Stephen Childs


  1. We don't wanna fuckin be there as much as you don't want us to be there but you really expect us not to react when we're attacked? Lol gtfo.

  2. Russia, Syria and Iran are supporting Maduro massacring his own people in Venezuela

  3. And who invited the Russians into Syria??? The US has every right to protect themselves and the innocent civilians

  4. The people in the Middle East are not mad it’s hot everybody there has a hot face not everyone their is a bad. People their are using comedy’s I make peace with each other

  5. Round 1 round 2 in the future we all going on round 3 but count me out im be under a rock 😇

  6. We have no business in their country and they have every right to defend their sovereignty. We wouldn't tolerate this on our soil.

  7. us troops are helping isis, and the rest headchopers is the right title..

  8. Everybody know ISIS US occupation project. Terror supporter US get out Syria!

  9. America bomb Philadelphia black wall street bc the black people started to unite.
    This wicked nation is at its end

  10. Only fools think of America as a protector. The United States is a bandit that has a habit of covering the world's oil

  11. This comment section is so overloaded with troll, hate and conspiracy comments. It is ridiculous

  12. When a country enter ilegally to another country cannot call the "self defense" card because he is invading

  13. The Trump regime sent american soldiers to die in a foreign country for oil.

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