Stephen Childs


  1. Was following his missing person report earlier this week. So sad, my condolences

  2. A couple months ago Samiu walked up to me at 25th and Hoyt, kissed my hand and called me beautiful and was my next door neighbor who I missed and wondered where he disappeared. He was unforgettable, unique and kind. Truly on of God's children
    My thoughts are with his family now and they must know just like everyone, his energetic presence will never be replaced in this area
    No one I've ever met in my life was like him, this one of a kind angel.

  3. So sad this man loved America and what did America do for him??? They let him die cold on their very streets… What a great country.

  4. I hope an annual blanket/gloves distribution or other community effort is started to honor this patriotic man. In Eugene the Egan Warming Center was started to honor a homeless vet who fell on hard times. I think Mr Egan was a recipient of military honors & it shocked the community to learn that he was out in the cold.

  5. How is this possible in the 21st century, you don't have enough warm clothes there?

  6. I used to drive past this guy waving a flag every single day. That guy had some energy. When I drove past yesterday and saw the flags I knew what had happened. Very sad for anyone who lives in everett.

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