays well. And it isn’t just about the fact that they
have high tariffs or that they favor local companies… the problem is, for example,
blackmailing large multinationals. For example, if foreign companies want to
sell freely in China, they have to ally with local partners… partners who can access
their technology… Yes, this technology transfer is a problem
in some way, because these Chinese companies use them to grow and compete… However… technological companies know what
they’re getting themselves into when they access the Chinese market. It has to be they who decide where to produce,
how to compete and what businesses to get involved in. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the US
government shouldn’t pressure or negotiate with China… but unleashing a commercial
war would be a terribly bad solution. As long as it’s just threats, the US should
be all right… but they have to be careful not to cross the line. That’s how large
crises start. Fortunately, unless Trump insists, it looks like this won’t happen. “China initiates WTO dispute complaint against
US tariffs on steel, aluminum products”. “President Xi Jinping announces plans to
open up China’s economy, including lowering tariffs for autos and enforcing the legal
intellectual property of foreign firms.” Now, having said this, let’s wait just a
moment, because there’s still a question on the table: how can the United States reduce
its trade deficit? Well, the best way to achieve this is with
bets, with structural policies, doing what great exporting powers like Germany and Switzerland
did: Favor saving – and therefore long-term productive
investment – decreases the public deficit, which boosts import consumption by overheating
the economy, and improves the competitiveness of local businesses. For example, reducing bureaucracy, favoring
talent attraction – yes, immigration – and lowering taxes, as the last fiscal reform
of the Republican Party did, which we talk about here in this video. Those are the paths… while a commercial
war… would be bad for everyone. And in any case, external deficit doesn’t have to be
bad. It all depends on how much the economy grows, what it’s used for or what happens
with the investment. But now it’s your turn, do you favor setting
tariffs on China? Leave your answer in the comments as well
as in the survey. I really hope you enjoyed this video, please
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Stephen Childs


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